Vampire Knight Review


By the main cover here you can now take a guess that yes this is an anime about vampire’s and I can say this is way better than the love story between Edward and Bella.

Beware i will be adding SPOILERS from the manga here as well. so before proceeding please be aware of Spoil Alert and enjoy your reading.


Vampire Knight was my first ever anime i watched and I can say this is the anime that got me into being an otaku and that will never change. The story revolves around Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu and Kaname Kuran.

Yuuki is rescued by Kaname when she was a little girl and brought to Kaien Cross’s house shortly after she was with Kaien, Kaien adopted her and she became his daughter.

Not very long after Kaien adopts Yuuki he rescues Zero Kiryuu and he happeneds to be a very rare person within the vampire hunters community. Zero Kiryuu is one half of a pair of twins which is very rare for vampire hunters to conceive and delivery twins.

Anyway back to the characters,

Yuuki Cross is a very head strong independent character (a lot like myself). She is given what is called the “Artemis Rod” which is an extensible staff that Headmaster Kaien (aka her dad) gives her when she is the disciplinary committee and a front guardian. You get hints through the entire two seasons of Vampire Knight that hint to you that she is special in some way shape or form.


Next we have Zero Kiryuu. Zero is Yuuki’s childhood friend almost like a brother to her, Like Yuuki, Zero is on the disciplinary committee and also a guardian. Yuuki has been taking care of Zero ever since he was brought to their home (The Headmaster’s). A little about Zero is that his entire family was murdered by a pure blood vampire named Shizuka Hio. In the first few episodes you get a brief glimps that something isn’t at all right with him, Zero is hiding things from Yuuki that Headmaster Kaien already knows. Now not to get to much more into the series i must say now that to me Zero Kiryuu is a mysterious and bad a$$ character.


Our next and final character that i will give a little back story on and my view is Kaname Kuran.

As you can gather from the very first episode Kaname is a vampire since he is part of the night class. Kaname is a very popular vampire with all the girls from the day class, but Kaname comes to only have eyes for one girl. By now you have probably figured out that yes his special girl is Yuuki Cross. Kaname also happens to be Chairman for the Night Class to be able to keep them in check.

A few short episodes in we also find out that Kaname Kuran is in fact a pure blood vampire.  Kaname i can also say in my opinion that he is a very mysterious man and he does have quite the dark past.


As for my Spoil Alert earlier here it is. Kaname Kuran happens to be Yuuki Cross’s biological big brother. Yuuki Cross was specifically conceived and born to be Kaname’s mate. The only way to continue the pure blood line was for them to marry and mate with there siblings or some other type of family member.

Now get ready for the real curve ball, At the end of Vampire Knight you will see Yuuki turn away from Zero and continue to walk away from him to join Kaname and the rest of his little group.


But little do we know that there is more to this story but yet again there is no third season to a kick a$$ anime -insert crying face here-. If you read the manga however if my sources are correct in this matter. Zero and Yuuki do get married and they do have two children (don’t quote me on this i will have to do some more researching and then update this post.).


Sorry if this is a little long or a run on but i absolutely love Vampire Knight and it will always stay in my number one anime no matter what. I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

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