Recap: Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True

Displaying IMG_0103.JPG

…I waited a full year just to take some decient pictures ^_^

Pictured above is my team: Kotomi, 2 Tomoyas and Nagisa. We got 90 minutes this time and we rocked it! For the first half hour I played an entire episode to fill the first 30 minutes. It was the Summary Episode, which introduces the characters and provides an overview of the storyline.  After that the panel got interactive. I take no credit for how well the panel went.

All props go to my awesome team. That said, I shared with them after the panel my vision is for them to do the panel at the other conventions they attend. All of them are from Connecticuit and they go to a number of other conventions combined. I had them field most of the questions first for that reason. I do plan to have a conversation with two of them in the next few days about taking point next year. Not setting anything in stone as Anime Boston 2016 is a good 13 months away. Just putting it on the table.

As I said to someone who asked me last weekend, running panels at Anime Boston feels awesome to me. There’s no bigger honor than being a part of the programming to me. As long as I’m able to, I will keep doing this panel at Anime Boston ^_^


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