Review: Akame ga Kill and Kill la Kill (Anime version of both)

It was the anime that turned me off from Netflix being quite honest: It always pissed me off how Netflix only has this Anime subbed despite other Toonami alumni being released on Netflix dubbed.

Moving on, anyone who’s done the convention circuit this year knows about the runaway popularity of this particular anime. Fan Service aside, this is actually a pretty interesting anime. The series follows the story oj Ryoko Matoi, whose quest for vengeance pits her against Satsuki Kiryuin. They use the power of symbiotic Life Fibers to make Kamui, uniforms that give them supernatural abilities. The two go Bleach on each other for the first half of the series.

Things get interesting in the second half when it’s revealed Satsuki and Ryoko are actually sisters: After Satsuki’s failed attempt to assassinate her mother Ragyo, it’s revealed Ragyo merged with Life Fibers to become something else altogether. The problem is she wants all of mankind to become slave to the Life Fibers. Things get even more interesting when it’s revealed due to the experiments performed on the then newborn Ryoko, she’s not quite human herself and is the only being who can slay her estranged “mother”. Each episode is action packed and has its share of laughs. Ryoko’s friend Mako does a masterful job as the comic relief and comes into her own when Ryoko loses herself a few times throughout.

Overall, I give the series a 9/10. The only thing missing is a followup story. There’s definitely stuff they could explore there. I watched the dub on Toonami when it aired but you can also watch it on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

…And now, the other anime. to review:

Here’s the main reason I flipped the order of the reviews: This series is currently airing on Toonami. I watched it in full on Crunchyroll last month and let me tell you, it’s gonna have a huge fan following if it doesn’t by now. That said, everyone in the above picture except Najenda and Akame will die by the time the final episode is done. I know because I watched the whole thing subbed on Crunchyroll: Sheele died in last week’s episode and Bulat will die in next week’s. Tatsumi dies in the second to last episode but he inherits Bulat’s Imperial Arms Incuriso. Najenda recruits Chelsea and Susano–the latter being an organic-based Imperial Arms–to replace Sheele and Bulat.

General Esdeath and Akame are involved in the final battle but the main villain is the Empire’s Minister for much of the series. The minister manipulates the child emperor but he gets what he deserves in the end. Tatsumi, who is the main protagonist was the Night Raid member I thought would have been shipped with Akame. He dies after taking down the Emperor’s Imperial Arms. All of the other members of Night Raid die fighting the empire’s best, often taking her opponent with them.

Overall, I give the series a 9/10. I didn’t like how rushed the last 8 episodes were. They tried to do too much at once and it showed. It was clear they wanted to cram the whole thing into one season. If there is a season 2–which I doubt–there would be a whole new cast as well. Akame ga Kill is airing on Toonami but if you don’t wanna wait, you can watch the whole thing on Crunchyroll subbed.

2 thoughts on “Review: Akame ga Kill and Kill la Kill (Anime version of both)

  1. Kill La Kill is awesome. Most people seem to agree that Akame Ga Kill’s finale could have been better.

  2. Yeah, Akame ga Kill’s finale was too much going on at the same time. It would’ve been better to split it into two episodes: Finish the battle then explain Leone knows her wounds are fatal and will likely die from blood loss sooner or later. This is assumed to have taken place from Leone and Akame’s final interaction. The problem is it’s clear several days pass between Leone is fatally wounded and when she dies. Even with her stamina that’s a stretch to believe.

    Second episode would be the true epilogue that would provide closure. We know the surviving Jaeger members decide to stick around but nothing more than that. Akame deciding to find someone who can kill her in a duel also felt a bit out of character for her. I also find it hard to believe Najenda is the new Empress but then again, they never introduced someone who could step into that role.

    Personally, I hated how disposable the supporting cast were, using the plot as an excuse to kill off almost everyone except Akame, who herself felt more like a supporting cast member until her duel with Esdeath. Tatsumi dying does provide a bit of consolation though I think it would have been a better ending if Akame and Esdeath ended up killing each other. That would have made the possability of a sequel feel doable at least.

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