Review: Inyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently bought all four Inuyasha movies in a 2-Disc Blu-Ray set. I was originally going to review all four movies but given the third one is canonical, I’ve decided to just post my review of it. I enjoyed the other three movies personally but the plot spoilers to the series revealed in the third movie leads me to give it a proper review.

Pictured above is Inuyasha, Sesshoramu and their father Inutaisho along with their respective swords: Tetsaiga (Inuyasha), Tenseiga (Sesshomaru) and Sounga (Inutaisho). Each sword represents a plane: Tenseiga is Heaven (The sword that can save a 1,000 lives in one sweep), Tetsaiga is Earth (The Sword that can slay 1,000 demons in one sweep) and Sounga is Hell (The sword that can opens the path to the Netherworld). Inutaisho wielded all three swords, which were forged from his fang by the blacksmith Totosai.

The movie begins on the day Inuyasha is born. Inutaisho has just returned from his battle with Ryokotsei and is mortally wounded. After an exchange of words between hm and Sesshoramu (reminder: Sesshomaru is a full-blooded demon and Inuyasha’s older brother), he heads for the castle where Iziyao–Inuyasha’s human mother–is giving birth. Shortly after rescuing Iziyao and the newborn Inuyasha, Inutaisho passes away.

Totosai and Miyoga follow his instructions and gives Tenseiga Sesshomaru. Inuyasha claims Tenseiga during the events of Season 1, cutting off Sesshomaru’s left arm in the process. As for the third sword, Sounga, it is sealed away. In the Modern Era, Kagome’s grandfather uncovers the demon sword. Inuyasha brings the sword back to the Feudal Era. Realizing Tetsaiga alone can’t defeat Sounga, he combines his sword’s power with Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga to overcome their father’s most dangerous sword.

…There’s alot more to the movie’s plot but I left it out on purpose. Epic Spoilers and all that XD

Overall, I give Swords of an Honorable Ruler a 10/10. It answers two big queations fans have had for a long time: What would Inutaisho’s true form look like and how did he die? This detail is revealed in the movie but for the sake of epic spoilers, I’m not saying more than that!

I still have The Final Act to buy. Due to the weather in Boston right now, I am holding off when I buy them from Amazon early next month.


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