Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation


I’m sure fans of this Niche JRPG series have known about it for some time. I’ve known of it since March but recently bought the dub (released in April) on my Xbox 360. Let’s just say it’s hit or miss first and meant to promote the video game series second.

For those who are unfamiliar with HDN, it’s a JRPG series on the Vita in which all the main characters including the villains are female. The games take place in the fictional world of GamIndustri, which is split into four countries, each led by a Goddess and their sister: Planeptune is led by Neptune aka Purple Heart and her sister Nepgear. Lastation is led by Noir aka Black Heart and her sister Uni. Lowee is led by Blanc aka White Heart and her twin sisters Rom and Ram (the latter two being twins). Leanbox is led by Vert aka Green Heart. The main villain in the series is Arfoire, who seeks world domination and knows everything about how to fight the Goddesses of GamIndustri.

The HDN games, despite having the Teen rating have alot of sexually suggestive stuff. As I noted above, the whole cast is female. They ease up on it in the Anime but Yuri (Female x Female romance) is teased. If Vert’s breast size is any indication, there’s fan service. The games themselves are also full of video game tropes. References to popular and established video game franchises are made in the games. In the anime, the ease up on the tropes and the fan service in favor of storytelling. On that note, the Anime is not based on any of the games though charactersintroduced in the just released HDN:Rebirth 3 do appear.

My personal opinion is if you are not a fan of both Anime and the video games, you probably won’t like like HDN:A. It’s obvious this Anime was made with fans of the video games in mind. On that note, the main HDN games are on the Vita so if you like the Anime, give the games a shot.

Overall, I give HDN:A an 8/10.

Like Persona 4 Golden: The Animation, HDN:A assumes the viewer is familiar with the video game series. At the same time they took the middle road and used an original storyline for the Anime. I have all the games so I can say that. None of the characters were made up on that note. Plutia, Rei and Peashy playing such a large role is a nod to HDN:Rebirth 3, which is actually getting released in the U.S. TODAY. That said, if you like the games the Anime is a nice something extra for the fans. If you watch the Anime and like it, give the games a shot. Just know that if you don’t have a Vita, you’ll be set back at least $300: $200 for the console, $$50 for a 32GB Memory Card ($80 for a 64GB one) and $25 to $40 for one of the HDN games if you want a physical copy.


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