My Hero Academia Season 4 to premeire in October 2019; Live Action Stage Play announced

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…And to think I just got caught up a few days ago.

Several websites confirmed the next anime season will premeire in October 2019. Season 3 wrapped up on September 29–two days after the movie premeired in theaters. Speaking of. Two breadcrumbs referencing the movie likely indicates the events of the movie will be canon. I assumed after the first one it was just cross-promotion but with the second, it seems the events of Two Heroes might be canon (as in direct references in Season 4) like Dragonball Super’s three movies are. Between the movie, upcoming video game (One’s Justice, PS4 and Xbox One) and upcoming Stage Play it makes sense for the long gap between seasons 3 and 4. Otherwise, a 13-month wait makes no sense.

Season 3 ended everyone from Class 1-A except Bakugo and Todoroki passing the provisional licensing exam. Bakugo also became the first student to learn of about One For All after he and Deku fight. That also marked a turning point in their relationship as Bakugo finally accepts Deku for the first time since the latter inherited One For All from All Might. All Might may be retired as a Hero now–and even he knows it was All for One’s plan from the beginning–both Heroes and Villains are making plans in the aftermath of All Might’s retirement as a Hero.

With the Symbol of Peace and Justice now out of the picture for good, the mantle of top hero falls to the #2, Endeavor (As a reminder, he’s Todoroki’s father). The obvious problem is though Endeavor is obviously powerful, he lacks the charisma of All Might. Deku is clearly not ready yet and with the League of Villains having gained a sample of his blood, Season 4 is sure to be real interesting.



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…Again, this is for a Stage Play. NOT a movie. Think live action Visual Novel. Get it? Got it? Good.

Besides, I’d like to think they learned from the Live Action adaptations for Attack on Titan and FullMetal Alchemist. I’m referring to both movies having an all-Asian cast in both films despite the characters having predominantly European names and facial features. MHA is a little different since everyone obviously has a Japanese name despite the mix of Asian and European facial features. I still think an international cast would work best for an actual but that’s just me.

Clearly two different actors play each version of All Might in the Stage Play. For those who don’t know, his “Deflated” form is his real form. His real name is also Yagi Toshinori. After his first battle with All for One, All Might suffered serious injuries that shortened how long he can use his “Muscle” form. After he passed One for All on to Deku, how long he could maintain his muscle form shortened even more until he exhausted the power completely. It would be fair to say it took All Might several years to control the Quirk at full power. It sounds like he was around the same age as Deku when he first received it from his predecessor and also did not have a Quirk himself.

Deku broke his arms using One For All so many times in the relatively short time he’s had it (Reminder: Less than a year has passed) that he was prettymuch forced to adopt his “Shoot-Style” in which he fights using his legs instead of his arms. Even then, Deku can only use One For All at 5% to 8% without having to deal with the recoil afterward (breaking bones prettymuch). All Quirks have a weakness and One For All is no exception. I do see a time skip coming sooner than later in which a few years pass but we’ll see.

I do like the slow pacing for the story so far personally. I actually don’t mind the 13-month break as it beats the alternative: A non-canon or anime-exclusive filler arcs. MHA is one of those anime that is worth the wait!


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