Slight change in the name of this blog

Starting today, this blog will be called Aurabolt’s Anime and Manga. The links won’t change since I know some folks reblog my posts periodically.

I got a new bookcase this weekend and over the last two years my collection of Manga has quadrupled. This afternoon I bought some volumes of Naruto for the first time ever. Like my other Manga, all of them were purchased after I started watching the Anime. What this means for this blog is now I will start posting reviews on Manga I’ve read as well as Anime. I’ve already been doing that with Anime that are have a Manga counterpart so…yeah.

Right now, Death Note are Code Geass are the only series in which I have all the volumes in the series. I have two thirds of Fullmetal Alchemist and Ah! My Goddess! and half of Rosario + Vampire. my intent is to finish collecting all three series. Naruto and Bleach are both ongoing in both Manga and Anime form in Japan so…yeah. Both have passed the 60 volume mark at that. I’m definitely not going to try to collect the entire Bleach Manga series though I do plan on getting all the volumes for the Soul Society, Arrancar, Hueco Mundo amd Aizen Arcs. As for Naruto I’ll collect the early ones to 18 and then start collecting the more recent volumes.

Here’s a protip for those looking to start collecting Bleach, Dragonball Z, Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes: Buy the 3-in-1 Mangas. Why? You’re saving $15 and you only have to carry around 1 book vs. 3. I got my early volumes of Bleach and Naruto from Anime Boston so I ended up having to buy them one volume at a time. I have the 3-in-1s for FMA up to 18 plus volumes 26 and 27. This leaves volumes 19-25 (seven volumes) for me to buy and I’m done with the series.

For those making the arguement “what if I wanna lend a volume to a friend? it’s easier with single-volume books.” Be a good friend and just let them borrow a 3-in-1. Besides, if they trash it you can demand they cough up $30. See what I did there? Yep, I’m good.


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