Bleach Anime done, Manga Wrapping Up

A round of applause is in order.

Not since Dragonball Z and Inuyasha has an anime that went on for years enjoyed such great success and had such a devoted fan following from beginning to start. Even though the Manga has four additional story Arcs, this was a great place to end the Anime.

As I understand it, Tite Kubo (Bleach’s creator) wanted the Anime to be wrapped up a few arcs sooner than originally planned to give the fans closure. The Anime was being produced parellel to the Manga and there were more than a few instances where filler arcs (Bount, Swords Beasts and Amagai for example) had to be made to allow time for the next canon arc to be written.

Bleach has quite an unforgettable cast of characters and scores of memorable battles. Bleach has more than

earned its place alongside Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Naruto as one of the greatest Animes of all time. Bleach also spawned four movies: Memories of Nobody (set sometime after Soul Society Arc), Diamond Dust Rebellion (Set during the Visords Arc), Fade to Black (Set before the Hueco Mundo Arc) and Hell Verse (Set at the end of the Hueco Mundo Arc). Each one is set during a story arc for the sake of placing a timeline.

With the sun set on Bleach, there’s a pretty good chance it will live on in reruns just like Inuyasha. With Dragonball Z Kai Uncut set to run in Bleach’s midnight slot next week on Toonami, anything’s possible ^_^

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