Review: Attack on Titan (Anime Version)


There’s a reason this Anime turned Manga has been such a smash hit since it was released. Something about 50 to 100-foot man-eating giants with only one weak spot raising hell on mankind’s last stronghold…it’s just the right balance of macabre and good storytelling to keep you watching to the final episode. I watched it when it was released on Netflix last month. Since the Anime was subbed and not dubbed, that cut the wait between its release in Japan and North America considerably. It’s been available on Xbox Live, iTunes and The Playstation Network since June 2013. As I mentioned in the opening sentance this Anime is like Code Geass in which the Anime preceeded the Manga. The Manga does continue where the Anime leaves off starting with Volume 9 so if you’ve seen the Anime you can safely skip the first 8 volumes.

The story focuses a bit on Eren Jaeger, who vows to kill all titans after seeing his mother killed in a raid by one. In sort of a boarderline cruel/cool plot twist, Eren finds out a wierd experiment his father did on him gave him the ability to turn into a titan. After scaring his companions half to death he regains their trust in the fight for humanity’s survival.

Overall I give Attack on Titan an 8/10. I’m hoping a Season 2 as the Anime is left unresolved, which is unusual unless there is a Season 2 in the works. Rosario + Vampire does the same thing even though the Manga continues where the Anime leaves off. The difference is that Anime ends with a sense of closure. If there is a Season 2 I would bump my rating to a 9/10.

One other thing before I forget. If you do a Google Image Search you’re likely to find this:

That’s a movie poster for the Live Action Version of Attack on Titan. The Good news is there WILL be a Live Action Movie based on the Anime. The Bad news is this poster is fanmade. It’s a good looking poster but it’s entirely unofficial. That link I gave you? The movie will hit theaters sometime next year.

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