Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True Rehearsal

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For those who will be going to Anime Boston remember this is JUST a runthrough of what will be going on. The actual Panel is 60 minutes. I didn’t see a need to make the rehearsal as long as the real thing. If you’re not going to be at Anime Boston, this is as close as you’re gonna get.

The link above is the actual Power Point. I will give everyone a day or two to review it before I make the video and add it to this post. I will be doing it with the assumption all who are watching the video have access to the Power Point.

Chapter 15 of Clannad: A Wonderful Life Dedicated to the City of Boston

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Here is the chapter in full:


Chapter 15: Shattered Hope



Nagisa had just put Kagayaku to bed when the phone rang. Upon answering it she recognized Ryou’s voice on the other end of the phone. “He’s awake.” she said. Nagisa nearly dropped the phone after hearing those two words. Memories of the accident came rushing back to her almost all at once.

“I’m on way.” she replied before hanging up the phone. She dressed, got Kagayaku ready and took a taxi to the hospital. When she arrived she found Ryou and Ushio waiting outside Tomoya’s room. “How is he?”

“Dr. Itachi is with him.” Ryou replied as the door suddenly opened. Dr. Itachi emerged from the room and shut the door behind him.

 “How is he, doctor?” Nagisa asked him. He looked at Ryou and Ushio before turning back to Nagisa and saying

 Mrs. Okazaki, could I speak to you privately?” At this Nagisa’s eye widened in surprise. She nodded silently and handed Kaga to Ryou before following the doctor into the vacant room across the hall.

 “Is he going to be alright?” she asked once the doctor closed the door behind her and motioned for her to sit in the room’s only empty chair.

 “Forgive me, but I wanted to be mindful of the fact you were recently discharged from the hospital yourself.” Dr. Itachi began. “As you’re aware Tomoya suffered a serious head injury. It was for that reason he was placed in a medically induced coma. The good news is his fine motor and reflex are functional normally. His speech, though slowed from being asleep for so long should recover quickly enough as well.”

 “What a relief.” Nagisa said as she exhaled deeply.

 “I’m afraid there’s more to this, Mrs. Okazaki.” Dr. Itachi said to her. “While physically I expect Tomoya to make a full recovery, his memory is another matter.”

 “What do you mean?” Nagisa asked.

 “Tomoya’s memories of his life before waking up today…gone.” he replied. “He can’t remember anything about himself or anyone else he knew. Not even his own name. All the people he knew are strangers to him. All save one person.”

 “One person?!” Nagisa exclaimed in surprise. “Who?” At this the doctor could only smile.

 “His daughter.” He replied. “Ushio.”


 When the door opened again the doctor had returned only this time he was not alone. Three people came with him this time. He concluded the violet-haired woman was a nursed based on what she was wearing. The other two—a young woman and a little girl—looked like they were related to each other.

 “Hello.” The woman with short, brown hair said to him as she smiled warmly. “My name is Nagisa Okazaki. How are you?”

 “Okazaki…?” he said in surprise. “That’s my last name, too! Are we related?” Hearing this she tensed up for a moment before regaining her composure.

 “We are, Tomoya.” she replied, adding “I’m your wife.”

 “I’m married?!” he exclaimed in surprise.

 “And that’s not all.” the girl piped up. “You and Mommy have two children.”

 “Children…!” Tomoya repeated as he looked first at the girl and then the baby the nurse was holding before returning to the girl. “Wait…Ushio! And who’s that baby the nurse is holding?”

 “Your son was born the day of the accident.” Dr. Itachi explained. “Your daughter suffered a broken arm in the same accident that put you in a coma.”

 “I’m sorry to hear that.” he said to her. “Luckily for you, you got to keep all of your memories. I wake up and you’re the only memory I still have. It’s strange. I can’t remember my own name and yet I can remember you just fine.”

 “I’m just happy you’re finally awake, Daddy.” Ushio replied as she fought back the tears she felt coming.

 “If it helps, the baby doesn’t really know anyone yet either.” The nurse offered. “As he grows, you’ll make new memories together.”

 “That’s true.” Nagisa remarked. “By the way, this is Ryou Hiiragi. She and her twin sister Kyou Fujibayashi and us were good friends in high school. We have lots of other friends who have been waiting for you to awaken as well. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you, too.”

 “I know I should count myself fortunate to have lived through such a horrible accident but when I think about what I’ve lost…how do you move forward?” Tomoya thought to himself.


End Chapter 15.

 I dedicate this Chapter to my hometown, Boston.

 You’ll notice I put Tomoya’s question in Bold and Italics. That is intentional. That was the question asked in the hours after the bombings on Monday. We gave our answer immediately after the blasts killed three people and injured 178 more: We come together and take care of our own.

 It’s what we do.

If this chapter inspires even one person than I’ve done my job as an author.

If you want to check out the full story see the link at the top or just click here.

As I said in the footnote Boston has already moved on from this. If the news report I’m watching is to be believed the authorities are closing in on the people or person responsible. Once they’ve had the book thrown at them we can get back to planning for next year’s marathon and beyond.