The New Cover Art for Clannad: A Wonderful Life

Nagisa, Tomoya and Ushio taking a picture.

Nagisa, Tomoya and Ushio taking a picture.

I take no credit for this beautiful artwork. I commissioned Amanda Wallace to make this picture. Click here to go to her Deviant Art Page. This is actually my third time buying a commission from her. TRUST ME her skills are top-notch and she is a professional in every sense.

Many of the people who’ve read my fanfic Clannad: A Wonderful Life have been thoroughly impressed by it. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews yourself. It is currently the #1 Clannad Fanfic on that site in terms of Follows and second in Reviews and Favs. It is also my most popular story overall. When I began writing it I wanted to make sure I stayed true to the essence of the Anime and Visual Novel. 61 Favs can’t be wrong, yes?

That’s not the only reason I’m showing off this beautiful work of art: It will also be featured in the Powerpoint for my Clannad Panel at Anime Boston. You’re getting an exclusive look at it here. Oh and yes the text at the bottom is part of the picture itself. Only myself and the artist have the original raw picture in both physical and digital form. I’m not stupid. You want a copy? Buy one from her.

Anywho, speaking of the powerpoint: It’s done! I’ve been tweaking it since the moment I found out it’s been slotted for AB2013 until it’s satisfactory. I can now say it’s ready for the big dance I’m going to do a rehearsal and put it on You Tube. Once I’ve ironed out the details I will provide an update on that front ^_^


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