A Crowdfunding Request

My WordPress friends and family:

I didn’t think I would find myself having to seriously do this given the last few times I did, I had a bi-weekly income. As of March 11, I don’t. As I mentioned to a few folks via social media, I am on a voluntary unpaid medical leave of absence and have been since that date. My needs are few but I am in need of money to support myself through the summer months. GofundMe has strict rules about what you can fundraise for so I am using my Paypal Account’s donation system instead.

I am hoping to raise to raise $4,000, which will get me through August. This accounts for groceries, medical appointments (I will be insured through the summer) as well as go toward paying off some old medical debts that I still responsible for. I posted this same message on Facebook this afternoon and have decided to post this message on ALL of my WordPress Blogs.

I am working on getting a new job and have been since January. If I am not working by June–right now it’s 50/50–I definitely won’t have any income over the summer. Rather than wait until then, I’m asking for help now before most folks start going on vacation for the summer months. If I am able to start working by the end of June, I will make an announcement for all donations to stop a soon as I know.

Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated–only give if you are able. For those unfamiliar with Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account to send money to a Paypal account. A credit card can be used instead and your info is not stored. You can donate by clicking on the PayPal Payments Button on this page. Any of them will work. I am the only person who will know who and how much but nothing beyond that.

On this blog, the button is on both the top and bottom of the page. On the top, it’s the top-right corner.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. This is not a pay wall. Donations are 100% optional. I will continue to post blogs as I have been regardless. Your monetary support will be greatly appreciated, though.


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