STOP EVERYTHING: Clannad Soundtrack on iTunes!

Selling for $15.99.

Selling for $3.99.

Selling for $2.99.



Apologies to those who’ve known for a while but I literally JUST found it. How’s this for irony: I saw just the first one in the Dealers’ Room selling for $48. Easily worth 3 times that but I got it less XD

The first album has the entire score from the Anime/Visual Novel, all done by Key/Visual Arts. The second is the OP and EP for Season 1 (Clannad) while the third is the OP and EP for Season 2 (After Story). Combined, the cost of all three is a bit less than $25. If you consider yourself a fan of Clannad, you owe it to yourself to buy the full soundtrack. For those who don’t want to wait for a physical copy, you can just buy it via iTunes ^_^

The Full Soundtrack (first one pictured above) contains variations of many tracks. Remember: Clannad was originally a Visual Novel before it was an Anime. The variant versions are from the VN. Like I said, the Album’s easily worth $50 for that reason alone so…yeah. Clannad has one of the greatest Anime soundtracks of all time. You need only have to listen to it to know why.


Note: I actually wrote this blog post Thursday evening but scheduled it to be posted at this time.



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