My Favorite Anime of 2013

Persona 4: The Animation

This should come as no surprise. Persona 4 ties with Clannad for my all-time favorite Anime. The similarities between both Anime is striking: Both are based on a video game (Clannad was originally a visual novel, which is a type of video game in Japan). Both have a main character who creates bonds with most of the other characters (Tomoya and Yu). High School students make up the main cast. Both have life lessons anyone can take from them.

I think Persona 4 the video game is one of those games a fan would play no matter how many times it’s re-released. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Persona 4 ported to the PS4 with the first episode of the Anime for example. The Anime does have a couple original tracks not found in the Anime. This one that plays during the team’s battle with Ameno Sagiri is my favorite:

It’s interesting to note Persona 4 The Animation (I won’t say P4A since there is a game titled Persona 4 Arena that uses that acronym) is not available on Netflix or Hulu Plus. The only way to legally watch it is to buy it. I first learned of the Anime from the trailer included with Persona 4 Golden and bought the whole series via iTunes in September. Then I bought the  Blu-Ray set earlier this week. Speaking of which: I noticed only the Blu Ray release includes Episode 26, which features Yu fighting Margaret and the battle with Izanami. For some reason this episode is not included with the iTunes, PSN and Xbox Live releases of the Anime.



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