I now have Crunchyroll Premium for 12 months!

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…It took some time and effort but I made the money needed to get it. I made it official yesterday afternoon. I now have Crunchyroll Premium through December 7, 2019. I am already preparing to renew for another 12 months when the time comes.

It goes without saying I have ALOT of Anime to both catch up on and watch since my subscription expired at the end of June. A bit of news and updates on a few Anime I know of so far:


  • Attack on Titan Season 3 is taking a 6-month hiatus. The (obviously planned) hiatus is to allow time for the action sequences to be done right in the second half of the season. The story up to now ends with Eren, Mikasa and Levi about find out what Eren’s father had stashed in the basement of their home. The leading guess is a truckload of Weed. Season 3 is set to resume Spring 2019.
  • Ace Attorney Season 2 covers the events of the third game, Trials and Tribulations. The English Dub for the first season (the events of the first two games) recently became available on Crunchyroll so if you didn’t watch it subbed last year, you can take your pick. The Dub and Sub run as separate episodes just so you know. Some An Anime-exclusive case is currently ongoing. Before that, a flashback episode focusing on Miles Edgeworth makes reference to the spinoff game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.
  • The Persona 5 Anime is done “for now” though the plan is for the story to be wrapped up in a movie set to be released early next year. I own the game so I know the plot obviously. It’s a question of weather or not said OVA will get released on Crunchyroll. Korosuke’s Basketball got OVAs that focused on just the games so we’ll see. I hope it gets released on Crunchyroll but we’ll have to wait and see.
  • My Hero Academia is (wait for it!) taking a break until next year. Unlike Attack on Titan, this time it’s to allow time for the Manga to progress a bit further before they continue the Anime. This should be looked at as good news for MHA fans as this means there probably won’t be Filler Arcs like we saw in other Anime. Advance notice was given before the current storyline began. I assume the release of both the MHA Movie and video game were timed to help keep series fans busy while they wait.


That’s some news as I know right now. I understandably stepped away from Anime after my subscription expired over the summer so…yeah. I have been keeping up with new popular anime that has been released since then but first, I want to get caught up what I was watching when my subscription expired. I expect that alone to take at least the rest of the month. Although my laptop is broken, I can still stream Crunchyroll using my PS4 or iPad. I have Viki and AsianCrush on my iPad as well so…yeah. Anywho, I will provide updates as I go along for those who I’m sure missed my updates. As before, I’m sure I’ll do more watching than writing!

Before I forget, I do want to explain AnimeKat’s absence. Her family has been dealing with financial issues for most of this year and understandably she has been focused on that. I can’t give a timeline for when she may return unfortunately but keep her in your thoughts.


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