I met David Matranga Today + I Bought 2 DVD Sets

By met I mean I actually talked to him one on one ^_^

Dave had a intro panel today in which he covered a number of topics related to Anime, his acting career and the industry in general. After the panel I invited him to my panel on Clannad, which will happen Saturday night from 8:00PM to 9:00PM. He said yes. That instantly upgraded my panel to must-see for the night!

The other Anime related news of the day is I added two more Anime I first saw on Netflix three years ago to my DVD collection:


Samurai Champloo and Shuffle. I saw both on Netflix but went on to buy Shuffle! via Xbox Live two years ago when I had my Zune HD. Rather than buy a second digital copy via iTunes I decided to buy the DVD set. Ironically, Shuffle! was the Anime I set out to buy last year and would have bought it if I saw it before School Rumble.

Last year I got Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and School Rumble at Anime Boston. Next year I will buy two more DVD sets. I’m looking at Vandread and Angel Beats or Trigun. I’m glad I held off buying Heroic Age, Kaze no Stigma and FLCL on thr Dealers’ Floor. I was able to find them all for far less on Amazon.

I do plan on going back for some Manga on Sunday when everything’s marked down (LOL). I should FINALLY finish my Death Note Manga Set (for real this time) as well as some new volumes for Bleach, Naruto and Ouran High School Host Club. Whew… I am physically spent. My next Anime update will be after my Clannad panel as well as the Swap Meet. Look forward to it ^_^

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