The Naruto series will continue with Naruto’s son (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS!)

…In case you’re wondering that’s Naruto in the background, 7th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. I caught wind of this and the movie introducing the next generation of young ninja by accident late last night. Apparently, the new Manga and Anime series were announced in April. As it happens, that was also around the same time certain things about the final pairings for Team 7 were revealed.

For the sake of epic spoilers and the fact the first part of this will appear on my Facebook and Tumblr feed, scroll past the next picture to read more.

Three Uzumaki: 4th Hokage Minato, 7th Hokage Naruto and Bolt.


…Doesn’t get any more epic than that pic, huh? As noted in the caption, Bolt is Naruto’s son and Minato’s grandson. You can see the obvious resemblance across the 3 generations. Now here’s where I throw a series of major revelations that take place between the end of Naruto’s story and the beginning of Bolt’s. Some is already widely known but for those who are reading this for the first time: Oh, Well.


  • In the final volume of the Manga, it’s revealed Naruto and Hinata get married. The last Naruto Movie is about how they fell in love and started a family. In addition to Bolt, they also have a daughter named Himawari. Here’s a picture:

From left to right: Bolt, Naruto, Hinata and Himawari.

Like Naruto and Minato, the resemblance is strictly Father/Son and Mother/Daughter. Based on the information I’ve been able to find, Himawari is younger than Bolt but not by much. I was able to confirm like his father and grandfather, Bolt can use the Rasengan. It’s probably a safe bet he personally taught the technique by Naruto. It may be too early to know what other skills he learned from Naruto at this time but more is sure to be revealed. On the other hand, I couldn’t find much about Himawari other than like her mother, she can use Byakugan. Given Bolt is also her child, it’s possible he can use the skill as well.

Moving on:

  • As noted above,  Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage. This leads you to ask the obvious question “Who’s the Sixth?”

6th Hokage Kakashi Hatake.

…Yep, the Copy Ninja himself. The circumstances of the 6th and 7th Hokage’s appointments haven’t yet been revealed as far as I know.

  • This is probably the most known bit of info but it’s official: Sasuke and Sakura are a couple. They have a daughter named Sarada (Japanese name being Salad).From what I’ve cold, Sasuke walks out of Sakura and Sarada’s lives doing who knows what for 10 years before returning to the village.

Here’s a family picture:

…Unlike Bolt, Sarada has a resemblance to both parents. Speaking of, there is confirmation Bolt and Sarada are rivals in Borito just like their fathers but likely become friends and possibly a couple later.

It’s also likely Sarada can use the Sharingan as well. So right now we know who 3 of the members of the new Team 7 are: Bolt, Sarada and Team Captain Sasuke. You read that right. This breaks tradition a little in at least one regard: This marks the first known instance two family members are on the same squad (Sasuke and Sarada). This is also the third straight time Team 7 is led by a former member of the team: Kakashi was the previous captain, who himself was a member of Minato’s squad.

…Notice I left one person out. The fourth member of Team 7…I’m not even sure if who it reportedly is since I don’t trust the sources announcing who it is. Reports are saying it’s a youth named Mitsuki and they are from the Hyuga Clan. The problem with that is Bolt’s mother Hinata is from the Hyuga clan and as her son, Bolt technically is a member of the same clan. I’ve also seen Mitsuki referenced as male and female in separate instances. The name can be used either way so again, I will wait until I get more info.

Anyways, the current Naruto Anime is wrapping up on Crunchyroll. The final volume was released in Japan in April though fan translations have circulated all over the internet. In an interesting change that also breaks tradition, the last Naruto movie is canon and is in fact the bridge between the end of Naruto’s story and the beginning of Bolt’s.  Before I forget: Bolt’s name is meant to signify him being the “bolt” that keeps his parents together.

I assume it will be another year before the Manga and this final movie come to the U.S. After all, the new series was only just announced two years ago after months of the creator doing some serious soul searching. I do have some lingering questions I assume will be answered when I’ve seen the rest of the anime on Crunchyroll. Should be interesting.

Oh and one last thing:

Sorry for the Epic Spoilers ^_^

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