I could be working at Anime Boston next year

…Consider this advance warning.

I’ve been a panelist for four years now. Applying for a staff position just feels like the logical next step. A huge perk that goes with being a panelist is getting the registration fee refunded to you in the form of a check. Speaking of which, I got my $50 in the mail back last weekend XD

A huge perk that goes with being a staff member is a free hotel room. Oh, and a free T-Shirt, too. Can’t forget about those T-Shirts!

I have applied to the following positions in order of my interest level:

  • Programming Operations: I’ve often talked about wanting to change things from the top down. This time, I’m applying for a position so I can actully do this =O
  • Blog Reporter: Self-Explanatory. I see no further reason to comment. LOL.

Oh and yes, I will still do my panels at the same time.

I’m hopeful I get one or both positions but even if I don’t, no hard feelings. next year’s Anime Boston is going to be special. I will talk a bit about the panels I plan to do again sometime in November.



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