Final Verdict on Hulu Plus: Anime Library not worth putting up with the Ads

The crazy thing was I foolishly hoped I would be spared having to deal with ads since Hulu Plus is a PAID service.

Not so much.

It’s as I said on Facebook a few minutes ago: Hulu Plus may have the largest legal streaming Anime libraary possibly ever due to the Neon Alley buyout but it’s not worth sitting through the ads.

As I also mentioned in the same post on Facebook, due to licensing issues and/or the latest update, half the Anime I bought on Xbox Live is no longer usable. I’m hopeful it’s just a bug due to the update from last week but I’ve already accepted it as a loss. I already went through Xbox Live’s customer service twice for a refund and they came up with everything they could think of to not give me what I was owed.

It’s because of that experience I started buying Anime on DVD and iTunes: The chances of gettting screwed over because of DRM are significantly less likely that way.

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