Report: Attack on Titan Season 2 set to premiere in 2016


According to this article I found on Crunchyroll, Season 2 is currently in development. The news comes as no surprise to me. If you remember this blog post I wrote a few weeks ago, I went over the storyline that continues where the Anime leaves off. If you’ve only seen the Anime, you’re in for something special. I’ve been reading the Manga and I can tell you, things get interesting!


In related news, the cast of the live action movie has been released. The entire cast is Japanese (see above). According to the story, Mikasa Ackerman is believed to be the last Asian person left in world.  Japanese fans released a poster of who they think should be the cast after the official cast list was released:


Of course, one can EASILY make the arguement US Studios are guilty of doing the same thing with their live action film adaptations of Video Games, Books and Cartoons. Still though, the fan-made choices–including Santa Titan at the end–are spot on XD



…Speaking of which, it would be kinda awesome if they came out with a Christmas Special for this epic moment in AoT history XD

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