I’m mostly caught up with my Crunchyroll backlog now; My thoughts on Goblin Slayer

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…With my laptop out of commission, I now use my PS4 to stream Crunchyroll at home and my iPad while on the go. I did alot of binging this week and thanks to that, I have caught up on or finished 8 Anime I started or was watching before my subscription expired over the summer. I already covered My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan in recent posts so I’ll give a rundown on some other Anime I caught up on:


  • Boruto: It goes without saying the current Team 7 is going through the same thing the previous Team 7 did during the end of Naruto and most of Shippuden: A team member leaves the village and the other two go after him. I imagine this is why Naruto is holding back so much or at least part of the reason. He knows all too well the pain of having a teammate going rogue and then chasing after them for answers. More than likely Naruto is holding out hope Boruto and Sarada can resolve the matter on their own and more so since they’ve crossed into the land of Earth, which has its own problems internally. I liked the fist-pump moment Cho-Cho got before the arc began and more so given how much women and girls worldwide are body-shamed.
  • Black Clover. Gonna give props were it’s due, things are getting real interesting. The rest of the Black Bulls getting development is awesome and more so for Finral, Magna, Lucky, Charmy, Vanessa, Noelle and Grey. Yami thinking the same thing well…EVERYONE was thinking regarding Vangeance was awesome. I loved how Fanzell Kruger was introduced and in my book, it set the best model for how to introduce an important character to viewers the characters met before without making it an arc: Spend an episode or three showing how they met, when, where, why and their relevance to the present. Asta meets him first but then Fanzell meets the Black Bulls at a later time. Now they cross paths again to find a way to fix Asta’s arms. They find the solution in the Queen of the Witches, who Fanzell’s fiance Domina and Vanessa both happen to be acquainted with. She reluctantly agrees to fix Asta’s arms to deal with invaders but once the battle is one, Asta learns the price he may have to pay. I kinda knew when Fana was first introduced she was the girl Mars fought when they were kids. With her being revealed to have the Fire Spirit Salamander, we have now seen two of the four elemental spirits (The other being Yuno’s Spirit of Wind). That leaves Earth and Water yet to be revealed.
  • Cells at Work!: This series was commended over the summer by a doctor in Japan for accurately portraying one of the sympthoms of Leukemia, which is sudden weight loss. The anime mostly covers how the body deal with bacteria, viruses and other conditions but the 2-part Cancer episode was something else. By the end of it, you couldn’t help but feel bad for the Cancer cell. Yes, your immune system does kill cells that may or are in the early stages of becoming cancer cells. Metastasis is no joke so…yeah. The finale involved the body suffering a head injury and having massive blood loss. A blood transfusion ended up preventing death.
  • Overlord: Whew. This year saw ALOT of anime with the RPG genre referenced. Overlord is a hidden gem in my book. The groundwork is laid in Season 3 as Ains reveals himself to the world for the first time as himself and not his alter ego, Momon. He wastes no time asserting his power and dominance, making it clear not even an army can hope to challenge him head on. With the way the season ended, Ains could easily wipe out all the countries and showed it but where’s the fun in that? There’s just something about watching someone look at overwhelming power, know they have no hope of challenging it and hoping it decides not to kill you on the spo that enjoy. Two such moments happen in Season 3 on two separate occasions when two magic users see the depths of his true power.
  • How NOT to summon a Demon Lord: The “Fan Service” and “harem” trope was a turn-off for me but not enough to keep me from finishing the series. The door was left open for another season–and honestly I’d like to see another season–but it seemed prettymuch done.
  • Kuroko’s Basketball: The Last Game: The one lingering question from the series is what would happen if the Generation of Miracles got together and played on the same team. We find out in the movie The Last Game, which closes the book on the series. The Generation of Miracles comes together to take on a Streetball team from the US. Each member of the legendary squad has their moment in the spotlight, which is no easy task even on paper. They had to make everyone look good while also facing a squad so stacked, they had to work together if they wanted to win. After their thrilling come from behind victory, Kagami reveals he is leaving for the US in preparation for his dream of playing in the NBA. This was clearly set as the end of the series and for the fans. I am hoping out hope we may see a crossover special set several years later involving everyone in the NBA. It certainly would be fun to watch!


…Whew. I thought it would take me the rest of the month but I got caught up in a week’s time. I’ve started watching new Anime as well and that includes this one:


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Crunchyroll threw up two giant middle fingers to everyone who believes the groundless lie they censor anime or like to carry “tame anime”. The first episode alone I don’t reccommend watching if you just ate or are eating. Certain scenes in just the first episode are so disturbing, people actually COMPLAINED about not being warned in advance. Even those who read the Manga were shocked at how graphic certain moments in just the first episode were. They didn’t hold back in short.

…It would be fair to say Goblin Slayer is NOT going to make it to Toonami or at least not without being censored. There is an on-screen but brief rape scene, another sequence in which someone is dismembered and the most shocking is the anime’s main character brutally kills young goblins. It’s not like Attack on Titan where kills are over the top or the killing blows happen off-screen or out of focus. You literally see him cave in the skulls of defenseless child goblins after the rest are killed off. They could have just not shown it or changed in for the anime like they did in Akame ga Kill but the fact that they didn’t hold back is surreal. For those who don’t know, they opening sequence of the second episode of of Akame ga Kill was changed. In the Manga, a monster attacks and starts eating a pregnant woman alive. In the Anime, she’s not pregnant. If not for that difference, Akame ga Kill probably wouldn’t have made it to Toonami a few years ago.

Goblin Slayer…definitely not going to Toonami because of the depictions of rape and references to rape in graphic detail alone. “Crunchyroll censors anime” my ass. All they do is license and carry anime for streaming. The most they will do beyond that is the text warning “This program contains scenes some my find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised” and rarely. Case example: The uncut version of Senran Kagura. The difference between the uncut and regular version is nipples are included in the uncut version. Another example: The third to last episode of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord features a scene in which the main character fingers another character. I was VERY surprised there was no text warning as it was prettymuch a sex act being performed and Crunchyroll does not have a parental filter. On the one hand, every episode has overt sexual innuendos and Fan Service but on the other, that scene took things a bit too far. Sure, “you don’t see anything” but at the same time nothing is left to imagination.

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The season finale ended with Goblin Slayer revealing his face to everyone–except the viewer, of course–for the first time ever. It’s fairly easy to guess what Goblin Slayer looks like based on the shots of him without his helmet on. There will be a season 2, likely sometime next year!


…Anyways in closing. The upcoming year promises to be a very good year for Anime and Crunchyroll overall. Here’s hoping I am able to get stable income so that I can extend my subscription next December. I have already accepted the liklihood I won’t be able to attend Anime Boston for a variety of reasons. Not just because I need income but with other things going on around that time that I’m thinking about. Time will tell.



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