Anime Boston 2015’s Schedule Released

Anime Boston Banner

You can see it here. A new window will open.

All I can say is: AWESOME!

I’m actually planning to take it easy this year. With all the stuff I have planned I figure I might as well ^_^

Here’s what I’m looking at for Friday. You can view it as a rough draft of my itenerary if you’d like:

  • Opening Ceremony (10:30AM-12:00PM)
  • Dealers’ Room (12:00PM-1:00PM)
  • Artists’ Alley or Game Room (1:00-2:00)
  • Old School RPGS: A Spoony Bard’s Tale (1:30-2:30)
  • How to Host a Good Anime Panel (3:00-4:30)
  • Viz Media Panel (4:30-5:30)
  • Tales of Tales! (6:00-7:00)
  • Swap Meet (8:00-10:00)

…I put the start and end times for all of the events I’m looking at but I plan to leave the con at around 9:00PM for a commitment I have elswhere. I have arranged to have all the swap deals I set up taken care of in the morning. This leaves me free to do the bulk of my shopping during the block indicated above as usual. The AA/GR block is more of a break time I set aside to eat lunch and charge anything running low on juice, among other stuff.

Now for Saturday, I plan to arrive at the con at around 7:00PM. As for why, I usually do the bulk of my blogging in the morning plus I try to get as much as possible since this is my 4th year in a row doing a Panel Saturday night. This year it’s 2 hours long so…yeah. I don’t want to look/feel tired when I get to the Hynes. For Saturday my plans are the Swap Meet for the first hour. Then the main event begins at 9:15PM: My Panel. By the time it ends at 11:15PM, I think only adrenaline will be keeping me on my feet (LOL).

Now for Sunday. My Clannad panel goes from 10:30AM to 11:30AM of course. After that, I’ll head to the Dealers’ Room for my annual Manga Buyout Blitz. Like last year I’m looking to buy Manga from a new series I haven’t read yet. When I’ve had my fill, then it’s off to one more panel and then closing ceremonies.

…Man, this year is going to be a great one!

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