Brothers Conflict Review


Well this is an old anime and of course probably one that most of us wouldn’t watch but I came across this one day just by hitting the random anime button and decided to watch it.

Brothers Conflict is a 2013 anime and it only has twelve episodes it is in the genre of Harem, Romance, Shoujo. It does however have a Special and an OVA or two. If you are into these types of anime i would highly recommend this one.

As you can tell from the first image there are quite a lot of characters and believe it or not every single one of them in this picture and the others that i will be adding are all main characters therefor i will not be able to talk about all the characters separately. So before I start on my review i must say SPOIL ALERT and this show is only for Teens 13+.


This anime is about a girl named Ema Hinata who is an only child and has mainly had to take care of herself ever since she was a little girl. Ema has a pet named Juli who is very protective over her.  Now to continue a little more of her intro, Ema’s father is to marry or remarry (i can’t remember that detail) and he leaves Ema to move to her new home by herself and take care of everything to do with the move.

Ema soon finds out that she will have siblings for the first time and not like a normal amount of one or two, we are talking about thirteen new siblings and not a single one of them is a girl. She soon ends up getting sick after just meeting her new family, Her new siblings start to take care of her like she has always been there -insert awes here- 14ema11

Now as you all have probably figured out at least this far that this isn’t your typical family or anime hence the genre of Harem, You have probably also figured out that this would be a reverse harem to be exact. Anyway to continue on this review lol.


The brothers of course start to dote on her and start developing more than brotherly love towards her, which in my opinion is sweet since they aren’t technically related.

At the end of this anime or half way through it Ema ends up having a few of the brother’s confess there love for her and how it isn’t just brotherly but they actually LOVE LOVE her.


Honestly in my opinion this anime could have been longer and that is one of it’s con’s is that it is not long enough to actually know what will happen next after the very last episode. Some people it may take more than twelve episodes to get into an anime of any kind, Brothers Conflict i think would be in my top twenty because when i first watched this anime of course i fell in love with some of the guys – who wouldn’t they are hott- , I absolutely love the story line but there could have been more to the plot and more to the story.

I would recommend this if your into this type of anime or into this type of thing but if you aren’t i wouldn’t recommend this anime.

The pro’s to this anime is that you can really feel the love between the characters and how they care for one another. I can say that if you end up wanting more of Brothers Conflict you will have to read the manga unfortunately if you don’t have the actual manga i found it rather hard to find but once i found it i can say you do find out what happens after the last episode of the anime.  As for these final thought i bid you adieu.



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