Vampire Knight Review


By the main cover here you can now take a guess that yes this is an anime about vampire’s and I can say this is way better than the love story between Edward and Bella.

Beware i will be adding SPOILERS from the manga here as well. so before proceeding please be aware of Spoil Alert and enjoy your reading.


Vampire Knight was my first ever anime i watched and I can say this is the anime that got me into being an otaku and that will never change. The story revolves around Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu and Kaname Kuran.

Yuuki is rescued by Kaname when she was a little girl and brought to Kaien Cross’s house shortly after she was with Kaien, Kaien adopted her and she became his daughter.

Not very long after Kaien adopts Yuuki he rescues Zero Kiryuu and he happeneds to be a very rare person within the vampire hunters community. Zero Kiryuu is one half of a pair of twins which is very rare for vampire hunters to conceive and delivery twins.

Anyway back to the characters,

Yuuki Cross is a very head strong independent character (a lot like myself). She is given what is called the “Artemis Rod” which is an extensible staff that Headmaster Kaien (aka her dad) gives her when she is the disciplinary committee and a front guardian. You get hints through the entire two seasons of Vampire Knight that hint to you that she is special in some way shape or form.


Next we have Zero Kiryuu. Zero is Yuuki’s childhood friend almost like a brother to her, Like Yuuki, Zero is on the disciplinary committee and also a guardian. Yuuki has been taking care of Zero ever since he was brought to their home (The Headmaster’s). A little about Zero is that his entire family was murdered by a pure blood vampire named Shizuka Hio. In the first few episodes you get a brief glimps that something isn’t at all right with him, Zero is hiding things from Yuuki that Headmaster Kaien already knows. Now not to get to much more into the series i must say now that to me Zero Kiryuu is a mysterious and bad a$$ character.


Our next and final character that i will give a little back story on and my view is Kaname Kuran.

As you can gather from the very first episode Kaname is a vampire since he is part of the night class. Kaname is a very popular vampire with all the girls from the day class, but Kaname comes to only have eyes for one girl. By now you have probably figured out that yes his special girl is Yuuki Cross. Kaname also happens to be Chairman for the Night Class to be able to keep them in check.

A few short episodes in we also find out that Kaname Kuran is in fact a pure blood vampire.  Kaname i can also say in my opinion that he is a very mysterious man and he does have quite the dark past.


As for my Spoil Alert earlier here it is. Kaname Kuran happens to be Yuuki Cross’s biological big brother. Yuuki Cross was specifically conceived and born to be Kaname’s mate. The only way to continue the pure blood line was for them to marry and mate with there siblings or some other type of family member.

Now get ready for the real curve ball, At the end of Vampire Knight you will see Yuuki turn away from Zero and continue to walk away from him to join Kaname and the rest of his little group.


But little do we know that there is more to this story but yet again there is no third season to a kick a$$ anime -insert crying face here-. If you read the manga however if my sources are correct in this matter. Zero and Yuuki do get married and they do have two children (don’t quote me on this i will have to do some more researching and then update this post.).


Sorry if this is a little long or a run on but i absolutely love Vampire Knight and it will always stay in my number one anime no matter what. I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

So glad I switched to a 12-month Crunchyroll Premium Subscription

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…One of the last things I did before my savings ran out last summer year was set aside $60 to get a 12-month Crunchyroll subscription. For those who may have been wondering why the my Anime reviews just fell off, this is why: I’ve been binge watching ALOT of Anime, mostly new titles. Almost half of what I’ve seen so far has been dubbed or will get be getting dubbed. Crunchyroll’s partnership with Funimation actually speeds up the localization process so…yeah.

For those who may not be aware, Black Clover and and Dragon Ball Super are being simulcast in both the U.S. and Japan. Attack on Titan Season 2 had been simulcast last year. What I mean in this case is episodes that have already aired in Japan are being dubbed and are airing in English on both Adult Swim and Funimation. To give a more specific example: Dragon Ball Super is at the end of the Universal Survival Saga now but in the U.S., the Goku Black Saga recently began. With Black Clover, the spacing is closer as it was with Attack on Titan. I’d say a 4 to 6 episode difference in the case of Black Clover. Attack on Titan Season had 2 actually been dubbed in its entirety before it aired in the U.S. and Japan. I know because I saw the season premiere at Anime Boston last year and heard it straight from Funimation and Crunchyroll’s reps.

In the case of DBS, the dub came almost 2 years after its premiere in Japan. By then, the Universal Survival Saga was about to begin. To promote the series in the West, the first two sagas were released as the standalone movies Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. Beerus and Whis are introduced for the first time and Freeza, who plays a significant role in the Universal Survival Saga is reintroduced.

Getting back to Crunchyroll. Unlike Funimation, CR doesn’t focus on pushing a few Anime to promote the Medium and their service. Those of us with a Premium or Premium+ account can watch new episodes as they air in Japan or right after they finish airing over there. The reason is because of the licensing deal Crunchyroll has with Japan TV and other networks. Those with a Free Account have to wait a week or more after the fact to see a new episode plus they have commercial interruptions. The comercial pay for the content so Free Accounts can see it at all. Those of us with a Premium Account or higher can watch commercial free as well as an HD. Crunchyroll is on demand but they also air new content in real time as it airs in Japan or becomes available. Not that different from WWE Network in that way.

Let’s see…I have watched over 20 new anime series since this time last year. I have also watched 8 live action dramas, which Crunchyroll seems to be moving away from in favor of focusing on Anime. A shame as the dramas I have seen were pretty memorable. Most are actually live action adaptations of existing Manga or anime such as Tokyo Love Kiss, Dr. Coto’s Clinic and GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka. I’m assuming the reason there hasn’t been any new Dramas added in almost 2 years is due to licensing but I hope this changes.

I have watched both My Hero Academia and Shokugeki No Soma as well. Currently waiting for them the continue over the next two months.

Reminder: Today is the last day the Neon Alley App will work on your PS3/Xbox 360


Read this if you need a refresher but yeah.

After today, your only choices to legally stream Anime will be Netflix, Crunchyroll and Hulu Plus. Listen: I just logged into my Hulu account for the first time in almost 6 years. I checked the available Anime and was floored: Not only does Hulu have nearly all of the Anime currently and formerly available on Netflix but they’ve got literally DOZENS more I’d only seen listed on iTunes/Xbox Live/Playstation Network.

And that catalog is going to more than double in size come tomorrow.

It was then that I remembered I also happen to have the Hulu Plus App on all of my game systems as well as my iPod and Android Phone. Not only that, the monthly sub for Hulu is actually $6 and not $10 like I originally thought, which was the same price as Neon Alley’s subscription. That’s $2 less than what Netflix charges. Add to that Hulu, like Crunchyroll has simulcast. It basically means new episodes become available right after it airs on TV.

Despite that, Netflix is still the Steaming King. Why? It’s movie library alone is bigger than everything Hulu has to offer combined.

Even so, I’m going to activate Hulu Plus on my account this Friday. I go where the Anime’s at plain and simple. That’s why I got Crunchyroll and Neon Alley earlier this year. I will cancel my premium service on Crunchyroll at the end of the week as well since I only really watch Naruto Shippuden on the CR anyway. I also prefer my Anime Dubbed so the decision should be obvious. The changeover will cut my monthly Streaming bill to $14 between Netflix and Hulu Plus.

This is just speaking for me of course.

If you prefer strictly Subbed, Crunchyroll alone is right up your alley. If you don’t mind Dubbed, just Hulu Plus or Netflix will keep your occupied for a while. If you want to catch up on the last 24 years’ worth of Anime, just Hulu Plus will do it.

The reason I’m getting both is because again, Netflix is the Streaming King where movies are concerned. I am also very curious to see what Netflix’s answer, if any to Neon Alley merging with Hulu may be.


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