Aurabolt’s Best of Anime Picks 2016

I’ve done this with video games for the last few years so now I’ve decided to do it with Anime. I will be using some of the categories Crunchyroll is using for their Anime Awards.

Before I continue, here are the rules that I used when I put this together:

  1. Anime from Crunchyroll, Toonami or Anime I purchased (digital or physical) are eligable.
  2. Anime still in progress (last episode has not aired) is not eligable for Anime of the Year.
  3. Anime I saw at any time in 2016 is eligable for all categories even if it was originally released or started airing prior to 2016.
  4. Both Dubs and Subs are eligable for ALL categories.

…That’s it.

I took a look at Crunchyroll’s picks. I was bothered by the overlap even though I knew they were all basically industry picks. Their picks leave out other noteworthy anime from even being mentioned. It’s the same 4 to 5 Anime in every category.

REALLY? Not cool, man.

Yes, I am criticizing this year’s picks. If THAT’S the “best” CR can come up with this year, they’re even further out of touch with viewers than I’ve been hearing. Yeah, I get it’s just marketing but WAY more anime than the same 4 to 5 were released this year.

Here are the categories I decided to go with in no particular order:

  • Best Anime: Overall best Anime of 2016.
  • Best Action: Overall best Action Anime of 2016.
  • Best Romance: Overall best Romance Anime of 2016.
  • Best Drama: Overall best Drama Anime of 2016.
  • Best Comedy: Overall best Comedy Anime of 2016.
  • Best Fight Scene: Overall Best Fight Sequence.
  • Best Romantic Scene: Overall best PG-13 romantic sequence.
  • Best Tear-Jerker: Best “Bring a Box of Tissue” sequence.
  • Best Plot Twist: Best “Didn’t See That Coming” moment of 2016.
  • Best Hero: Overall Best Hero/Protagonist.
  • Best Villain: Overall Best Villain/Protagonist.
  • Best Weird Character (2): Because Wierd is good. LOL. A Male and Female character will get this.
  • Best Duo: Best overall non-romantic pair.
  • Best Couple: Best romantic pair.
  • Best Team: Best group of 3 or more.
  • Best Opening
  • Best Closing
  • Best English VA (2): Because dubs deserve love. A Male and Female VA will get this.
  • Best Anime Short: Overall Best Anime with a runtime of 14 minutes or less.
  • Best AMV: Overall Best Music Video with Anime footage.
  • Best Cosplay: Overall best Cosplay from an actual person.

…Those are the categories.

Over the course of next week, I will reveal the winners of each category as well as name the runners-up for most of them, too. I’m saving Best Anime, Best AMV and Best Closing for last.  I will try to reveal all of the winners by January 1 but am fine with going into the following week if need be.

The first categories will be revealed tomorrow evening!

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