Review: Spotted Flower (Manga)

Ok so after dropping $14 on 3 different Manga Readers on my iPad, I was finally able to read this manga in its entirely. Like most of the stuff on Manga Readers, Spotted Flower’s English translation is fanmade but accurate. What’s also true is almost all of the stuff on Manga Readers is either yet to be released in the U.S. or never gets an official English translation. I assume Spotted Flower will be the latter.

Spotted Flower is about a recently Otaku married to an ordinary woman who is now pregnant with their first child. His wife is ok with him being an Otaku and even looks the other way when he brings home adult-oriented material. The problem is they haven’t had sex since she became pregnant due to his being a wimp (yet he managed to get her pregnant as she reminds him, LOL). This is how the short of how the volumes of this manga play out: She tries every trick in the book to get him to have sex with her. The most recent chapter ended with her realizing her big plan to finally get him to have sex with her coincides with her due date. She figured out in the previous Chapter he gets turned on by her being embarrassed.

The Manga is actually still in progress and new volumes get released a few times a year. I did some looking around and the next volume should come in October. I assume the English Translation will come shortly afterward. I rate it so far a 7/10 for the comedy but it’s strictly adults only due to the subject matter partial nudity. Manga 360 is the Manga Reader I used in which I was able to read it.

That reminds me: There are rumors there may be an Anime adaptation coming sometime next year. Should it happen, I will announce it here XD

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