Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True’s Time Slot at Anime Boston

I mentioned on my main blog I was going to change the time, day and room of my Clannad and Ace Attorney blogs with each other. It’s now a done deal. Here’s the new time slot and if you were at Anime Boston last year, this might look REAL familiar…

Room: Panel C

Time: 8:00PM

Day: Saturday, May 25

Duration: 60 minutes

The cool thing is my panel will be next to the Game Room on the third floor of the Hynes Convention Center. This time I will be able to go to the Swap Meet, which starts immediately after my panel is over so…yeah. Know what’s really cool? David Matranga will be having his Guest Panel Friday afternoon at 1:30AM in Panel C! Yours truly WILL be there to personally invite him to come back to Panel C Saturday night for this panel!

One change in terms of the panel itself is there will be a trivia this year instead of a video presentation. The trivia will test your Clannad knowledge and as you know I’ve already made the powerpoint itself available¬† in my previous blog post!

Speaking of Clannad:

Clanad After Story is now available on Xbox Live in both Standard and High Definition. I saw it listed yesterday while looking for an Anime I first saw on Netflix (Vandread). To my surprise Episode 24: Small Palms (A summary of the Anime series) was the only episode left out though interestingly, the option to buy the whole season in full is not available either. I can only hope and assume both are an oversight and Microsoft is actively working to correct both problems. I am also hoping they add Season 1 to Xbox Live as well.

I have both Seasons on DVD of course so I have no interest in buying another season myself. Speaking of my DVD Set, it’s where I’ve been keeping my Anime Boston 2013 paperwork over the last 6 months =D

One other extra special reminder: David Matranga (Tomoya’s English Voice Actor) and Greg Ayers (Youhei’s English Voice Actor) will be at Anime Boston 2013!

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