Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True (AB2013) Recap

Some you might not have seen this picture:

I shot this picture Friday before David Matranga’s panel. It’s the room my Clannad panel was done in last night.


The music I wove into the powerpoint breathed new life into the panel coming off from last year. Half the room was packed (about 1000 chairs in the room) so obviously I’m hoping I get this room again next year. The decision to use paper surveys ended up being a good idea as I got some feedback early on to go off of (More on that in a bit). Mr. Matranga didn’t make the panel but that’s alright. I did see something I didn’t see last year: Clannad Cosplayers! There were 3 Nagisas, 2 Tomoyos and a Kyou in the audience. Oddly I didn’t realize I didn’t do a photo op until after I’d left the Hynes.

Getting back to the initial feedback.

For those who were there I do want to first address why I didn’t use video clips and why I will not be doing it next year. Last year I played Episode 24: Small Palms from After Story (Dubbed) to fill the last half hour of the panel. Some folks loved it and some folks didn’t. Then I was advised by someone from Sentai Filmworks (who localized Clannad into English) Fair Use wouldn’t have applied outside that episode. To be safe I decided to just not use video clips. Sorry to those who asked for it but I ask for your understanding. There’s also the fact embedding multiple video clips into a powerpoint are pretty tricky, more so when you que it to only show certain parts of the video clip.

A few folks said they didn’t like the trivia. It did its job of filling in the last 30 minutes in light of what I described above. I’m bringing it back next year but I will make it a little shorter and a little easier.

Everyone loved the music and I can say I will bring it back next year.

A few people said I should have marked some things for spoilers or at the very least said there might be spoilers from the Anime. I did warn about spoilers last year but I forgot to warn folks last night. I apologize to those who had plot events spoiled by me and will warn about spoilers next year.

I’m expecting a few more folks to provide feedback on Anime Boston’s forums over the course of this week. I also gave out links to my WordPress Blogs as well as my email and Xbox Live Account at the end of the panel. Once I’ve gotten more feedback from those areas I will revise this blog post.

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