The Legend of Korra’s Third Season now available on Xbox Live


Just wanted to let fans of the TV Series know and yes, I watch it. I bought the first two seasons via Xbox Live on my 360 when they were released. Season 3 was no different.


For those who are fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender (now tenatively renamed The Legend of Aang due to licensing) and even those who are not, The Legend of Korra (henceforth LoK) is a followup series to Aang’s journey and takes place 100 years after the end of Season 3: Fire. Here’s a summary of what happened in seasons 1 and 2 but be warned, there be spoilers:

The first season (Book 1: Air) introduces the new Team Avatar (Waterbender Korra, Firebender Mako, Earthbender Bolin and Non-bender Asami) and introduces fans to a world 100 years later, ending with Korra (born with the ability to Waterbend, Earthbend and Firebend) finally learning Airbending (The opposite of Aang, who was born an Air Nomad and learned Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending during his adventures).

Season 2 focused on an aspect of the Avatar Universe that up to now was barely touched on: Spirits and the Spirit World. Long ago, the first Avatar Wan worked with Raava, the Spirit of Light to seal Vaatu, the Spirit of Darkness in the Spirit World During Harmonic Convergence. After doing this, Wan sealed the gates connecting the Real World and the Spirit World, separating the two worlds forever. Fast forward to Korra’s time after the events of Season 1: Air. Spirits are attacking people and as the bridge between the real world and the spirit world, it’s Korra’ jon to restore balance. After learning the original Avatar’s story in a flashback, Korra defeats Vaatu and makes the bold decision to leave the portals connecting the two worlds open so that humans and spirits can once again freely travel between the two worlds.

During her quest to restore balance, The Avatar Legacy was lost forever when Raava was torn from her body by Vaatu and defeated. Even after Korra’s bending abilities were restored, her connection to her past lives were lost forever when Raava was defeated by Vaatu. Notice I said “defeated” and not killed. Raava and Vaatu are the spirits representing Light and Darkness. They are also based on Yin (Light) and Yang (Dark), which have a little of the other aspect inside it. One cannot exist without the other. When Wan inadventently separated Raava and Vaatu in ancient times, Darkness began to cover the world. The more bad things people did, the more powerful he became. Wan traveled the world and gained the ability to use all four bending disciplines in preparation for his showdown with Vaatu. During the battle, Raava merged with the Avatar, giving him the power to subdue and seal the Spirit of Darkness. This also marked the beginning of The Avatar Legacy.

Season 3: Change focuses on the aftermath of Korra’s decision to leave the portals unsealed after Vaatu’s defeat. As the world learns to cope with the reintroduction of spirits in the material world, something unexpected is happening: People who could not bend have suddenly gained the ability to Airbend. The surprising revelation leads Korra and her mentor Tenzin (Master Airbender and the son of Korra’s predecessor, Aang) to revive the Air Nation and help new the Airbenders learn to control their powers.


…Whew. I covered alot but there were alot more details I left out XD

Oh and yes, I’m aware LoK and ATLA are not Anime or even from Japan but it’s my blog and I felt like talking about them. Before I forget yes, I’m aware some of the episodes for Season 3 were leaked in May. Nickelodeon’s knee-jerk reaction: Move up the release of Season 3 to last Friday. Not only that, they will air two episodes at a time. Based on that, the finale should air on August 8. Like the first two seasons, season 3 is thirteen episodes long. As for after Season 3, who knows? Will LoK have a Season 4 or will it maintain tradition and stop after this season? I’m hoping this is the final season so that they can introduce a new Avatar.

Based on the Avatar Cycle, the next Avatar will hail from the Earth Kingdom. Avatar Roku, who preceeded Aang was a Firebender. Aang was of course an Airbender, Korra’s a Waterbender and her successor will be an Earthbender. The cycle will repeat and so on. Here’s hoping we eventually see a series for each element ^_^



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