Review: Wolf Children/Urufu no Kodomo


I bought this movie on a whim from the Playstation Network during yesterday’s Snow Day in Boston. I watched it after work today and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. At first I thought it was going to be 115 minutes of fan service to cater to the Furry/Cat/Wolf Ears/Tail crowd. Thankfully, it was anything but that =D

Wold Children is a feature film that tells the story of Hana, a young woman who falls in love with a human/wolf hyrbid and has two children him: a daughter named Yuki and a son named Ame. Dad accidently dies in freak accident shortly after Ame is born, leaving Hana to raise two half-wolf children on her own. Although the movie is about them obviously, it’s as much her story as it is theirs. To give her children a better chance to decide weather they want to live as a human or wolf, Hana moves her young family out of the city to the country. It is here the children grow into who they were meant to be.

Yuki with wolf-like face.


Ame in human form.

When Yuki starts going to school this is when you see them start to drift in different directions. It’s interesting given up to this point you’d have thought they were set in one path or the other. Yuki embraces her human side while Ame spends much of his time in the mountains learning the ways of the wild. The two worlds collide and Hana is caught in the middle. By the end of the movie it becomes clear the children have chosen the path they feel is best for them. I won’t spoil the ending but given Yuki narrates the movie, it’s not hard to figure out after a certain point what Ame decides.

I found out there is a Manga adaptation of the movie and a few sites are hosting translated copies of it. I won’t share where I found the translated Manga so look on your own if you want to read it. From the two chapters I did see it’s a literal transition from movie to manga.

Overall I give the Movie a 9/10. The movie was originally released in Japan two years ago, premiered in the U.S. in 2012 and was released on DVD/Blu-Ray/Playstation Network/iTunes last year (2013). I only wish the movie was a bit longer and that it didn’t make Ame so rigid when he drifted toward his choice. It’s a stark contrast to how he was in the beginning of the movie, especially when compared to Yuki. It doesn’t ruin my view of him but I liked him alot less for so easily discarding the family he grew up with.

3 thoughts on “Review: Wolf Children/Urufu no Kodomo

  1. It is a great film, and Hosuda is a director that I’m really starting to like. Both of his two previous efforts as director (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars) were excellent IMO.

    Apparently Wolf Children is a tribute to Hosuda’s mother who raised him as a single mother, and this only makes me like the film more.

    • I saw the other two movies and of them, I like Summer Wars slightly more. Regardless, this movie does its job of telling an emotionally charged story without going overboard on the emotion.

      Some folks on MyAnimeList have been saying Hosuda is on his way to become the next Miyazaki but we’ll see ^_^

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