Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Review


A quick disclaimer before reading SPOIL ALERT. There is nudity in this anime. Viewer discretion is advised lol. Also please excuse my writing, I haven’t written anything in awhile.

Alright not many people have heard of this anime which means it isn’t very popular, So come on and give this anime the love it deserves.

This anime is in the genre of Action, Sci-fi and Mecha as you can tell it seems to have some bad a$$ girls in it.  So without further ado here is my review.

Cross Ange is about the life of a royal princess named Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi. In my own opinion her life really crashes to the ground, She was always raised with a hand maiden at her side and the world she lives in revolves around “Mana”, little does she know that in the 16 years of her life things weren’t really as they seemed.


In the first episode of this anime I really wanted to cry and laugh all at once til things for Angelise started to crumble to the ground, In episode one a lot of things happen to her that i can say in my opinion should have never happened. First she finds out that she isn’t a “mana” wielder then she loses her mother.


After Angelise finds out all this and her mother dies she is exiled to a place called Arzenal and is told by it’s Commander-in-Chief  why she is  there and Angelise is in major denial lol. Angelise then gets renamed by the Chief to Ange note the name of the anime.

Ange is then told that she will have to destroy what they call DRAGONs using “Paramail”. No one knew that Ange would be an asset to Arzenal. Anyway before getting into that a few things that i noticed in the first few episodes is that Ange aka Angelise was a weak, innocent, naive girl that didn’t know how to do anything for herself including getting dressed. Ange ends up maturing and of course she loses that innocence that you get to see in the first episode.


Now continuing where i left off, Ange ends up becoming an asset to Arzenal because there is a special “Paramail” that the commander-in-Chief use to ride to destroy DRAGONs and this paramail is known as Villkiss. -insert awesomeness here-  Now they all knew that Ange was of a royal blood line so she would be able to ride and control Villkiss but there was one big detail that no one knew til Ange was able to activate Villkiss. Ange finds the way to activate it by singing a song her mother taught her which is also a royal song only given to those of a royal blood line, once Ange starts singing this song Villkiss activates and the commander-in-chief is surprised but also says that they have now found the key to Villkiss.  hqdefault

Well i don’t want to go to much further into the anime or you won’t have to watch it so in the end I know my writing may be horrible but i hope you can understand just how much i love this anime and would highly recommend it as well. It has amazing music, you can definitely get into the anime and have the adventure with them. So if you have the time or just want to kill some time please look into watching Cross Ange and tell me what you thought of it. Once again I’m sorry if my grammar or writing is horrible, I love to write and it has been awhile. w1co3l

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma Review


I started watching this anime on a whim. I can say if you like anything that has to deal with cooking you may like this, don’t just read it’s description and say oohhhh im not interested in that. You never know if your gonna like something unless you try it first right.  My view point on this anime is pretty good if you ask me.


After watching anime for the last 4-5 years since i haven’t been watching it since i was a child i watch a lot of different anime’s and i can say this is one of my top favorites.

This anime is about following Yukihira Souma on his journey to expanding his cooking to more parts around the world. He is very energetic and he has his own style of cooking that he likes to call “Yukihira Style” and  a lot of the time when he is testing recipes he will make some that are god aweful and have people test them. But he does improve and he learns a lot of new techniques as he continues to climb up that chef ladder if you know what i mean.  In season 1 of this anime i can say it was like he wasn’t maturing or listening to his sensei’s or the people trying to help him and i can say he is very stubborn and hard headed but that is what draws me to him.

At the start of this anime to where it is currently he is still trying to beat his dad in there form of a shokugeki, he has not once beat his dad yet and that is what he is striving to do.  Soma_Yukihira_render_HD_He_Will_Cook_Ur_Ass.pngNow i don’t wanna give too much away on Yukihira so i will end my review of him here and go to the next character.


The second character that i want to give light to is Erina Nakiri.  At first glance when i saw her in the anime i really thought that she was a b*tch but the further you get into the anime she actually does start to give advice and help her fellow students. Now i don’t know whether or not to spoil this so just in case “Spoil Alert”. She is known as God’s Tongue due to her father melding her that way and raising her that way to wear she can taste any food and know if it is gourmet or not. I can say to me she didn’t stop being a b*tch til the end of season 1 beginning of season 2.

She is known as the 10th seat in the Elite Ten Counsel.  The Elite Ten Counsel is a prestigious group of 10 members out of the Totsuki Culinary Academy.

Despite rarely participate in any Shokugeki, Erina’s cooking style is believed to be the finest and elegant of all. Using all of every stylish style from the wealthy and high pedigree status of culinary, she referred the lavish ingredient to make the finest dish of all and suggested that only the high grade dish considered as eatable for her standards. fadfb1c11cf3399244cb8b455003fa32I will end my review of her here as well and go to my final character i will review before my over all review.


The third and final character that i would like to give light to is Megumi Tadokoro. She starts out extremely shy and not very confident in her talent to cook. She comes from a small port town in Japan. She works in her family’s restaurant.  At first glance you might ask yourself what in the heck is a girl like her doing at this Culinary Academy. Well i must say i even thought this myself and then she blew my mind out of the water during one of her Shokugeki’s.

Since she comes from a port town you can only imagine what she must be good in right. FISH! Despite her weaknesses, Megumi is an honest and innocent student who does not lie about anything. She has a strong determination, and will try her best to reach her dream to become a chef after she paired with Souma. She also values friendship and rather observe towards any cooking style available in order for her to learn the style fast (especially Souma’s).

Megumi does however start to come out of her shell alittle in season 2 if you ask me. She climbs her chef ladder little by little right beside Yukihira.Shokugeki-no-Soma-21-15

As to not put anymore spoilers i will end my review of the characters here and hope you watch Food Wars for yourself.


Now for the over all review of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma. I would highly recommend this but also be aware that when they are tasting Yukihira’s food i can say it is like they are having a foodgasm and clothes are unfortunately and or fortunately ripped off depending on how you like your anime’s.  But as i was saying I would recommend this anime for anyone to watch as it can lift your spirits and show you determination especially if you are feeling down.  Come follow Yukihira Souma and his pals for his journey to becoming the Top chef and watch him conquer the Elite Ten Counsel.


Introducing Myself

Hello There,

I am AnimeKatArt<nickname my real name is Sarah.

I am Aurabolt’s new blogger here. I have quite a few favorite anime’s and if you have read his post you might just know what they are. I am in love with Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Night, Naruto and Fairy Tail to name a few. I am also an Amateur artist. I love to draw and watch anime and also talk about anime a lot. I hope you look forward to seeing our new posts about different anime’s and also our recaps and reviews.




Please welcome Animekatart as a new Author of the blog!

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…Time to make history ^_^

As of this evening, one person won’t be posting new things to this blog. my friend Sarah aka Animekatart has accepted my invitation to join me in writing new content for this blog! Some of her favorite Anime includes Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Night, Naruto and Fairy Tail to name a few.

On that note. I am looking for at least two more people who may be interested in joining the team. If interested, feel free to get in touch with me.

The Live Action FullMetal Alchemist clearly tries to do too much

Related image

…That would be a fair assessment for the film, which sets up for a sequel.

As was the case with the Attack on Titan movies before it (Filmed as one movie but was later cut in two, mind you), the FMA live action movie tried to do too much at the same time. Much of it has to do with the MASSIVE amount of story content from the source material: The Manga and the second Anime Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Unlike the first FMA Anime, FMA:B actually follows the storyline from the Manga. The first Anime series loosely follows the Manga at first but then switches to an original storyline.

The Live Action FMA movie is a mixed bag. On the one hand, they character portrayals were mostly accurate. The main problem is the hard to follow plot and mostly because certain key characters are absent–presumably being saved for the sequel–and it hurt the flow of the movie. It was obvious the story had been intentionally written with certain notable characters being absent and unmentioned.

…Who am I talking about?

  • King Bradley: Come on. Conspiracy within the State Military and Bradley’s not even mentioned?! They could have given him a cameo just like they did in the Manga and FMA:B. They simply don’t let on his real identity is all they needed to do.
  • Ling: The Crown Prince of Xing. His importance is revealed later, more so when it relates to a certain Homunculus.
  • Greed: Before he was merged with Ling, he was a certified badass. After the merger, he was even more badass even before he got his memories back. That said, his absence makes sense given both Ling and Bradley are absent.
  • Major Alex Louis Armstrong: His omission is suspect but makes sense given his importance in regards to the Ishvalan Civil War. Besides, you can’t include Armstrong without also including this other guy.
  • Scar: I’ll give credit where it’s due in how they managed to close out the movie without him. I do suspect he was left out on purpose to avoid having to film Nina/Alexander’s death. That and his connection to Winry’s parents.
  • Pinako Rockbell: Winry’s grandmother is absent but it makes sense given she’s in Resembol (Winry, Edward and Al’s hometown) while Winry travels to meet up with Ed and Al.
  • Izumi Curtis: Ed and Al’s Alchemy teacher. I would be surprised if she doesn’t at least get mentioned later.
  • Van Hoenhiem: Another omission that makes sense given he can’t be featured without this other guy getting a mention.
  • Father/Dwarf in the Flask: The being behind the curtain. He set things in motion so it makes sense his reveal would come much later.

On the one hand, all of these are major characters. On the other hand, they did an impressive job leaving all of them out. Especially Bradley. It was pretty interesting Gluttony’s Secret was casually revealed without explaination though. I mean the fact that he’s actually a failed attempt at making a Portal of Truth. Envy’s True form being left out makes a certain amont of sense. The showdown between Mustang and Lust was spontaneous due to the absence of Jean Havoc (Riza Hawkeye is the only one who made the cut). It lacked the emotional impact provided in the Manga and Anime. Of course, that’s the case with many plot points throughout the movie due to the changes made due to certain characters being absent from the movie.

…If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Like I said before, they tried to do too much in this movie. I am almost afraid to see the sequel when and if it actually happens.


Netflix’s Death Note movie epitomizes WHY fans of the source material DESPISE movie adaptations

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I watched the movie for the first time this afternoon. If the intent was to mislead those who knew nothing about the source material, I’d say mission accomplished.


When news of the movie broke three years ago, it caused quite a stir and mainly because two Live Action films that follow the original plot had already been done in Japan and was later dubbed by the English VAs who dubbed the Anime:

Image result for Death Note Movies Japanese

…I have both of them on DVD. I’d know.

The Netflix version…I STILL can’t believe the creator didn’t sue. Nevermind the fact every aspect of the movie was Westernized including Ryuk–no offense intended toward Williem Defoe, he was prettymuch the only positive–to the point fans are left with no choice but to assume it was meant to insult the source material and even worse, mock fans of the source material.

Related image

Is this mean to Whitewash Japanese Culture? Of course, goes without saying. Just look at the cast of three of the four leads pictured. In the Netflix version, they bleached Light’s hair blonde for some reason. Misa–Mia in the Netflix version–is cast with brown hair. L…I actually don’t have a problem with him being black. What I do have a problem with is how he and Light are portrayed.

They are out of character 99% of the time. It’s obvious they went out of their way to make the personalities of the two leads as far from the source material as possible:

  • Light Yagami is cool, calulating and confident. Light Tucker (yes, the last name is Americanized) is boring, whiny and a coward. Light Yagami actually spends time learning how to use the Death Note and even experiments to learn how much power he has with his targets. Light Tucker’s Death Note has all the rules written down for him but still he hesitates to use it fully and this is exemplified when Mia takes matters into her own hands.
  • L Lawlett (that’s his real name) is cool, calm and calulating at all times. Netflix’s version falls apart when Watari disappears. L Lawlett demonstrates throughout both the Manga and the Anime even when the situation calls for panic, he is cool as a cucumber. The Netflix version gives in to paranoia after Watari’s disappearance and goes off, chasing Light through the streets with a gun.
  • Mia–Misa Amane in the source material–is your textbook psycho poser and is actually more in line with how Light is in the source material after a certain point with shades of Misa sprinkled in. She almost saved the movie actually. ALMOST. Misa Amane introduces a second Death Note and a second Shinigami named Rem into the series. Unlike Light, Misa did the Eye Deal so she can learn a person’s name just by looking at them in exchange for half of her remaining lifespan.
  • Ryuk–voiced by Williem Defoe–was the only one who was almost completely the same as the source material. He’s portrayed as a sort of bogeyman in the Netflix version as well.

I’m just gonna say DO NOT WATCH THIS if you are a Fan of Death Note or are interested in it. Watch the Japanese Live Action version instead.

…Shame on Netflix. That’s all I’m gonna say. That and I’m glad I’m not renewing my Netflix subscription now. LOL.

Anime Boston 2018 in the books, looking to return as a panelist next year!

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…After taking a two year hiatus, I am looking to make my return as a panelist one year sooner than I originally planned. The theme for Anime Boston 2019 being Shogun & Samurai is the clincher. I can’t pass up on the opportunity. I will debut all new panels as well.

Here’s what I have in mind:


  • The Real Warriors of Samurai (120 Minutes): A look at the video game series Samurai Warriors, the real people portrayed and lessons to be learned from Japan’s Warring States Period.
  • Christianity’s History in Japan (60 Minutes): Like most authoritorian governments today, the introduction of Christianity in Feudal Japan was met with fierce resistence and outlawed by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The Underground Christians in Japan–later known as the Hidden Christians–would keep their faith a closely guarded secret until after World War II. Come and learn how that has effected renewed efforts to bring Christianity to The Land of the Rising Sun.
  • Of Swords and Hip Hop (60 Minutes): We take a look at the marriage of Hip Hop and Anime in Samurai Champloo.
  • Riding the Rails in Boston and Japan (90 Minutes): One of the many things Boston and Japan have in common is their shared reliance on their transit systems. Take a look at the similarities and differences with transit systems.
  • Remember The Name Kuroko (60 Minutes): Basketball’s exploding popularity in Japan is explored alongside the mega hit Anime Kuroko’s Basketball.

…And you know what? ALL of them could be slotted next year.

More so given I want do ALL of them in the same weekend and will barring the untimely death of my laptop.