Review: Air

I made good on my promise to buy more Anime on DVD last month. This was one of them.

From the makers of Clannad and Angel Beats comes Air, which tells two stories across 13 Episodes: Kanna in the past and her future incarnation Misuzu (the lead female protagonist). The 3-Disc DVD set comes with both OVAs, which are extended versions of Kanna’s adventures in the past. Kanna’s tragic fate in the past has a devastating effect on Misuzu: Every time Misuzu gets close to someone, she starts crying uncontrollably.

Each one of Key’s series has a clearly defined overarching theme. Clannad’s is Family and Angel Beats’ is Friendship. Air’s is clearly Reincarnation with what happens to Yukito and Kanna. That said, Air’s ending left Kanna and Yukito’s situations unresolved: Kanna is still trapped somewhere while Yukito is trapped in the form he takes on after leaving town. If the intent was for the viewer to draw their own conclusion, I feel like I’d need more information to come to one.

That aside, the Anime’s score and visuals led the way. This is Key we’re talking about. They’re the best.

Overall I give Air an 8/10. The ending felt abrupt and unresolved, taking two points off. I got this and Kanon together for just $10 (I had a gift card) from Amazon so…yeah. I will provide a review for Kanon sometime next weekend.


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