Episodes 14 and 15 of Yasha-Hime: Princess Half-Demon sheds light on two of the biggest mysteries to now

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If you haven’t been following the sequel to the legendary Manga turned Anime Inuyasha because you don’t like sequels to anime you like…your loss. I’m just gonna put it like that. For everyone else, keep reading. Fair warning, there be MAJOR plot spoilers for both Inuyasha and Yasha-Hime: Princess Half Demon in this article. If you’re not caught up to Episode 15 of the latter Anime, stop here!

Ok so as the name of the new series reveals, the focus of this story is on a trio of Half-Demons who are the daughters of Inuyasha and Kagome (Moroha) as well as Sesshomaru and Rin (Towa and Setsuna) respectively. The twins are cousins to Moroha due to their fathers being brothers on that note. As was revealed in Episode 1, Towa and Setsuna were split up as children during a forest fire. Towa ended up being raised by Kagome’s brother in the Modern Era while Setsuna would be raised by Sango and trained as a Demon Slayer in the Feudal Era. As was revealed in Episode 15, Moroha was raised by the Wolf Demon Tribe, which is led by Koga. For those who don’t remember him, he was Inuyasha’s rival in the original series. It’s likely she learned how to use Divine Power from Kaede as so far she’s demonstrated the ability to use Sacred Arrows and erect barriers. It certainly helps her mother Kagome is a priestess.

Anyway prior to Episode 15, one of the biggest mysteries of the series to that point is “Whatever happened to Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Kagome?” followed by the obvious “Who is Towa and Sesshomaru’s mother?” For the second question, if you guessed Rin you would be correct. Rin was the orphaned human girl who accompanied Sesshomaru during the original series. Kagome, who is pregnant with Moroha at the time is present for the birth of Towa and Setsuna.

As the first question, Episode 15 explains this part. Prior to this, Sesshomaru is briefly seen when the trio journey to the Feudal Era from the Modern Era. They pass through the Tree of Ages, which played a minor role in the original series. If you’ve been following the series up to now, you will know about Kirinmaru. While Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s father Inutaisho–known as the Great Dog Demon of the West–ruled Western Japan, his counterpart Kirinamaru–originally from Mainland China–ruled Eastern Japan.

500 years before the original series, the Great Demons teamed up to destroy a comet fragment that would have destroyed Japan. Sometime after that, Kirinmaru went into a long slumber. As anyone who’s watched the series or saw the third Inuyasha movie should know, Inutaisho died saving Inuyasha, who was a newborn at the time and his wife Izayaoi.

The week after Setsuna and Towa were born, the same comet fragments returned but this time Sesshomaru and Inuyasha dealt with it. Sesshomaru is visited by Zero, a mysterious Demon and subordinate under Kirinmaru to warn him about the coming comet fragment. Kagome is tipped off by Riku, who clearly knows more than he was willing to reveal both then and since. As is revealed by Zero, Sesshomaru’s children are in danger along with Inuyasha and Moroha from Kirinmaru simply because they’re Half Demons (Quarter in the case of Moroha).

Zero reveals a prophecy from the Shikon Jewel relevant to him for viewers: At some point in the future, he will be slain by a being that is neither Human or Demon. Apparently, Kirinmaru intially laughed at the idea but that was before Inuyasha came along. It didn’t take him long to realize Half-Demons were was the prophecy was referring to and naturally, he personally hates them as well as humans in general.

Presumably acting on his orders, Zero had Homura set the forest where Towa and Setsuna were hidden. The three would meet in Episode 17 where Homoura would be consumed by his own flames. Sasshomaru’s majordomo Jaken had planned to eventually bring Rin to the place where he sealed the twins. Although Rin lies in suspended animation inside the Tree of Ages, clearly something happened that led to that. We’ll probably find out at a later time but she will be in for a shock when she is reunited with her children.

As for Inuyasha and Kagome. Sango and Miroku finally made their appearance in Episode 13 and as was revealed, Miroku sealed most of Setsuna’s Demon Blood. Shortly after Moroha was born, she was spirited away to the Wolf Demon Tribe which raised her. Joining with Kirinmaru, Sesshomaru used the Black Pearl to seal Inuyasha and Kagome in their father’s resting place, which is in another dimension. Jaken explains to Kirinmaru there may come a time in the future when they will need to Inuyasha and his Medio Zangetsuha. Satisfied with knowing Inuyasha is sealed away, Kirinmaru is ok with it.


It’s fair to say at this point Sesshomaru did all that he did to protect everyone from Kirinmaru. It’s also likely he figured out Towa, Setsuna and Moroha will be needed to take down Kirinmaru one day. He clearly knows all three are making names for themselves right now but is likely keeping his distance for their own good. One bit of plot that appears subtle in Episode 15 that’s easy to miss is the fact Zero can find people in their dreams. As it happens, Setsuna’s memories were taken by a Dream Butterfly and for the same reason, she is unable to sleep. Clearly there is a connection there.

There are still a few mysteries and questions the need answering such as “Whatever happened to Shippo?” but I’m sure we’ll find out in time. At the time the series ended, Shippo was planning to take the Fox Demon Exam. His absence doesn’t surprise me personally and I’m sure we’ll find out what he’s been up to at some point.

Riku clearly knows a lot more than he’s ready to reveal. We know he’s collecting Rainbow Pearls but at the same time he’s clearly not aligned with Kirinmaru. This is speculation on my part but I think he may be planning to make a new Shikon Jewel. He clearly knows about what happened to the original after it was restored and though he’s content to let the girls keep their pearls for now, no doubt he’ll make a move for them at some point down the road.

You can catch new episodes of Yasha-Hime: Princess Half-Demon on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 5AM EST Subbed. The English Dub is up to Episode 9 as of this week on that note.



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Some of Anime’s most notable Moms

…I did one for Dads two years ago so this should come as no surprise ^_^

As before, I only listed moms fron Anime I’ve seen myself. Warning, there be some spoilers.



Sakura Haruno

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Anyone who’s seen Naruto and/or Naruto Shippuden knows who Sakura is so I’ll leave out her exploits as a kid and teenager. Shortly after the end of The Fourth Great Ninja War, Team 7 team mates Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha made the Ship official and got married. shortly after that, Sarada came along. Like Naruto, Sai and Kakashi, Sakura transitioned to civilian life as a Ninja Medic and being Sarada’s mother.

Having never met her father and only knowing him from pictures and stories about him, Sarada started to doubt Sasuke was her real mother. She decided to ask Naruto about it but then they get caught up up a battle with one of Orochimaru’s failed experiments from the past. Along the way she meets her father and activates the Sharingan for the first time. After the danger is dealt with, Sasuke confirms for his daughter that Sakura is her mother…as well as his wife.

By the time Boruto Next Generations begins, much time has passed. Everyone has grown up and almost everyone is a parent now. Since the focus is on Boruto and Sarada’s generation, the previous generation don’t appear as much outside supporting the newer ones.  Sakura is no exception. Her daughter has obviously inherited her father’s Sharingan. She has also inherited the superhuman strength of mother.



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Chi-Chi is probably the…how should I put this…oldest person on the list. She is Goku’s wife but she is also the mother of Gohan and Goten as well as the grandmother of Gohan’s daughter Pan.

She is first introduced as a child in Dragonball. She is the only daughter of the fearsome Ox King. Ox Mountain is on fire and the only way it can be extinguished is with the Kamehameha. Goku meets Master Roshi, who teaches him the technique. After Goku uses the Kamehameha to put out the fire on Ox Mountain, Chi-Chi falls in love with him. Chi-Chi doesn’t appear again until the end of the Dragonball series as a young adult. She faces Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. The two marry shortly afterward and their son Gohan is born before the start of Dragonball Z.

After the birth of Gohan, Chi-Chi becomes a doting wife to Goku as well as as a doting mother to Gohan and later Goten as well. Gohan was trained by Piccolo but Goten was personally trained by Chi-Chi. Speaking of. Goten was born offscreen shortly after the end of the Cell Saga. It’s commonly believed Chi-Chi discovered she was pregnant shortly after the end of the Cell Saga. Goten is seven years old when he is introduced in the Great Saiyaman Saga and Trunks is a year older than him. So Chi-Chi was pregnant with him at the end of or just after the Cell Saga.

In Dragonball Super, Chi-Chi plays a recurring role as Goku’s wife and grandmother of Pan. Having saved the universe from Majin Buu, Chi-Chi FINALLY gets Goku to get a job…as a farmer! Having no personal need for it, Goku gives Chi-Chi the briefcase containing 100 Million Zenni he receives from Mr. Satan/Hercule to Chi-Chi as a gift…and a bribe to go train under Whis. Chi-Chi is present along with the others during the tournament between Universes 6 and 7, comforting Goku when he is eliminated early on.

Nagisa Furukawa/Okazaki


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Anyone who’s seen Clannad or played the VN knows who Nagisa is. Plus, you should know if you’ve been reading my blog for at least the last three years. So, this will be short. For those who recently started reading my blog, she is the lead female protagonist in the Anime and the canon pairing for Tomoya Okazaki, the lead male protagonist. In the After Story Arc, she becomes pregnant with their daughter Ushio.

In the Alternate Storyline, Nagisa dies giving birth to Ushio. Get your tissues ready because here it is (English Dub):

At the end of the Alternate Timeline in the Anime, this happens instead (English Sub):

To get this ending in the VN, you must collect all of the orbs of Light. You will get a notification once this condition has been satisfied. Plus the Title Screen will be flashing to show you it’s time to see to True Ending ^_^



Hana (Wolf Children)


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Wolf Children, which was created by Mamoru Hosoda is a tribute to single mothers worldwide. Hosoda himself was raised by a single mother and used his own life experiences as inspiration for this moving story. The obvious twist for Hana is her kids can turn into wolves. After the family moves out of the city and into the suburbs, Yuki and Ame start to drift apart and Hana must come to terms with her children going in different directions and pursuing two different worlds. Yuki decides to live as a human while Ame, who has trouble fitting in at school decides to live as a wolf. In the end, Hana accepts the choices of her children and especially Ame’s.


Trisha Elric


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Another person on this list everyone here has at least heard of. After all, her death is what kicked off Ed and Al’s Excellent Adventure.

It is interesting to note Trisha first met Hoenheim when she was a child. Hoenheim kept returning to Risembool every few years until she was old enough to marry. It’s likely he didn’t tell her much about his past but they had Ed and Al. A few years later, he left and never returned. A disease that spread across the region claimed her life. Ed and Al attempted Human Transmutation in an effort to bring her back but of course, their efforts failed with disasterous results. Ed would realize much later the obvious truth: It’s impossible to bring the dead back to life.


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She is the second of three mothers on this list who had a child born of two different worlds. In her case, she is the mother of Inuyasha. Izayoi is dead by the time the story begins but we learn about her later in the story.

She is the Lady of a distinguished clan though it appears she was not married when she meets Inutaisho (Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s father). We know from the events of the movie Swords of an Honorable Ruler that her relationship with a demon kept her at odds with the captain of the guard, who was smitten with her. he was so angry when it was discovered she became pregnant by a demon that he set the castle on fire and then impaled her with a spear shortly after she gave birth to Inuyasha. Inutaisho used Tenseiga to bring her back to life and gave her the Fire Rat Robe (now worn by Inuyasha), leading her to safely before he was consumed by the flames.

We know from Inuyasha’s early memories that she raised him in a nearby village after that until she died (It’s implied she died of illness) Having never known his father, Inuyasha was very close to his mother. Sesshomaru used this knowledge to set a trap for him early in the series.

Delia Ketchum

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Everyone knows who she is. So we’ll leave it at that.

Delia Ketchum was a large part of the third Pokemon movie Spell of the Unown in which she is kidnapped by the legendary Pokemon Entei. Her appearances are few for obvious reasons but she does her best to encourage her son. While technically not a trainer herself, she does have a Pokemon partner in Mr. Mime.

One of the oldest unsolved mysteries is the answer to this question: Who is Ash’s father? All that’s known is he is or was likely a trainer.

Hild (Ah! My Goddess!)

Image result for Ah My Goddess Hild


And here we have the third Mother who broke a taboo and had a mixed race child. In her case, Hild is the mother of the Goddess Urd.

The Anime doesn’t get into this but once upon a time, Hild and The Almighty One were lovers. We also know they used the Gate of Destiny used to weight the strength of the bond between lovers from two worlds, which was a major plot device in The Movie. The two were forced apart but Hild beat the system to see The Almighty One for what would be final time. Urd was conveived from that final meeting and born after the Doublet System was put in place to end the war beween Gods and Demons. While Hild obviously still has feelings for The Almighty One, when asked by Belldandy she plainly states because she tricked the system once, trying a second time would cost her life.

Aside from being Urd’s Mother she is the Daimachaiko, or Ruler of Demonkind. Her power is equal to The Almighty One’s, hence all the jewelry you see in the video to seal most of her true power. Had she arrived at full power, probably most of the world would have been wiped out! After she returns to Nifelhiem (referredto as The Demon Realm in the Anime), she splits off a child version of herself to mess with Keiichi and the Goddesses for  a while. In the Manga, there is coup in Nifelheim and her main body is sealed by the Userper. Hild turns to Keiichi and the Goddesses for help, ultimately regaining her full power again.

…Ok that’s ir for this year. Most of you have probably seen AnimeKat’s post but if you haven’t, check it out ^_^

Next year, I’ll see about doing mothers and fathers in Video Games I’ve played.

Some of Anime’s most notable Dads

…Mind you, I only included Anime Dads from Anime I have seen myself. So, if there is a particular Dad you don’t see on this list, this is the largest reason why. I wanted to keep this list small so I settled on 8 Dads and in no particular order. There are also some spoilers for all of the Anime featured so fair warning there.

Ok, here we go:

Minato Namikaze


If you don’t know who he is, you either hate the Naruto series or never saw/read the Anime/Manga. Minato Nanikaze is Naruto’s father and the 4th Hokage the Hidden Leaf Village. He was referred to during Naruto’s adventures as a kid up until his actual introduction during a later point in the series (both Manga and Anime) as “simply” his title, The 4th Hokage and this was intentionally done for plot reasons. Weather it was to keep fans (and Naruto) from figuring out the 4th Hokage was Naruto’s father or out of respect for the 4th’s sacrifice we may never really know.

Anyway, much of Minato’s backstory is revealed by Kushina when she speaks to Naruto. Without going into too much detail, he was a highly skilled ninja even at a very young age. Known as The Yellow Flash, Minato’s speed and agility were unrivaled and feared by his foes. Hiruzen Sarutobi (the 3rd Hokage) was his predecessor and also his successor as Hokage after he died. Later in life, he led The Legendary Sannin: Tsunade (5th Hokage), Jiraiya and Orochimaru (though Hiruzen, who led the team far longer is considered the true squad captain). He also led the team that consisted of Kakashi Hatake (6th Hokage), Rin and Obito Uchiha.

Most famously, Minato died the night his son Naruto was born. He used the Death Reaper Seal Jutsu to take half of Kurama’s chakra with him to the afterlife, putting the other half in Naruto. Due to Naruto’s bloodline through his mother, we know he survived the ritual that turned him into a Jinchuruki despite being a baby at the time. Minato was raised from the dead along with the first three Hokage by Orochimaru to lend a hand in the 4th Great Ninja War. This allowed him to see for himself what became of two of his former students, who were now trying to kill each other. He was also able to see his son Naruto had grown into a great ninja in his own way.


Son Goku

…Given his exploits during Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Super and Dragonball GT, it’s easy to forget Goku is the father of two sons, the oldest of which is a father himself. You probably know everything there is to know about Goku so I’ll leave it at that. Goku is probably the most well known Anime Dad on this list if I had to guess.


Akio Furukawa


In terms of the most versatile, Akio’s in a class of his own. Akio is the father of Nagisa Furukawa, who is the lead female protagonist of the Anime series as well as the canon After Story. During Nagisa’s high school days, he becomes a father figure for Tomoya, the Anime’s and Visual Novel’s lead male protagonist and a pillar of support for Tomoya and Nagisa’s friends. In After Story, he teaches Tomoya what it means to be a man and later, what it means to be a father. He mainly plays the comic relief in the high school arc but has some more serious moments in the After Story arc.

In the Visual Novel, Akio has his own arc in After Story. In Akio’s Arc, he ends ups getting caught up in a hostage situation. He convinces the suspect to let all of the hostages on the bus go and stays with the suspect until the authorities step in. Nagisa is frightened at the idea of losing her father, who suffered serious injuries during the incident. At the same time, she’s proud of him because that’s just the kind of guy he is. I think Akio’s best moments were his man to man talks with Tomoya. Tomoya was at a point in his life where he lacked direction and a positive father figure in his life when the first met each other. Even without knowing about Tomoya’s relationship with his father, Akio knew just what he needed and gave it to him.

When Nagisa was pregnant with Ushio, Akio was there advise to advise Tomoya on the low points to come. Of course, none of them were prepared for what actually happened on the day Ushio was born. Even so, Akio didn’t walk away during the five years that followed. Not despite the tragedy his family was hit with. When Ushio got sick, he turned to Tomoya and asked him “Who’s the father this time?” In this way, he was letting Tomoya know it was time for him to step up big time as a man and as a father. Without trying too hard, Akio does a masterful job as both a father and mentor.

…Of course, Akio only has one child and that’s Nagisa. Even so, it would be more than accurate to say he became a father figure for Tomoya and later Ushio.


Chief Kurama (Elfen Lied)



He is the Anime Dad with perhaps the most tragic story on this list. Kurama found himself in a lose-lose situation the moment he decided to work for a certain top-secret organization. The company specializes in researching, capturing and killing the predominantly female Dioclonius, humanoid mutants with horns and special powers that threaten to replace mankind as the dominant species.

In his early years with the company, Kurama ruthlessly hunted down the Diclonius all over Japan. At the time, the researchers still did not know how the Dioclonius reproduced. He got a breakthtough after he and a colleague encountered one trying to escape. Sometime later, his colleague’s wife gave birth to a girl with horns. That was when Kurama began to figure it out. Knowing he would be hated, he volunteered to euthanize all newborns born with horns.

Well, you know what they say about irony: A short time later, Kurama’s wife Hiromi gave birth by emergency C-Section to a girl. Kurama was horrified when he saw the newborn’s horns. Despite the situation…despite their struggles with having a child…despite his wife nearly dying on the operating table…he knew some sacrifices were unavoidable. Horrified, his wife’s surgical wound reopened from stress. As she lay dying from massive hemmorhaging, she made him promise to save their daughter’s life no matter what. And so he did.

Fate can be so cruel.

Kurama’s daughter Mariko would become one of the most powerful Diclonius alive, proving to be a match for even Lucy. While Nana has longer vectors, Mariko has the most of any Diclonius. While Mariko was locked away, Kurama became a surrogate father to Nana, another Diclonius being confined. Unlike others of her kind, Nana is a kind girl and is submissive to humans, always looking for affection. She viewed Chied Kurama as her father, calling him “Papa”.

After attempts to recapture or kill Lucy failed, the company decides to release Mariko. By this point, Nana escaped with the help of Kurama and the Chief himself is missing. Despite being wheelchair bound from her years in solitary confinement, Mariko is very dangerous. As a safety measure, the company secretly put a bomb in her body to keep her on a short leash. Mariko easily dispatches Nana but the preteen ends up getting the last laugh in the end: Nana has the ability to temporarily disable another Diclonius’s vectors with her own.

During the final battle, Kurama arrives to see Lucy and Nana fighting Mariko. Hearing Nana call him “Papa” sets Mariko off, being his actual daughter and all. Kurama steps in and carries Mariko away, apologizing for abandoning her. He tells Nana to live a good life before leaving with Mariko. The two reach a bridge a short distance away just as the timer for the bomb in Mariko expires.


Van Hohenheim (Manga Version)

Easily one of the three most recognizable Anime Dads on this list including Goku and Minato. Van Hohenheim was probably the oldest living human in Amestris thanks to being turned into a living Philosopher’s Stone. Hohenheim’s earliest memories begin during what would be the final years of the Xerxes Empire. As a slave, some of Hohenheim’s blood was used to create the first Homunculus: The Dwarf in the Flask and the being who would later be known as “Father”.

It was that Homunculus who gave him the name Van Hohenheim. The two became friends. Hohenheim learned how to read and write from the Homunculus, eventually earning his freedom and becoming an alchemist himself. The aging Emperor Xerxes, who feared dying of old age created the Homunculus to help him find a way to live forever. Having no interest in helping the emperor, the Homunculus decides to play along anway. It isn’t until the Transmutation during an eclipse begins Hohenheim realizes things are not going as intended.

The next day, everyone in Xerxes is dead. All of their lives had been sacrificed in the Alchemy experiment. The Dwarf–now in a body identical to Hohenheim’s–explains the people of Xerxes were sacrificed to give both of them bodies that would never die. The two part ways: The Dwarf journeys to Amestris and uses the prepwork he used in Xerxes there but on a much  larger scale. Hohenheim wanders around before eventually arriving in Risembol where he meets Pinako Rockbell and his wife, Trisha Elric.

A few years after Ed and Al are born, Hohenheim suddenly disappears without a word to anyone. Several years later and after hearing about Ed and Al attempting human transmutation, Hoheheim returns to Risembol where he runs into Ed. Havimg learned what The Dwarf is planning, he has returned to Amestris to stop him. During his absence from his family, he traveled across the couuntry to put his plan in motion.

After meeting Mei Ling, Scar and several others Hohenheim has a better understanding of not only how corrupt Amestris’ leadership is but how intricate the enemy’s plot really was. Hohenheim is surprised by how trusting Al is of him despite the circumstances but is also relieved that he still has a family after all these years.

When Hohenheim confronts the Dwarf under Central City, he reveals his spoke to the souls of the Xerxes citizens used to turn him into a living Philosophere’s Stone–nearly half a million people–and it’s later revealed this was part of his plan to foil the Dwarf’s plot. Thanks to the efforts of Scar’s Brother, Hohenheim has a better understanding of the giant trnasmutation circle The Hommunculus were secretly building under the country. The plan involved sacrificing the lives of everyone in the country.

While he was traveling around Amestris, Hohenheim used some of the souls in his body to create a Reverse Transmutation Circle, allowing him to not only negate the nationwide transmutation circle after it was activated but save the lives of all the people of Amestris. This weakened the Dwarf enough for Ed to later defeat him in single combat. Having burned up his Philosopher’s Stone during the final battle, Hohenheim reports their victory at Trisha’s grave. Pinako arrives a short time later to find Van Hohenheim dead of old age with a smile on his face.




While not mentioned by name during the Anime series, Inutaisho is the father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Known as The Great Dog Demon of the West, Inutaisho was very powerful and commanded alot of respect. He also wielded both Tetsusaiga (Inuyasha’s sword) and Tenseiga (Sesshmaru’s Sword) as well as a third sword called Sounga. The timeline on this is unclear but shortly before Inuyasha was born, Inutaisho told Miyoga and Totosai his firstborn son would inherit Tenseiga and his secondborn would inherit Tetsusaiga. The third sword, deemed far too dnagerous was to be sealed away forever.

About 75 years before the start of the series, Inutaisho met Inuyasha’a mother Izayoi and she became pregnant with Inuyasha. This put him at odds with Sesshomaru, his firstborn son who was a full-blooded demon. Inutaisho battled with Ryukotsei. Unable to finish it off, he sealed the demon using one of his fangs after being seriously wounded. On his way back to Izayoi, he meets with Sesshomaru and asks his son if there is anyone that matters to him.

Suddenly sensing Izayoi is in danger, he transforms into his dog form and rushes to the castle where she’s staying. He arrives to find the castle burning and Izayoi dead inside but uses Tenseiga to bring her back, the newborn Inuyasha in her arms. He sacrifices himself to help her and their newborn son escape. During the events of the third movie Swords of an Honorable Ruler, his sons learn about the Demon Sword Sounga and end up working together to destroy it.

Inutaisho’s inheritence for his sons put them at odds with each other. Sesshomaru viewed Tenseiga as inferior to Tetsusaiga, which had been given to his half-demon brother Inuyasha. Losing his left arm to Tetsusaiga didn’t help much. Near the end of the series, it’s revealed Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga were originally one sword. Tetusaiga has the power to transform as it gains new power. Inutaisho had Totosai split off Tenseiga, which contained the Meido Zangetsuha technique. It turns out this was deliberately done so that one day, Tetsusaiga would re-acquire the Meido Zangetsuha once Sesshomaru mastered it.

Fortunately, Inutaisho wasn’t THAT cruel of a father to Sesshomaru. Once Sesshomaru overcame his attachment to his inheritence and Tetsusaiga, his left arm grew back and with it, a new sword: Bakusaiga. With Bakuseiga and Tenseiga, Sesshomaru could now slay any kind of enemy. Inuyasha surpassed his father in power when he slew Ryukotsei. Sesshomaru did the same once he unlocked Tenseiga’s true potential.


Isshin Kurosaki


Isshin is Ichigo Kurosaki’s father and a former Soul Reaper. At some point in the past, he mat his wife Masaki and had a family. It’s not known if he ever told her he was once a Soul Reaper. He certainly never told his children–Ichigo, Karin and Yuzu–of his past as a Soul Reaper. Of course, fate is a funny thing and Ichigo would eventually find out his Soul Reaper powers weren’t entirely from Rukia.

After he started a family, Isshin opened a clinic out of his home and became a doctor. He’s a doting father–often to a fault–and is very protective of his twin daughters. His comedic personality is llkely a cover to keep his family and other Soul Reapers in the dark about his past. He has taken on the role of Soul Reaper once again a number of times, mostly to help Ichigo. He’s like a completely different person as a Soul Reaper.


Shiro Fujimoto (Blue Exorcist)


Shiro was the most powerful Exorcist that ever lived, a Paladin.

Fate’s a funny thing, however. Shiro questioned everything he ever knew about being an Exorcist for the first time when he met Yuri Egin, an Exorcist who willingly became pregnant by Satan. What if it were possible for Humans and Demons to coexist? Shiro decides to put that theory to the test when Yuri dies shortly after giving birth to Rin and Yukio Okumora. Shiro adopts them and raises them as his own sons, keeping his position as a Paladin a secret from them.

At the same time, he kept their true heritage a secret and as a result, Rin and Yukio’s actual birthday is unknown. As it turns out, they were born on the day known as The Blue Night. On that day, many powerful and high-ranking exorcists were killed trying to exorcise Satan from Yuri. They ultimately succeeded but the order was nearly wiped out. In the years since then, Satan sought to find out what became of Yuri and the children she gave birth to.

He would find out after briefly possessing Shiro he’d been raising them himself over the years. Rin, who is present while Shiro is possessed is shocked to learn who his real father is. To keep Rin from being dragged into the portal to Gehanna Satan creates, Shiro regains control of his body long enough to kill himself, prevent Rin from being drawn into the portal. It’s not until after Shiro’s death that Rin and Yukio learn just how well known the man who raised them really was.


…And that’ll be it for now I guess.

I meant to have this ready for Father’s Day but got busy with other things and then forgot about it. I did the last 5 entries today, actually. I only wanted to use one person per Anime for those wondering why I didn’t include Vegeta or Son Gohan from Dragonball Z. I also wanted to use characters from Anime most folks are likely to at least be familiar with. I have similar themed posts planned. I’m looking to do siblings next in fact ^_^







An Overview of Each Season of InuYasha [Major Spoilers]



I meant to do this a while back but now that I am currently watching the entire series on DVD again–all 194 episodes plus the four movies and yes, there ARE movies–I can more accurately post the major story arcs in each season. I will try to post them in order and more importantly, try to keep the spoilers to a minimum when possible. Even so, major spoilers should be assumed.

If you’re thinking of buying the series on DVD/Blu-Ray or digitally, this is a handy guide to have.


Season 1

  • Most of the major characters are introduced: Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Kirara (pronounced Kilala), Kikiyo, Kaede and Naraku.
  • The shattering of The Sacred Jewel is the main reason Inuyasha set off on their journey.
  • Kagome discovers Inuyasha can travel to the present, where he meets her family.
  • Hojo, a boy from Kagome’s school is introduced.
  • Inuyasha gets the Tetsusaiga and uses it to cut off Sesshomaru’s left arm; Miyoga is introduced.
  • Inuyasha realizes what happened 50 years earlier might not be as he remembered after Kikiyo, who was raised from the dead tells him his role in her death.
  • One of the Sacred Jewel Shards is found in the present, establishing the events of the past and present are connected.
  • When the group meets Miroku, they learn about Naraku for the first time.
  • Naraku owns up to his role in Kikiyo’s death when he is confronted by Inuyasha. The group also learns Naraku is also looking for the Sacred Jewel Shards and has collected several already.
  • Some time has passed since Sesshomaru lost his arm in his battle with Inuyasha. He is approached by Naraku, who would like an alliance of convenience with him. Their temporary alliance falls apart when the arm Naraku gives to Sesshomaru puts his life in danger. Sesshomaru vows revenge and sets off with Jaken to hunt him down.
  • Kikiyo learns from Kaede about Naraku and his role in her death.
  • The season ends with the group learning about the Sacred Jewel’s origins.


Season 2

In Season 2, more about the Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga are revealed. Koga and some of Naraku’s incarnations are also introduced. Kikyo’s connection to Naraku is explained and it is revealed Inuyasha still has feelings for Kikyo, which puts Inuyasha at odds with Kagome.

  • The season opens with an episode explaining the backstory for Miroku’s Wind Tunnel a bit more.
  • It’s revealed Naraku revived Sango’s younger brother Kohaku with a Sacred Jewel Shard and is using him as leverage against his sister.
  • Kikiyo meets Naraku for the first time and realizes right away he was once Onigumo, the bandit she once looked after. She vows to drag him to hell with her.
  • The group meets Jinenji, an orgre-like half-demon who lives alone in a village with his mother. InuYasha sympathizes with him as a fellow half-demon: Half-Demons are hated by full-blooded demons and feared by humans.
  • Totosai, the blacksmith who forged Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga is introduced. Sesshomaru’s flying two-headed demon Aun is also introduced.
  • Inuyasha learns how to use the Wind Scar and drives Sesshomaru away. The Wind Scar is the Tetsusaiga’s most destructive technique, allowing the user to slay a hundred enemies in one sweep and usually altering the terrain in the process.
  • Sesshomaru meets Rin, who was recently orphaned. After she is killed by wolves, Sesshomaru brings Rin back to life with the Tenseiga. With the village she was living in wiped out by Koga’s wolves, Rin decides to travel with Sesshomaru and Jaken.
  • The group clashes with Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe, who has 3 Jewel Shards of his own.
  • Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar for the first time to help Koga out of a tough situation.
  • Kagome’s time with Koga complicates her relationship with Inuyasha: Koga openly declared his love for Kagome and this makes Inuyasha very jealous. Seeking advice from Kaede on the matter (with a little help from Shippo), Inuyasha travels to the present to make up with Kagome.
  • One of Naraku’s underlings, Kagero of the Wind is introduced.
  • Kagero slaughters an army of Wolf-Demons and tricks Koga into believing it was Inuyasha. After learning the truth, he vows to personally avenge his slain kinsmen.
  • It’s revealed Kagero was created from Naraku and is an incarnation of his. Unlike the other incarnations revealed later, Kagero has a will of her own. Her near-death experience with Inuyasha puts her at odds with her master.
  • Kanna of the Void is introduced. The emotionless and quiet incarnation of Naraku’s has the power to reflect any attack back at the attacker.
  • The demon Goshinki, who is another of Naraku’s incarnations breaks Tetsusaiga in two with its fangs. Totosai uses one of Inuyasha’s fangs to repair the sword. The reforged sword is much stronger than it was before but it will take time for Inuyasha to master it.
  • Tokujin is forged from the fangs of Goshinki, the demon that broke Tetsusaiga. The demon sword consumes the blacksmith who forged it but submits to Sesshomaru, who commissioned the sword.
  • Miyoga explains to Kagome and the others Tetsusaiga also helps keep Inuyasha’s demon blood in check. During his clash with Goshinki and the then Sesshomaru shortly afterward, Inuyasha’s demon blood took over. In this state, even Sesshomaru hesitated to attack him. The problem is while in this state, Inuyasha’s nothing more than a killing machine that can barely tell friend from foe.
  • Kikyo figures out Naraku still has a human heart and this is what makes him a half-demon. It is the heart of the human Onigumo that still lusts for her 50 years later.
  • Inuyasha and Koga work together to take down two of Naraku’s newest incarnations. While the Kagome never returns Koga’s affections toward her, it still makes Inuyasha jealous.
  • The situation is reversed when Inuyasha overhears Inuyasha confess to Kikyo he still has feelings for her. Now it’s Kagome’s turn to deal with her own sense of jealousy.
  • The group encounters Kohaku, was was raised from the dead by Naraku. Naraku wiped his memories of what he did before he died to make him easier to control and to better manipulate Sango.
  • Inuyasha and Miroku are ensnared in a moth demon’s coccoon. During the melee, Inuyasha is separated from Tetsusaiga and is badly injured by the moth demon.
  • Due to his injuries, Inuyasha’s demon blood takes over and he slaughters the demon as well as bandits without mercy. The timely arrival of Sesshomaru helps Inuyasha regain himself.
  • With his hands drenched in the blood of the bandits he slaughtered while transformed, Inuyasha sees for himself what becoming a full-blooded demon would mean: Becoming a blood-thirsty monster.
  • Inuyasha asks Totosai for advice, who suggests he slay the demon that mortally wounded his father: Ryukotsusei. Inutaisho managed to seal Ryukotsusei in the canyon where they fought with one of his fangs, getting mortally wounded in the process (It would also be the same day Inuyasha was born as revealed in the third movie. Inutaisho is never named but only referred to by his titles in the Anime series but that actually is his name).
  • Apparently overhearing the conversation, Naraku revives Ryukotsusei just as Inuyasha arrives, forcing Inuyasha to fight the demon that killed his father at full strength. In the climax of the battle, Inuyasha unleashes a new technique: The Backlash Wave. The Backlash Wave turns demonic energy back against the user but with twice the power.


Season 3

The third season builds off the one before it in a few ways. More about Naraku is revealed and Inyasha and Sesshomaru end up working together on two separate occasions. Sango and Miroku also begin to recognize their feelings for each other.

  • The season opens with Sango returning to the ruins of her village to pay her respects. She meets two young girls trained as ninja who recently lost their father. Their situation reminds the female demon slayer of her relationship with her own father.
  • While Sango was away, the others have a run-in with an evil Sage. To complicate matters, Inuyasha loses his powers because of the moonless night. In the end, they manage to foil the sage’s nefarious plans.
  • When Kagome returns to the present, she realizes she’s fallen far behind her schoolwork.
  • Naraku recruits Tsubaki, a Dark Priestess and rival of Kikyo’s. She places a curse on Kagome when she returns to the Feudal Era.
  • Kagome manages to defeat Tsubaki in exactly the same way Kikyo did 50 years earlier. Inuyasha later defeats Tsubaki for good with the Backlash Wave.
  • With Naraku’s sudden absence, Kagura moves on her own and attacks Koga. She later encounters Sesshomaru and offers him the Sacred Jewel Shards she took from Koga in exchange for defeating Naraku for her. Sesshomaru declines, stating “If you can’t use the Jewel Shards to defeat Naraku yourself, you shouldn’t betray him”.
  • While trying to find Kagura, Koga and his friends see Inuyasha in his human form. After the shards have been recovered, he promises to keep Inuyasha’s secret.
  • It is only for a moment but Kagura sees Inuyasha’s human form. She quickly figures it out but decides not to tell Naraku about it.
  • Shippo is challenged by Soten, the last remaining member of the Thunder Demon Tribe (the Thunder Brothers killed his father in Season 1). It is revealed Soten is not only the same size as him but is also a girl. The two reconcile their differences, heading off the cycle of vengeance.
  • While Kagome is in the present Naraku casts Onigumo out from within his body. When Onigumo awakens, he doesn’t remember who he is despite his personality. Seeing Kagome triggers his memories of Kikyo.
  • Naraku absorbs Onigumo back into his body, revealing Onigumo’s heart is what makes him a half-demon. Unlike half-demons born from a human and a demon, Naraku has no period of weakness.
  • Inuyasha seeks out Totosai to learn how to make the Tetsusaiga strong enough to break through any barrier. He told he must kill Shiori, a half-demon girl whose demon lineage are masters at creating and maintaining powerful barriers.
  • Upon arriving, Inuyasha soon realizes Shiori is being used by her bat demon grandfather to maintain the clan’s barrier. Shiori inherited the power to maintain powerful barriers using a crystal ball after her father died a few years earlier. This puts Inuyasha in a difficult position as he has no desire to kill the young half-demon.
  • Shiori betrays her grandfather, creating the opening Inuyasha needed to gain new power and spare her life at the same time.
  • The Red Tetsusaiga grants Inuyasha the power to break any barrier.
  • The return of the Panther Demon Tribe forces Inuyasha to team up with Koga and Sesshomaru to battle a common enemy.
  • Sango gets hired by a young lord she met years before to slay a demon. When the lord asks her to marry him, Kagome steps in to help Miroku and Sango confess their feelings toward each other. Unfortunately, Miroku being Miroku ruins the mood.
  • Jaken moves on his own to steal the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha and fails miserably. He also tells Rin how he and Sesshomaru first met.
  • After the Tetsusaiga is recovered Kagome sees Rin with Jaken and realizes she must be traveling with Sesshomaru. This is in conflict with Sesshomaru’s personaliy and his particular contempt for humans.
  • Sesshomaru’s feelings toward Rin are tested when she is kidnapped by Kagura. It’s part of a trap set by Naraku to absorb him into his body.
  • While Naraku and Sesshomaru clash, Rin is being guarded by Kohaku. Just when Inuyasha joins the fight, Naraku orders Kohaku to kill Rin.
  • Sesshomaru catches up to Kohaku and is out for blood. He decides not to kill the boy when he realizes he is being controlled by Naraku. He also got Rin back unharmed as intended.


Season 4

With Naraku out of the picture, most of this season is filler and character development. As a side effect of Naraku’s absence, demons that were laying low are now out in the open.

  • Naraku disappeared without a trace after his encounter with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. With no clues to go on, Kagome decides to return to the present for a while. With nothing better to do, Inuyasha decides to join her in her world for a few days.
  • Each time Kagome returns to the present, she finds herself falling further and further behind in her studies. She also ends up indirectly talking to her friends at school about her relationship struggles with Inuyasha.
  • On his way to Kagome’s school, Inuyasha ends up stopping a robber an rescuing a little girl from a burning apartment. He concludes Kagome’s world has its own dangers just like the feudal era. He later sees himself on the evening news.
  • Ayame, a wolf demon Koga once promised to marry catches up to him after several years. She reminds him of the promise he made to one day marry her when she was younger. The obvious problem is Koga is in love with Kagome, which pits him at odds with her.
  • Kagome is disgusted with Koga after Ayame recounts the promise he made with her.
  • Koga and Inuyasha shake down a hair demon after it’s revealed to be an offshoot of Naraku’s. It cryptically tells them Naraku “went to a place where no one can touch him”.
  • After dispatching the hair demon, Koga denies remembering the promise he made to Ayame. Ayame decides to back off for now but promises to make herself worthy of him before leaving.
  • The group meets an old exorcist on their travels. With Naraku missing, many demons that were in hiding are moving out in the open.
  • While looking for Naraku, Kikyo meets Rasetsu, an old bandit who was an accuaintence of Onigumo’s. He reveals what happened to him before she met him. Despite being nearly burned alive, Onigumo survived Rasetsu’s wrath. As a “reward”, his body is thrown into a ravine where it is discovered by Kikyo sometime afterward.
  • Kikyo decides to honor Resetsu’s dying wish to take his remains to Mt. Hakurei.
  • Meanwhile, the group gets a lead that will send them to Mt. Hakurei. Not long after they set off, Kagome gets sick with a cold and returns to the present to recover.
  • Inuyasha helps Kagome recover from her illness. He and Kagome later help her younger brother Sota confess his feelings to a girl he likes.
  • The group visits a village that has encountered someone pretending to be Miroku. The imposter is revealed to be the shape-shifting Hachin, a friend of Miroku’s.
  • The group encounters a group of demons trying to create a second Sacred Jewel. Even more shocking is when it’s revealed the leader of the demons is a half-demon named Izumo, who turns into a minotaur at night. Izumo is surprised when Inuyasha tells him he’s content with the fact that he is a half-demon.
  • Jaken is poisoned by a Saimyosho, the poison insects used by Naraku. While Sesshomaru chases after them, Rin sets off to find an antidote to save him.
  • While Rin searches for an antidote, Sesshomaru runs into Inuyasha’s group, which is also looking for Naraku. In exchange for sparing Inuyasha’s life, Kagome tells Sesshomaru about their lead.
  • Inuyasha asks Sesshomaru why he’s after Naraku and he simply replies “I have a score to settle.”
  • Kagome and Kikyo get caught in a trap for Priestessses. The two work together and manage to escape with their lives.
  • Koga and Sesshomaru meet for the first time. Despite what Ginta and Hikkaku heard about Sesshomaru from Kagome, the two don’t fight to the death as the two feared: It was revealed earlier in the episode Koga’s wolves were the ones that killed Rin back in Season 2.
  • After dispatching two demons, the two groups go their separate ways. Jaken asks Sesshomaru if it was a good idea letting Koga go given his wolves were the ones that attacked Rin before. Sesshomaru explained he would’ve killed him if Koga tried again but right now his focus is only on finding Naraku.
  • At the same time, Koga’s retainers explain why they tried to keep him from running into Sesshomaru before. Koga explains while he considers Inuyasha his rival, he has no beef with his brother.


Season 5

After being absent from the story in Season 4, Naraku is slowly reintroduced in this season. Much of this chapter is dominated by the Band of Seven storyline. You could call it a miniseries if it wasn’t a whole season’s worth of content.

  • The group encounters a powerful moth demon from the same tribe as the one Inuyasha killed in Season 2. Everyone except Inuyasha is snared in a trap that forces them to dream about their greatest fears.
  • Miroku encounters a snow demon that resembles a woman who rescued him years ago. With the help of the others, he is free by the demon’s powerful enchantment.
  • Kohaku ressurects the Imfamous Band of Seven from the dead using the power of seven jewel shards.
  • Koyokotsu, the largest of the Band of Seven leaves a trail of destruction in the northern mountains. Ayame runs into Inuyasha and the others while fleeing for safety and tells them what’s going on. At the same time, Koga learns of what’s happened from a survivor of Ayame’s clan.
  • It’s revealed Naraku is the one who ordered The Band of Seven be raised from the dead.
  • Koga clashes with Koyokotsu in the mountains. After getting cornered by the giant orgre, Koga claims victory by removing his opponent’s Sacret Jewel shard. One of Naraku’s poison insects takes away the shard before he can claim it, though.
  • Kohaku informas Jakotsu, another of the Band of Seven of Koyokotsu’s demise. He is looking forward to facing Inuyasha in battle.
  • While passing through a village, Inuyasha’s group learns about the Band of Seven. In life, they were blood-thirsty mercenaries that were hunted down and executed because of their bloodlust. Six of the seven mercenaries now remain.
  • Inuyasha clashes with Jakotsu, who had just slaughtered an army of soldiers with his snake sword. Their battle is interrupted by Mukotsu, another member of the Band of Seven.
  • Sesshomaru’s group is traveling in the area. Rin asks Jaken when Sesshomaru is after Naraku and he explains it’s because Naraku used her as bait to lure him into a trap. His pride as a demon will not be satisfied until he settles the score between them.
  • Kagome is kidnapped by Mukotsu. Miroku, Sango and Kirara rush to her but and quickly immobilized by Mukotsu’s poison.
  • Sesshomaru appears on the scene and quickly slays Mukotsu, who is shocked none of his poisons will work on him. Five of the Seven now remain.
  • Inuyasha arrives moments later to see everyone passed out. Kagome tries to explain it’s not what it looks like. Sesshomaru rebuffs her, say he wasn’t trying to save them. It was just a coincidence,
  • Jakotsu meets up with Renkotsu, another of the Band of Seven to relay news of Mukotsu’s demise. With two of their kin dead, the two realize there is much they do not know since being revived.
  • Inuyasha, Shippo and Kirara move Miroku, Sango and Kagome to a safe location so they can recover from Mutoku’s poison. They’re attacked by Ginkotsu, another of the Band of Seven.
  • Shippo and Kirara inadvertantly take the others to a temple taken over by The Band of Seven.
  • After a tough battle, Inuyasha manages to defeat Ginkotsu. He then rushes to catch up to the others.
  • Myoga flies over the battlefield in time to see Ginkotsu rise from the chasm he was buried under.
  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha inadvertantly tells Renkotsu about Naraku. The timely arrival of Ginkotsu stops their conversation as Inuyasha moves to engage the metallic warrior.
  • Renkotsu reveals himself in Inuyasha after setting the temple on fire. He then joins Ginkotsu in a pincer attack on Inuyasha.
  • Jakotsu ambushes Koga in the mountains.
  • Inuyasha manages to dispatch Ginkotsu again with the Wind Scar. He runs past Renkotsu to rescue the others. As he sets out, Renkotsu sees Naraku’s insects take the remains of Ginkotsu away.
  • Inuyasha arrives in time to rescue the others from the fire. The problem: Miroku, Sango and Kagome have all stopped breathing. Inuyasha is devastated he was unable to save Kagome and the others.
  • Myoga manages to suck out all of the poison from Kagome, Sango and Miroku, saving their lives.
  • Kikyo meets Doctor Suikotsu–one of the Band of Seven who has a split personality. She immediately notices the jewel shard in his neck and the fact that he is one of the living dead.
  • Myoga concocts a draft to help Kagome, Sango and Miroku recover their strength. Koga arrives and chastises Inuyasha for putting Kagome’s life in danger. To everyone’s surprise, Inuyasha accepts the blame and promises to keep her safe.
  • Kikyo discovers Dr. Suikotsu has Hemaphobia–the fear of blood–when a wounded villager is brought to him to be treated. She later learns about the Suikotsu who had been executed many years earlier from one of the villagers.
  • Renkotsu and Jakotsu arrive astride the rebuilt Ginkotsu. They have come to recruit Suikotsu. After being wounded by Jakotsu, Suikotsu’s evil self awakens and the jewel shard in his neck turns black.
  • The awakened Suikotsu accepts Inuyasha’s challenge to single combat. Despite the slow start, Suikotsu outmaneuvers Inuyasha. Just as he’s about to deliver the finishing blow, his other self begins fighting for control again, albiet briefly.
  • Jakotsu moves to kill some of the children Dr. Suikotsu had been looking after but the doctor takes control long enough to beg for their lives. Not wanting to take any unnecessary chances, The four retreat.
  • Meanwhile, Kikyo hasn’t awoken since she passed out earlier. The group notices her soul collectors hovering nearby but they are unable to come close enough to revive her due to Mt. Hakurei’s purifying effects.
  • Despite her feelings on the subject, Kagome reccommends Inuyasha move Kikyo closer to the soul collectors. The awkwardness of the situation isn’t lost on Sango, Miroku and Shippo: Inuyasha still has feelings for Kikyo.
  • Kikyo explains when she awakens Mt. Hakurei purifies all of an evil or demonic nature that encroaches in the area. While Dr. Suikotsu has a pure heart, Suikotsu has an evil heart. This is why he was unable to maintain control during his battle with Inuyasha.
  • Kikyo decides to stay in the village. Because of the purifying barrier, she can’t get any closer to Mr. Hakurei with her soul collectors.
  • The next day, Inuyasha asks Miroku why Kagome is suddenly ignoring her. After explaining, Inuyasha tries to talk to Kagome but is rebuffed and flees in fright. A short time later, the two talk about their relationship.
  • Menawhile Ginkotsu, Jakotsu, Suikotsu and Renkotsu move to meet up with their leader Bankotsu, who had been looking for his greatsword (called a Halberd in the Dub) Banryu.
  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others begin to climb Mt. Hakurei in search of Naraku. They decide to look for the Band of Seven instead due to the strong purifying barrier that has effected Shippo, Kirara and to a lesser extent Inuyasha.
  • As the Band of Seven make their way towards their target, Bankotsu recalls their final moments when they were alive. He is all too eager to settle things with the Samurai that executed them.
  • When Bankotsu confronts the Daimyo, the lord is shocked to see him effortlessly pick up the greatsword with one hand–it required three samurai to move after the Band of Seven were executed. Banryu is impressed by how well-kept his “companion” is. The Daimyo tries to recruit him but in response, Bankotsu slays him on the spot. He then slays the general that executed them outside.
  • While waiting for Inuyasha to arrive, Bankotsu confirms what Renkotsu suspected: The Band of Seven were revived specifically to eliminate his enemies for him.
  • Koga arrives and engages the Band of Seven in combat. Despite the overwhelming number disadvantage, he manages to evade all of their attacks thanks to the jewel shards in his legs long enough for Inuyasha to arrive in time to even the odds.
  • It’s the Tetsusaiga vs. Banryu as Inuyasha and Bankotsu clash for the first time. During the battle, Renkotsu realizes Kagome can see the Sacred Jewel shards.
  • Sesshomaru, Jaken, Rin and Aun are on Mt. Hakurei. Due to the purifying effects, even Sesshomaru can only go to a certain point and is forced to turn back. Meanwhile, Rin sees Kohaku and runa after him. Jaken tries to follow her but is stopped by the mountain’s barrier.
  • The arrival of Narkaku’s poison insects signals the battle must end soon. Inuyasha unleashes the Wind Scar, which Bankotsu is barely able to deflect. Bankotsu decides to retreat after seeing the large scar the Wind Scar left on Banryu.
  • Renkotsu moves to eliminate Kagome before he gives him up but Inuyasha manages to rescue her in time.
  • Inuyasha tries to follow the retreating Band of Seven when the sudden appearance of Naraku stops him in his tracks.
  • Meanwhile, Sesshomaru is surprised when Rin tells him she saw demons inside the sacred barrier–something that should not even be possible.
  • The Band of Seven meet up with Kanna and Kohaku on Mt. Hakurei with new orders: They are to slay Sesshomaru. Much to Renkotsu’s shagrin, Bankotsu takes the jewel shards he took from Kagome and uses them to strengthen Banryu.
  • The Band of Seven splits up: Bankotsu goes after Inuyasha while Jakotsu and Suikotsu go after Sesshomaru.
  • The group notices the barrier around Mt. Hakurei has become stronger since their first visit and decide to look elsewhere for clues. They come to a coastal village where they learn about Saint Hakushin, who is enshrined on Hijiri Island.
  • The group immediately notices there is a purifying aura on the island but it’s not as strong as the one on Mt. Hakurei. It is strong enough to incapacitate Kirara and Shippo, though.
  • Bankotsu is there to greet them at Saint Hakushin’s temple. Inuyasha finds he can’t use the Wind Scar due to the island’s purifying aura.
  • Kagome and Shintaro, the village headman’s son discover Saint Hakushin’s body is missing from the temple. Miroku theorizes Shintaro’s father died trying to protect the shrine. Miroku and Shintaro combine their powers to break the barrier around one of Saint Hakusin’s vajra, shutting down the island’s purifying aura.
  • Bankotsu is just as happy as Inuyasha is to have the barrier gone: He wastes no time showing off some of Banryu’s more destructive techniques on the island. The thunderstorm Bankotsu summons knocks out everyone except Inuyasha. As the battle resumes, Saint Hakushin’s vajra suddenly rises to block Testusaiga and reverts it back to its original form. This confirms what Miroku suspected: Saint Hakusin is working with Naraku for some reason.
  • As Bankotsu moves in to finish the fight, Kagome shoots a sacred arrow through his sword arm. The vajra then moves to teleport Bankotsu to Mt. Hakurei.
  • Inuyasha, Koga and Sesshomaru’s groups all set their sights on infiltrating Mt. Hakurei, were the answers they seek are to be found. Kikyo tries to approach the area but is forced to turn back once again.
  • Miroku surmises Naraku brought Saint Hakushin to Mt. Hakurei to prevent his enemies–Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Koga–from reaching him due to the monk’s powers. He and Sango elect to scout ahead while Inuyasha and Kagome stay behind with Shippo and Kirara.
  • Koga is ambused by Renkotsu and Ginkotsu. After a tough battle, Ginkotsu blows himself up to save Renkotsu. Renkotsu barely escapes with his life and Ginkotsu’s jewel shard. Four members of the Band of Seven remain.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome arrive shortly after the explosion. Koga is badly injured but he survived the explosion.
  • Miroku finds he unable to grope Sango due to Mt. Hakurei’s purifying aura. It not only purifies demons but it apparently also prevents normal humans from being lewd.
  • Bankotsu pays his respects to Mukotsu and Koyokotsu at their tomb. He encounters Kikyo shortly afterward.
  • Sesshomaru is attacked by Jakotsu. Jaken and Rin try to run to safety but they’re attacked by Suikotsu. When they bridge they were all on breaks, Sesshomaru jumps into the ravine after them. Jakotsu tries to attack him from behind but Sesshomaru deflects his snake-sword.
  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha decides to move Koga and his companions as far away from Mt. Hakurei as possible. With the Band of Seven after the jewel shards in the injured Koga’s legs, it wouldn’t be good for him to be left in the area.
  • When Sesshomaru reaches the bottom of the ravine, Rin and Suikotsu are nowhere to be seen.
  • Rin finds herself in the care of Suikotsu. He decides to take her to the village he had been staying in. What neither of them are are aware is Jakokotsu has been trailing them. When some of the villagers come to drive them away, Suikotsu suddenly attacks.
  • Suikotsu explains to Jakotsu he’d been in control the whole time despite his “normal” appearance. He traveled to the village pretending to be his other self just to confirm it. He tries to kill the orphans but suddenly loses control of his body.
  • Kikyo moves to return to the village and save the children from Suikotsu, leaving her soul collectors behind.
  • Despite the strengthed barrier around Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru crosses through it in search of Rin and her captors. Jaken tries to follow but is repelled.
  • Jakotsu fights Sesshomaru inside the barrier. He is amazed Sesshomaru doesn’t even seem to be slowed down by the barrier’s power.  In a bid to end the battle quickly, Sesshomaru charges Jakotsu and throws Tokujin at Suikotsu simultaneously. It barely slows down either of them but Kikyo arrives in time to purify Suikotsu’s jewel shard with one of her sacred arrows. Jakotsu retreats at the sight of Kikyo.
  • Now in control, Dr. Suikotsu asks Kikyo to remove the jewel shard in his neck. He then tells her of his past. The first human he killed as a doctor awakened his evil self, Suikotsu. Not long afterward, he joined The Band of Seven. Kikyo is about to remove the jewel shard when Jakotsu beats her to it, ending his life. Three members of the Band of Seven remain.
  • Having now seen the priestess that bound Inuyasha to a tree for the first time, Sesshomaru notices she is one of the living dead as well.
  • Inuyasha, Kagome and Koga are ambushed by Renkotsu, who sets the area ablaze. After a tough battle that ends in a stalemate, both sides withdaw from the area.
  • Bankotsu separately catches up to Renkotsu and Jakotsu where news of  Suikotsu and Ginkotsu’s deaths are shared. While Jakotsu gives Bankotsu the jewel shard he took from Suikotsu, the young leader is apparently unaware Renkotsu kept Ginkotsu’s jewel shard.
  • Miroku and Sango travel deep inside Mt. Hakurei where they run into Kagura, confirming Naraku is involved somehow. They manage to fend off her attacks as they move deeper into the mountain.
  • Inuyasha decides to climb the mountain to catch up to Sango and Miroku. He leaves Kagome, Shippo and Kirara behind with Koga. On his way up the mountain, his demonic powers are completely purified while fighting Renkotsu and he turns into a human.
  • Jakotsu catches up to Inuyasha and fights him in a cavern.
  • Miroku and Sango reach the m0untain temple at the summit where they find Saint Hakushin, who confirms he is working for Naraku. He tells them of his past. In life, he helped people in need and eventually attained Nirvana. Near the end of his life, he promised to watch over the land forever and was buried alive as a living Buddha. During this time that he gave into despair and fear of his own mortality. Even after he died, his soul remained in darkness. It is then that Naraku called out to him. After hearing his story, Miroku is determined to shut down the barrier.
  • Meanwhile, Genkotsu silently watches on as Jakotsu slowly tortures Inuyasha. He’s waiting for the right opportunity to claim Jakotsu’s jewel shard for himself.
  • Miroku and Sango combine their strength but it’s not enough to penetrate Saint Hakushin’s barrier. Miroku unleashes the Wind Tunnel and is shocked to see Saint Hakushin resist it at first. When the barrier shatters, an astonished Saint Hakushin retreats.
  • With the barrier gone, the purifying aura on Mt. Hakurei fades. Naraku’s demons rush to freedom and Inuyasha’s powers return. Jakotsu is about to kill Inuyasha when Inuyasha turns to tables with the Wind Scar. With Jakotsu unable to move, Genkotsu makes his move and takes Jakotsu’s jewel shard. What he doesn’t notice is the poison insect nearby. Two members of the Band of Seven remain.
  • Kikyo catches up to Saint Hakushin on the mountain. It was while he was buried alive that he gave into despair. It was Naraku who had helped him realize the weakness of his heart. Kikyo tells him no one is perfect. Saint Hakushin admits his reputation as a holy man pushed him to maintain that appearance in life, even at the cost of his own happiness. Kikyo sympathizes with him as a Priestess when she was alive.
  • Renkotsu catches up to Bankotsu, who has been waiting for him.  He is about to spring an ambush when Bankotsu strikes first, taking the jewel shards in his neck. Bankotsu knew all along Renkotsu betrayed him and challenges him to a duel. To be fair, he doesn’t use Banryu and lets Renkotsu use the jewel shards he just took from him. Despite the handicap, Banryu easily defeats Renkotsu and takes all of his jewel shards from him. As he turns to dust, Bankotsu tells Renkotsu the difference between them is he would never betray his allies. Only one member of the Band of Seven remains.
  • With all of his comrades dead, Bankotsu prepares for the final showdown with Inuyasha.
  • Saint Hakushin tells Kikyo he lamented being denied an honorable death and gave into despair in his final moments alive. Kikyo helps him pass on and fulfills the promise she made to Rasetsu (someone she met in Season 4).
  • With Saint Hakushin gone, Naraku’s demonic aura envelops Mt. Hakurei. Everyone in the area watches as swarms of demons emerge from within the mountain.
  • Inuyasha and Bankotsu clash inside Mt. Hakurei. Bankotsu recalls his first encounter with Naraku. The two met by chance when he was alive. It was after that encounter Bankotsu decided to form the Band of Seven. The second time they met was when Naraku ressurrected him.
  • Meanwhile, Miroku and Sango come to a large cavern were they spot Naraku. Before they can figure out what to do next, they’re attacked by Kagura and fall into the chasm below.
  • In a bid to break the stalemate, Inuyasha decides to targer the Jewel Shards in Bankotsu’s body. He slashes the two in his sword arm before getting repelled. Bankotsu is far from beaten, however. As the battle continues, Inuyasha takes the three shards in Bankotsu’s neck.
  • Bankotsu slays 10 demons, transforming Banryu into a Demonic weapon. This also makes it possible for Inuyasha to use the Backlash Wave, who immediately unleashes it. Banryu shatters against the Backlash Wave despite being reinforced with jewel shards. The last of the Band of Seven is defeated.
  • Kagome, Koga and Sesshomaru race to the source of demonic energy emanating from the mountain. Inuyasha and Koga end up getting dragged into the deepest part of the mountain.
  • With all of his enemies gathered in one location, Naraku reveals a shocking surprise: Mt. Hakurei has become one with his body. Seeing Naraku take the remaining jewel shards left in Bankotsu’s body enrages Inuyasha. Inuyasha is powerless as Naraku takes the jewel shards Inuyasha took from Bankotsu earlier.
  • Everyone watches as Naraku’s new corporeal body manifests before their eyes. Miroku is shocked at how much more powerful Naraku has become. Unfazed, Inuyasha breaks free and attacks with the Wind Scar. Naraku turns the tables, deflecting the Wind Scar and setting it to encircle the cavern with his power.
  • Kikyo spots Kagura escaping outside and tries to hit her with a sacred arrow. Kagura is about to return fire when the creature she is holding orders her to stop.
  • Inuyasha is surprised when Kagome reveals Koga is in the barrier at Naraku’s feet. Kagome fires a sacred arrow, purifying the Wind Scar and releasing Koga. Naraku rewards the effort by collapsing the cavern as he leaves.
  • Naraku confronts Kikyo. Naraku reveals to her he arranged for her to come to Mt. Hakurei on purpose. After she is wounded, Kikyo realizes the bundle she saw Kagura leaving with was Naraku’s human heart.
  • Sesshomaru appears before Naraku after Kikyo is cast into a ravine. He is unimpressed with the lengths Naraku went just to deal with her. He attacks but Naraku deflects his attack. As Naraku retreats, Sesshomaru is annoyed at the realization he used to test Naraku’s new body.
  • Inuyasha arrives to the news of Kikyo’s demise. Sesshomaru tells him he should focus on avenging her instead of taking it out on him before departing with Jaken. When Koga and the others catch up, Inuyasha tells them this was an elaborate trap Naraku set to kill Kikyo.
  • The demons that escaped from Mt. Hakurei during its collapse have left death and devastation in their wake. The group later learns from a traveling monk Kikyo survived her encounter with Naraku. Kagome urges Inuyasha to catch up to her on his own.
  • Kagome, Miroku and Sango are stopped and captured by soldiers but Shippo and Kirara manage to evade detection. Kagome is separated from the others and brought inside the castle. Once inside, Kagome realizes the monk’s message was a trap set to lure Inuyasha away so Kagome could be captured.
  • Miroku and Sango free themselves and the other captured travelers. Since the soldiers are ordinary humans, they’re careful not to kill anyone  before looking for Kagome.
  • Naraku’s newest incarnation–a baby–seeks Kagome’s ability to sense the sacred jewel shards and begins to possess her.
  • After Shippo and Kirara find him, Inuyasha rushes to find Kagome but she is gone.
  • Kagura takes Kagome and the infant and meets up with Kanna. Kanna has a tainted sacred jewel shard for Kagome. Once it’s put in her body, she will be slave to Naraku’s will. At that moment, Kagome regains control of her mind. The infant tries to regain control but Kagome repels the tainted jewel shard.
  • Kagome accepts her jealousy of Kikyo but at the same time, she comes to the realization she’s in love with Inuyasha. This is enough to free her from the infant’s control. When the others arrive, the infant reveals the clumps of flesh they saw in Mt. Hakurei were actually Onigumo’s feelings for Kikyo.
  • Inuyasha tries to use the Wind Scar but much to Kagura’s surprise, the infant creates a barrier that is not only strong enough to stop the Wind Scar but send it back at Inuyasha. Exhausted from the ordeal, the infant rests as Kagura flies the three of them to a safe location.
  • Inuyasha returns to Kaede’s village to deliver news of Kikyo’s demise to Kaede.



Season 6

Things are slowed down after how plot-heavy Season 5 was. Much of the season is filler though it is revealed Naraku has collected almost all of the Sacred Jewel Shards.

  • Kagome returns to the present and accidently brings some dried demons back with her. Inuyasha goes to the present to slay the demons that have revived. Despite getting dragged into some mischief at Kagome’s school, everything goes smoothly.
  • Before Inuyasha traveled to the present, he discussed with the others the status of the remaining jewel shards: Naraku has nearly all of them already. Koga has two shards while Kohaku has the shard that keeps him alive.
  • Meanwhile, Naraku visits a demon to learn the wereabouts of the last jewel shard. He is surprised when the demon tells him it’s “at the boarder of this world and the netherworld”. In other words, the land of the dead.
  • After Kagome and Inuyasha return to the Feudal Era, the group encounters a lecherous pig demon that reminds them of Miroku.
  • The group comes across a village of women being controlled by a demon. While in the village, Kagome and Shippo separately ask Sango and Miroku about their feelings for each other. They both recall the time they spent alone together in Mt. Hakurei not that long ago. While dealing with the demon in the village, Sango and Miroku ackowledge their feelings for each other for the first time.
  • Sesshomaru meets Sara, a woman who saw him a few years earlier and slaughtered the army poised to attack her father’s army. She fell in love with him that day and has come to grant him a wish in return for acknowledging her feelings. Sara actually died earlier in the day but was brought back to life and merged with demons similar to Naraku.
  • It’s revealed Sara saw Sesshomaru shortly after he lost his arm to Inuyasha and the Tetsusaiga. Now a half-demon, Sara launches an elaborate trap to get the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha for Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru arrives and rebuffs her, saying he won’t accept help from anyone to defeat his younger brother.
  • The meet at a tree where Sesshomaru was recovering from his injury. This is where she came to fall in love with her. Feeling threatened by him, her father tried to attack Sesshomaru but was defeated. Driven mad, he burned his castle to the ground while still inside it. Sara lived out the rest of her mortal life as a nun. In her final moments, demons made a deal with her: She would live in exchange for her body. She was reborn almost instantly.
  • Sesshomaru is unimpressed. When Inuyasha arrives, Sesshomaru pushes him back and then turns his sword on the demons that have possessed Sara’s body. It turns out Sesshomaru was the demons’ true target. Sara and Inuyasha were just a means to that end. Sara takes control long enough to ask Sesshomaru to kill her along with the demons that possessed her. He wastes little time obliging her, drawing the Tetsusaiga to everyone’s surprise: This one time, Tetsusaiga allows Sesshomaru to wield it.
  • The remnants of Sara’s body and soul remains after the demons are wiped out. Sesshomaru is there to witness her final moments before departing.
  • Afterward, Miroku rushes back home upon hearing from Hachi his master is dying. Master Mushin raised him from a young age after the family curse took his father’s life. He’s less than thrilled to learn Hachi overreacted and angered his master decided to play along.
  • As it happens, Kagura has been killing powerful priestesses and monks. This is why Muahin thought he was going to die.  It turns out the infant had her mortally injure them in a bid to find the wareabouts of the gate to the netherworld, where the final jewel shard is located.
  • The group ends up working with the old exorcist they met in Season 4 again. Inuyasha and Shippo are fighting so the group splits up during the demon hunting job.
  • Kagome meets Akitoki Hojo, who is the ancestor of the Hojo from her world. According to the Hojo family tree, Akitoki Hojo married someone named Kagome. Much to her relief, she finds out it definitely wasn’t her.
  • The Tetsusaiga gains the Adamant Barrage, which is its first new technique in 3 seasons (It gained the power to break barriers back in season 3) and allows Inuyasha to pierce Naraku’s new barrier.The Adamantite Shards unleashed allows the Tetsusaiga to attack from a distance.

Season 7

The final season of serialized Anime series. At the time it joined the likes of Dragonball Z, Dragonball, Digimon, Gundam Wing and Pokemon as one of the longest syndicated anime. What would be the final season for almost 10 years came a few years before Naruto’s premiere so…yeah. The second half of the season is notably rushed. From what I recall, the studio was running out of money and was rushing to finish the season. While it clearly isn’t the end of the story, they did their best to give the anime “closure”.


  • Kohaku regains all of his memories. He decides to pretend to be loyal to Naraku while looking for the opportunity to strike.
  • Kohaku’s resolve is tested when Hakudoshi orders him to unleash a horde of demon rats in a bid to lure Kikyo out of hiding. When Kikyo makes her move, Hakudoshi orders him to guard the demon rats’ shrine while he confronts her. Kohaku is forced to clash with Sango when she arrives knowing the Saimiyosho are watching him.
  • Sessomaru’s group and Inuyasha’s group separately encounter of group of traveling monks that specializes in extrerminating demons. After Rin is kidnapped by a demon the monks later slays, Sesshomaru moves to rescue her.  The monks attack Sesshomaru but he easily overpowers them without killing them. The monks are shocked when they see Rin leave with Sesshomaru.
  • Before Rin was kidnapped, she was talking to Jaken about what they would do after Naraku was out of the picture. Witnessing the death of her family at the hands of roving bandits and her mistreatment by the villagers afterward enstilled a fear and contempt of humans in her. Jaken points out the clear difference between Humans and Demons: Their natural lifespans.
  • After Rin is rescued, she asks Sesshomaru if he will remember her after she’s gone. He gasps in surprise, realizing right away what she was referring to.
  • Kirara recalls happier times Sango and Kohaku had up to a year before Naraku entered the picture. Both siblings separately wonder if they will ever see days like this again.
  • Hakudoshi points out to Naraku it’s clear Kagura is a traitor and can’t be trusted. He questions the wisdom in keeping her alive. Naraku simply replies he’s allowing her to live because she is still useful to him.
  • After Inuyasha’s group narrowly escapes a trap Naraku and Hakudoshi carefully set for them, they appear behind Kagura and ask how Inuyasha’s group could have possibly known where to go. Kagura immediately figures out they’re on to her but denies any knowledge.
  • Kagome’s friends meet Inuyasha for the first time. The recognize him from the cultural festival at school in Season 6. Much to Kagome’s surprise, they end up having a normal conversation in her bedroom.
  • Kikyo as well as Sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s group figures out the infant contains Naraku’s human heart. Until it is destroyed, Naraku will not die. As Season 7 comes to a close, the search continues to find it and end Naraku for good.


The Final Act

While the Manga had long since finished, fans wanted the Anime to have closure as well. There would be an 10-year wait before The Final Act made it premiere in Japan. For the English Dub, Kagome, Rin and Sesshomaru’s original voice actors were no longer available so they all have new voice actors in The Final Act. The new voice actors do sound pretty close to the originals, though. The DVD/Blu-Ray release broke it into two parts but for this, I am giving you an outline of the whole thing at once.


  • Half of the first episode recaps the story to now while bridging where Season 7 left off.
  • The story picks up where it left off at a certain point in the Manga: Hakudoshi and the infant have both decided to join Kagura in turning against Naraku.
  • Hakudoshi ambushes Kagome and Inuyasha shortly after the return to the Feudal Era, taking Kagome’s jewel shard for himself.
  • Kohaku is hunting strong demons when he comes across a father and son. When the boy is possessed by a demon and tries to attack his father, it reminds him of his own situation.
  • Kagura suddenly appears and helps Kohaku destroy the demon. She then tells him she knows where Naraku’s heart is but indirectly tells him not to get involved. She wants his jewel shard and engages him in combat. Kohaku tells her he doesn’t mind dying but it may be in their interests to work together toward a common goal.
  • What neither Kagura or Kohaku are aware of is Naraku is watching their conversation through Kanna’s mirror. Kagura tells Kohaku he will lose both his life and the shard if he confronts Naraku, which the latter concurs with. Naraku is holds Kagura’s heart in his hand but what Naraku isn’t aware of Kagura has secretly decided to switch loyalties to the infant.
  • Kagura tells Kohaku to flee but Hakudoshi suddenly appears, accusing her of betraying both Naraku and him. Kagura and Hakudoshi begin to fight but then Inuyasha’s group joins the fray (they were chasing after the shard Hakudoshi took from Kagome).
  • The group is shocked by the suddeny appearance of Goryomaru, who was thought killed at the end of Season 7. He transforms into Moryomaru and joins the battle alongside Hakudoshi. Hakudoshi gives him the jewel shard he took from Kagome and orders him to go after Kohaku while he deals with Kagura and Inuyasha’s group.
  • Hakudoshi takes Kagura and withdraws. Both are surprised when Inuyasha doesn’t attack them. Kagura tells Inuyasha’s group the infant, which is Naraku’s heart is inside Moryomaru.
  • Hakudoshi is impressed Kagura followed through on her betrayal of Naraku. He reveals to Kagura Naraku’s decision to create the infant set the recent chain of events in motion. Hakudoshi views the infant and himself as the originals compared to Naraku. He then tells Kagura even though they’re both traitors, Naraku still has her heart and can be killed at any time.  He, on the other hand has no such limitation.
  • As if to refute that, Naraku makess his move. he removes Hakudoshi’s barrier and orders the Saimiyosho to withdraw, making him vulnerable to Miroku’s Wind Tunnel. Hakudoshi throws up a plume of miasma but Kagome purifies it with a sacred arrow. Hakudoshi makes one final charge towards Kagura but is consumed by Miroku’s Wind Tunnel.
  • Inuyasha and Miroku both agree Naraku indirectly helped him dispose of Hakudoshi for him. Kagome asks Kagura to join them but she declines, reminding them of Moryomaru in pursuit of Kohaku. As she flees the area, Inuyasha promises to get her heart from Naraku.
  • Inuyasha, Sango and the others catch up to Moryomaru just as he is about to take Kohaku’s jewel shard and drives him away. Kohaku tells Sango he remembers everything that happened since that day. Because of the sins he committed, he can’t join her yet.
  • Koga clashes with Moryomaru earlier in the episode, who was after the jewel shards in his legs. Their battles is interrupted when Kikyo shoots Moryomaru with a sacred arrow. Later, Kikyo realizes she may not live for too much longer and her powers are fading fast.
  • Sango takes Kohaku to their village to pay his respects to their dead friends and family. Meanwhile, the others visit Midoriko’s cave. Inuyasha notices something and decides to stay in the cave on his own. A short time later, he follows a Soul Collector to Kikyo.
  • Kikyo explains the wound she suffered from Naraku reopened. She took Midoriko’s soul to give her the time she will need to complete her final task: Slaying Naraku. As she departs, Kikyo tells Inuyasha the only way to kill Naraku is to allow him to complete the Jewel Shard and then for her to purify it with a sacred arrow, destroying his soul at the same time.
  • Inuyasha immediately thinks of Kohaku, who is bound to the mortal world by the power of a jewel shard. Having overheard Kikyo, Kohaku decides to join up with her for the time being. He promises he’s not going on a suicide mission and asks Inuyasha to look after his sister for a little longer.
  • The next day, Moryomaru absorbs the demon Meioju so he can acquire his armor, allowing him to better protect the infant his guards within his body.
  • Meanwhile, Koga travels to the great Wolf Tribe graveyard to acquire the Claws of Goraishi. Koga is forced to battle the guardian of the claws for the right to wield them. The guardian notices Koga possesses two jewel shards and chastises him for using them, saying both the claws and the jewel shards belong in the past.
  • Koga is about to seize the claws when he noticed his comrades are in trouble. Thinking for a moment, he turns to bail them out. The guardian berates him again, saying he should have claim the Goraishi when he had the chance instead of saving his friends. Koga fires back, saying he would never sacrifice his kinsmen for power, more so given he is on a quest to avenge his fallen brethren.
  • In response to his convictions, the Goraishi appears on Koga’s right hand and he uses it to slay the guardian. The ancestors tell Koga the Goraishi is his to wield but they will only be able to protect him once from the power that controls the sacred jewel shards in his legs.
  • Elsewhere, Naraku catches up to Kagura and tells her Hakudoshi was killed. He notes he was aware Hakudoshi was planning to betray him and that she longed to be free of him. He returns her heart to her body, freeing her of his control over her. In a twist of irony, he injects her with miasma and sends her on her way: Kagura is free but she paid the ultimate price for it.
  • Sessomaru runs into Moryomaru. Upon mentioning Inuyasha, Sesshomaru engages him in battle. Jaken is shocked Tokujin isn’t even scratching Moryomaru, who absorbs the blasts of demonic energy it unleashes. Sesshomaru switches to close-quarters combat but Tokijin begins to crack.
  • At that moment, Kagura’s life begins to fade. Moryomaru voices his disgust in Kagura throwing her life away for freedom. Sesshomaru is angered by this for some reason and Tenseiga seemly reacts to his emotion. He unleashes the Azure Dragon Wave into Moryomaru’s body. The strain is too much for Tokijin, which shatters. Moryomaru choses then to retreat but Sesshomaru gives chase. Rin and Jaken call out for him to retrieve the shattered demon sword he leaves behind but Sesshomaru declines, saying he holds no attachment to a broken sword and will find a replacement instead.
  • Sesshomaru follows the scent of the miasma and runs into Kagura, who is dying in the middle of a field of flowers. He is about to draw Tenseiga when he realizes even its power can’t save her life. He stays with her during her final moments and watches as she passes on.
  • No longer having the Tokijin, Totosai pays Sesshomaru a visit. Totosai explains he was compelled by Tenseiga to personally come see him, noting Sesshomaru’s heart now has what it has lacked up to now: Remorse over the death of someone (in this case, Kagura). The time has come for Tenseiga to be reforged into a weapon Sesshomaru can use.
  • Meanwhile, the group returns to Kaede’s Village to regroup. Miroku surmises both Midoriko and Naraku want the Shikon Jewel to become whole for opposing reasons: Midoriko wants the jewel to be purified while Naraku wants it to be defiled. Kagome also learns from her grandfather that when the person who obtains the Shikon Jewel makes the correct wish, the jewel will be purified and disappear forever. Unfortunately, what the correct wish was has been lost over time.
  • The group stumbles apon a Fox Demon Exam site. As a fox demon himself, Shippo finds himself an unwilling entrant in the exam at first. When Shippo decides to get in on the mischief, all hell breaks loose: Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Sango find themselves the focus of nearly a hundred fox demons looking to improve their test scores.
  • At the end of the exam, Inuyasha reveals the Tetsusaiga is a sword that can also steal demonic energy. This explains how the Tetsusaiga gained the Adamant Barrage and the Red Tetsusaiga forms.
  • Totosai decides to test Sesshomaru and Tenseiga by pitting them against an ogre. Sesshomaru cuts the demon to pieces, banishing its body to the underworld. Totosai explains this is possible because of Tenseiga connects its wielder to the Underworld. When the sword is used offensively, it cuts open a path to the underworld and draws the wielder’s enemies into the fissure. The technique is called Meido Zangetsuha.
  • Totosai is impressed Sesshomaru performed the technique on his first try. It’s powerful but the technique is not yet perfected: A perfectly formed Medio is sphere-shaped. Sesshomaru sets off at once to hone his new skill.
  • Inuyasha takes the broken pieces of a demon sword he finds to Totosai, who reveals it was a copycat version of a sword called Dakki. Inuyasha would like to gain the power of the true sword, but Totosai warns him there will be a steep price to pay if he fails: All of Tetsaiga’s power will be lost forever.
  • The group encounters Toshu the swordsmith just after he finished forging a perfected Dakki. The group arrives at the same time as Ryujin, the demon whose scales he used to forge the sword. Inuyasha battles Ryujin, who wields a shield that not only repels the Wind Scar but can absorb demonic energy.
  • When Ryujin unleashes the energy he absorbed, Inuyasha sends it back with the Backlash Wave, shattering his shield. Toshu chooses that moment to finish off Ryujin, completing Dakki. Consumed by the sword’s lust for power, Toshu attacks Inuyasha. During their battle. he reveals Dakki was crafted from swords he took from countless battlefields still containing the resentment and hatred of their slain owners.
  • When Tetsusaiga begins to crack, Inuyasha realizes he will have to finish the battle quickly. At the same time, Toshu’s body beguns to turn into scales: Dakki’s demonic power is slowly consuming him. When Tetsusaiga throws up a wind barrier to protect itself, Toshu unleashes the Wind Scar to dispell it. Inuyasha responds with the Backlash Wave but Dakki absorbs it, cracking from the strain.
  • Having reached its limit and lost most of its demonic energy, Tetsusaiga reverts to its smaller form. Just as the fight is about to resume, Toshu is consumed by Dakki’s demonic power. As Inuyasha warned him, the sword was far too much for a human to handle. He paid for his greed with his life. In the end, the sword shattered anyway and returns the power it took from Tetsusaiga. It also gains the Dragon Scale form.
  • Koga clashes with Moryomaru, who has taken a wolf demon child hostage. Koga’s movements are slowed by the jewel shards in his legs for some reason. Inuyasha’s group arrives to back him up but Moryomaru absorbs Tetsusaiga’s Adamant Barrage.
  • Kagome surmises Koga’s jewel shards are being controlled by Midoriko’s will. Inuyasha decides to test out the new Dragon Scale Tetsusaiga, absorbing a chunk of demonic energy before being repelled. On the second attempt, he frees Koga and reopens the wound Sesshomaru inflicted on Moryomaru before. After another assault from Inuyasha, Moryomaru is forced to retreat. At the same time, Inuyasha is injured by the demonic energy Tetsusaiga absorbed.
  • The group meets Byakuya of the Dreams, Naraku’s newest incarnation. After introducing himself, he takes off and meets up with Naraku. He tells Naraku about Tetsusaiga’s new ability. He would have intervined but was ordered to observe the battle: Between Moryomaru, Sesshomaru, Kikyo and Inuyasha, Naraku decides to bide his time for now. Moryomaru may be his enemy now but he is carrying his heart.
  • Kohaku meets up with Kikyo, who reluctantly allows him to accompany her. At the same time, Koga decides to part ways with Jinta and Hakkaku. Now that he knows about Midoriko’s will, he feels it will be much too dangerous for them to travel with him anymore.
  • Totosai meets up with the group. He explains because Inuyasha is a half-demon, his body won’t be able to withstand the demonic energy its new Dragon Scale form absorbs. Totosai reccommends he seek out the Great Holy Demon Spirit and train under him.
  • Moryomaru attacks and absorbs Ginka and Kinka, two demons bound together in eternal combat. The moment they both drop their guards, Moryomaru makes his move.
  • Watching from a distance, Byakuya is ambushed by Sesshomaru. He then reveals he simply came to watch the battle. Byakuya realizes Moryomaru might now be powerful enough to defeat Naraku. When he turns to face Sesshomaru, he’s gone. He turns back to see Sesshomaru has moved to confront Moryomaru and allow them to test their respectful new powers on each other. To his surprise, Moryomaru retreats at the sight of the Meido Zangetsuha. Not only that, Byakuya moves to cover his retreat.
  • Inuyasha visits the the Great Holy Demon Spirit. After completing an elaborately laid out training exercise, Inuyasha learns the Dragon Scale Tetsusaiga is meant to cut through a demonic vortex, not absorb demonic energy. In addition, Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga are linked: As one gains power, so does the other. As the group departs, the Guru mulls to himself Tetsusaiga has one more form to gain but it will be up to Inuyasha to discover it on his own.
  • The group encounter Naraku, absorbed a demon tree called Yomeju and he departs. Elsewhere, Koga sees Kikyo and Kohaku traveling together in the mountains. Kikyo warns Koga about the jewel shards in his legs but Koga is not about to just hand them over, especially after he realizes they’re both after the same enemy. Koga withdraws and moves to catch up to Moryomaru.
  • Naraku and Moryomaru clash above a valley just past the mountains. Inuyasha’s group arrives in time to see them begin to fight. Moryomaru and the infant are confident they hold the advantage since the infant is Naraku’s heart: If the infant dies, Naraku dies too…or so they think. To their surprise, Naraku tells them he anticipated this very situation from the beginning. Moryomaru calls Naraku’s bluff as the latter changes form for the next exchange of attacks.
  • Naraku tries to pierce Moryomaru but is unable to penetrate his hide as first. The infants orders Moryomaru to finish off Naraku and he moves to absorb Naraku. The jewel shards both of them were carrying merge into one and Moryomaru sets his sights on Koga and Kohaku, who are both nearby.
  • Koga tries to deflect Moryomarau’s attack with Goraishi but to his surprise it doesn’t work. Inuyasha quickly moves to join the fight, urging Koga to act as a decoy and lure Moryomaru closer to the ground for him. Inuyasha tries to cut Moryomaru’s demon vortex but because of the infant he can’t see it. Moryomaru moves and manages to ensnare Koga.
  • Sensing what has just happened, Kikyo is about to procure Kohaku’s jewel shard when Kagome and Sango appear before them. They manage to buy Inuyasha and Kohaku a little more time.
  • Inuyasha and Koga combine the power of the Goraishi and the Dragon Scale Tetsusaiga to pierce Moruomaru’s armor, releasing a strong miasma that knocks out Koga. Kagome arrives and purifies the miasma before it can hurt Inuyasha. Moryomaru flies off with Koga and this is when Naraku makes his move.
  • He reveals he allowed himself to get absorbed on purpose and that he had been consuming Moryomaru from the inside all this time. To the infant’s surprise, Naraku uses the power from the demon tree he absorbed earlier to pierce the infant’s barrier: This was exactly why he absorbed the demon tree when he did.
  • Not wanting to be consumed, the infant begans to force his way out of Moryomaru’s body but is halted when Inuyasha launched an Adamant Barrage his way. Koga tries to attack from above but Naraku neutralizes him with miasma. This puts the infant in a tough bind: Either stay and get absorbed back into Naraku or try escaping and certainly get killed by Inuyasha, taking Naraku down with him.
  • Now in full control of Moryomaru’s body, Naraku attacks Inuyasha, Kagome and Kirara while trying to absorb the infant. Kagome lends some of her powers to the power serving Koga, giving him the strength to break free of Naraku. Miroku unleashes the wind tunnel in a mid to consume both Naraku and the infant. Despite a valiant effort, Inuyasha moves to stop him before the miasma he absorbs can kill him. Naraku chides Inuyasha for stopping Miroku, saying the infant would have been consumed a moment later before departing.
  • Kikyo examines Miroku and notes had he kept the Wind Tunnel open  a moment longer, he would have died. Kikyo manages to save his life but just barely. Because of the amount of miasma his body took in, she leaves Miroku with a warning: Each time he uses the Wind Tunnel, the Miasma scars on his body will inch closer to his heart. Once they reach it, nothing would be able to save him. All she was able to do was buy him some time.
  • Understanding the risks, he asks Kikyo to keep his condition a secret from the others. As she departs with Kohaku, she promises Inuyasha she will search for a way to save his life. Koga also ends up joining Inuyasha’s group for the time being.
  • Meanwhile, Naraku returns to Mt. Hakurei to retrieve his heart, which he sealed there at the end of Season 5. He realized Kikyo wanted him to complete the jewel shard on purpose and purify him along with it. With his human heart back, this danger is removed.
  • Naraku unleashes an elaborate plot to ensnare Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikyo. It was done prevent Kikyo from purifying him and to also prevent Kagome from being able to purify the miasma in Kikyo’s body like she did before by showing her visions of Inuyasha and Kikyo’s final moments together 50 years earlier. It also means Koga and Kohaku’s shards are vulnerable for Naraku to take.
  • Kikyo comes up with an elaborate plan that will allow Kagome to both save her life and use her bow to save her life. Kagome leaves with Koga and the others for a temple to purify Kagome while Inuyasha remains behind to look after Kikyo. Kagome is annoyed, feeling like every encounter she’s had with Kikyo has been some kind of test for her.
  • Elsewhere, Byakuya finds Kohaku. His plan is to defile the shard in his body before bringing him to Naraku. Inuyasha and Kikyo rush to catch up to them before it’s too late.
  • Sesshomaru suddenly appears to challenge Byakuya, having noticed Moryomaru was absorbed by Naraku. Byakuya notes his actions are out of character be decides to withdraw.
  • Kagome is tested by the guardian of Mt. Azusa. Her feelings toward Kikyo are tested but she manages to overcome the emotional trial placed before her.
  • While Inuyasha catches up to Kagome, Naraku springs the next phase of his plan, capturing the severely weakened Kikyo. As Koga engages Naraku, Kikyo notices the shard in Koga’s legs have been purified. If Naraku takes them, the jewel he has will be purified and Naraku along with it. Even better, Naraku doesn’t seem to have noticed.
  • As they move to catch up to the others, Kagome tells Inuyasha about her trial. She realized during her trial her relationship with Kikyo has definitely improved since the first time they met. Inuyasha also affirms her desire to save Kikyo is proof her heart is pure.
  • Naraku moves to seize the jewel shards in Koga’s legs but is repelled when the purified shards begin to purify him. Naraku then tells Kikyo the bond between them allows him to know of her feelings toward him. Inuyasha arrives in time to stop him from killing Kikyo. Kagome is about to shoot her last arrow when Kikyo asks her to wait. When Koga and the others arrive, Kagome notices the shards in Koga’s legs have been purified.
  • Inuyasha uses used the Dragon Scale Tetsusaiga to cut through Naraku’s demon vortex, revealing the incomplete jewel shard. Inuyasha is about to attack again when Naraku drops Kikyo on purpose, forcing Inuyasha to switch targets. Koga steps in to attack Naraku in a bid to obey Midoriko’s will and purify the jewel shard. That’s when Naraku springs his trap and the tables are turned: If Koga’s shards enter his body, they will instantly be defiled.
  • Miroku uses the Wind Tunnel to take in the miasma, giving Koga and Inuyasha an opening to attack Naraku. Unfortunately, Koga’s shards are still defiled by Naraku’s body. Kagome turns to ask Kikyo for assistence and is shocked when she see the real jewel shard was placed in Kikyo’s body earlier. Kikyo orders Kagome to fire her arrow. Realizing what happened, Naraku moves to stop Kagome.
  • Despite being knocked off the cliff, Kagome manages to fire her arrow at the shard in Kikyo’s body before Naraku can reach her. Kikyo redirects the shard and Kagome’s arrow at Naraku, intending to purify them both. Naraku tries to defile the jewel again but Kikyo’s power prevents it from happening. Inuyasha manages to free Koga but Naraku takes his jewel shards in the process.
  • Despite the effort, Naraku manages to defile the jewel once more, preventing it from purifying him. Kikyo tells Kagome it’s now up to her to protect the last shard, which resides in Kohaku. Having been overcome by Naraku’s evil energy, Kikyo’s death is assured.
  • At that moment, Kohaku and Kaede separately realize Kikyo is dying: Kohaku meets up with Sesshomaru’s group while Kikyo’s spirt says goodbye to Kaede. The vision leaves Kaede in tears.
  • That night, everyone tries to console each other over Kikyo’s passing. Koga laments losing his jewel shards but is glad to still be alive after what he’d been through.
  • Inuyasha holds Kikyo during her final moments. For only the second time in the series, Inuyasha sheds tears. Kikyo is surprised as she’d never seen him cry before. The two share a kiss before Kikyo’s body disappears. Her Soul Collectors move to ferry her soul to the next world. This time, Inuyasha doesn’t let Kagome see his tears.
  • The next day, Jinta and Hikkaku meet up with the group. They’d been secretly following Naraku’s scent all this time in the hopes of catching up to Koga. Koga decides to return home so he can rest from his injuries. He leaves the rest to Inuyasha and the others before leaving with his friends.
  • While traveling, Sesshomaru meets up with his mother with questions about Tenseiga. This is also the first time Jaken, Rin and Kohaku meet Sesshomaru’s mother as well. They then travel to her palace. She notes the two humans traveling with him but he decides to ignore her questions about his human companions, focusing on why he sought her out.
  • It turns out Inutaisho left a Meido Stone with her for Sesshomaru for this exact situation. It becomes clear to Jaken Sesshomaru takes after his mother with her disregard for the danger factor with what his father had in mind. She summons an envoy from the underworld. Sesshomaru uses the Meido Zangetsuha but since it is not a complete circle, it fails to pull the hellhound into the underworld. The creature grabs Rin and Kohaku before jumping into the Meido on its own.
  • Sesshomaru is about to follow it after them when his mother calls out to him. She challenges him on his attachment to the human children but he avoids the topic, saying he has a monster to slay. After the path closes, she notes the reason she tried to stop him was because once the path closes, it’s impossible to get back–much to Jaken’s chagrin. She then goes on to say sacrifices are unavoidable in Bushido.
  • Sesshomaru uses Healing Tenseiga to rescue Rin and Kohaku. His mother, who is watching with the Meido Stone notes it was effective because the hellhound is a demon of the underworld. She then asks Jaken about his relationship with the humans he risked his life to save. Kohaku regains consciousness but Rin hasn’t. Sesshomaru notes it was likely because of the jewel shard in his back.
  • As they head down the path to The Underworld, Kohaku realizes Rin isn’t breathing. Sessshomaru tries to use Healing Tenseiga to revive her but can’t since he can’t see the minions of The Underworld near her body. He laments being unable to save her, believing it might have been better to have left her in a human village after he revived her in Season 2. A dark shadow takes her body away, forcing Kohaku and Sesshomaru to chase after her into the darkness.
  • Jaken is beyond inconsolable but Sesshomaru’s mother tells him all is not lost: She will open a path for him to return. The catch is it would mean abandoning Rin. Sesshomaru tells Kohaku to use the exit while he continues down the path to The Underworld. Kohaku elects to follow Sesshomaru instead as the exit closes. The latter’s mother is beyond annoyed by her son’s choice.
  • Sessshomaru manages to cut down the Guardian and rescue Rin but she still hasn’t awoken. His mother asks Jaken if the girl had been revived by Tenseiga before and he tells her Rin had been. She then realizes this is likely why Rin can’t be saved now. Having come to the same realization, Sesshomaru is beside himself with grief.
  • Resonating with his emotions, Tenseiga begins to glow. Sessshomaru purifies the mountain of corpses around him and then opens a path back to the world of the living. This time, the Meido is much bigger than before but is still not a complete circle. His mother notes her son’s dejected expression despite gaining more power. She tells him Tenseiga can only be used to bring back someone once. She goes on to explain he needed to learn the pain of loss and what it feels like to not be able to save someone he cares about–sorrow and fear. Until he met Rin, these were two emotions he was incapable of feeling as well as compassion, all emotions he began to demonstrate after he met Rin.
  • Sesshomaru’s mother notices Jaken is crying and asks him why he is. When he explains he is shedding tears in place of his master, she uses to Meido stone to pull her life force from The Underworld and return it to her body. For only the second time in the series, Sesshomaru smiles and this time in relief. Seeing her son’s happiness over Rin’s life being saved reminds her of Inutaisho’s relationship with Izayoi, Inuyasha’s mother.
  • As they depart, Sesshomaru’s mother askes Kohaku why he survived being in The Underworld. When he tells her about the jewel shard in his back, she tells him he is the same as Rin: His life cannot be saved again with the power of Tenseiga. Kohaku promises to keep this in mind as Sesshomaru overhears their exchange.
  • Elsewhere, Inuyasha’s group mulls over Kikyo’s request to protect the shard in Kohaku’s back. Kagome wonders if the last remaining shard can be used as a weapon like their last attempt. They decide the fastest way to find out would be to find Kohaku.
  • During this time, Naraku has been trying to fully defile the sacred jewel in his possession. Depsite his best efforts, he is unable to banish athespeck of purity that resides inside it. Kikyo got the last laugh after all, it seems.
  • Naraku orders Kanna to fight Inuyasha’s group head on. Kanna creates a mirror demon that steals all of Tetsusaiga’s powers. Because of this, Inuyasha’s demon blood begins to take over. Despite transforming, he still has his mind. As the battle continues, the group notices something: Every time the mirror demon is unjured, an injury will appear in the same location on Kanna’s body as well. Byakuya, who is observing the battle is impressed: Inuyasha will try to save her while Kanna will try to kill him. In the end, only one of them will survive the battle.
  • Unlike Naraku’s other incarnations, Kanna not only has no will of her own but is incapable of feeling pain. After Tetsusaiga regains its stolen powers, Inuyasha pleads with her to stop fighting. Kanna is powerless to disobey Naraku, who has no problem watching Kanna die. Before she is destroyed, Kanna shows Kagome the light inside the jewel and explains it will destroy Naraku.
  • Naraku is annoyed Kanna failed to take anyone with her but then realizes the futility of his words: Kanna never had a heart. At the same time, Byakuya realizes just how expendible he truly is to Naraku after witnessing Kanna’s demise. Inuyasha marks the spot where Kanna died with her only possession: her broken mirror.
  • After Hirakotsu is badly damaged, the group meets with a Potion Master so it can be repaired. Sango undergoes a trial on her own to fix Hirakotsu, which was made from the bones of many demons. Sango must answer to the souls of those demons for allowing Hirakotsu to be destroyed. Although they are incapable of understanding the bond between her and Miroku, the resolve they sense in Miroku is strong enough for them to agree to support her once more.
  • At the same time, Miroku drinks a draft that stops him from feeling pain when he takes poison or miasma in his body when he uses the Wind Tunnel. It won’t dilute the miasma already in his body but he will no longer feel pain when using the Wind Tunnel. Inuyasha tries to talk him out of it but Miroku is resolved to go through with it. In exchange for keeping his condition a a secret from Sango anf Kagome, he maked Miroku promise to only use the Wind Tunnel when absolutely necessary.
  • The Master of Potions explains to Sango Hirakotsu is no longer “the way it was” because of its exposure to his potions and poisons. It as now a much improved weapon. He also separately tells Inuyasha his medicine simply stopped Miroku from feeling pain from the Miasma but his life will still be in danger. The only way to truly save Miroku’s life is to destroy Naraku.
  • Sesshomaru encounters Shishinki, who claims to be the original practitioner of the Medio Zangetsuha. He reveals he faced Tenseiga before but Inutaisho wielded it at the time. He also says Tenseiga was in a different form back then. Unlike Sesshomaru’s Meido, Shishinki’s Meido is a complete circle but much smaller. Even so, it is able to consume Sesshomaru’s Meido.
  • Inuyasha’s group moves to catch up to them when they sense Kohaku’s shard is nearby. They also realize Sesshomaru and Kohaku are traveling together. When Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga joins the battle to help Sesshomaru and Tenseiga (you read that right), Myoga freaks out in fear of how Sesshomaru may react when he learns the truth about Tenseiga.
  • Perhaps to Myoga and Sesshomaru’s chagrin, Shishinki reveals Tenseiga was created specifically for the Meido Zanghetsuha because Inutaisho couldn’t master its power when it was in the Tetsusaiga. The technique and Tenseiga were split off from Tetsusaiga specifically so the Tetsusaiga could one day regain the Meido Zangetsuha once the technique was mastered.
  • As the weight of Shishinki’s words set in, Sessshomaru thinks back to his failed attempts to take the Tetsusaiga by force. His first attempt resulted in his lft off being cut off by the very sword he’d been after. He’d struggled since his father’s death over the fact that he’d been given a Sword of Healing.
  • Inuyasha moves to assist Sesshomaru but is pushed back. Myoga then reveals Inutaisho left Tenseiga to Sesshomaru specifically because he was capable of mastering the technique. As Sesshomaru moves into striking range, Shishinki notices his missing left arm. Despite the circumstances, Sesshomaru holds no ill will toward his brother over the loss of his arm.
  • When Inuyasha catches up to Sesshomaru again, their swords react to each other. Despite being angered by the implications, Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga and this time unleashes a complete Meido, banishing Shishinki to The Underworld. Tenseiga was able to form a complete Meido thanks to Tetsusaiga being closeby. Shishinki notes this as he is drawn into The Underworld, calling their father cruel.
  • Sesshomaru sets out to visit Totosai alone. The blacksmith reveals he was the one who split Tenseiga and the Meido Zangetsuha from Tetsusaiga many years ago. Sesshomaru points out unlike Tenseiga, Tetsusaiga has the power steal techniques from its opponents. In other words, it was set up so Tenseiga would be absorbed back into Tetsusaiga once the Meido Zangetsuha had been mastered. Totosai then reveals Inuyasha had a long-term plan in mind before escaping Sesshomaru’s wrath.
  • While Sesshomaru’s away, Naraku makes his move to claim Kohaku’s jewel shard. Before he can take it, he is repelled by a barrier placed on the shard. Inuyasha’s group moves to catch up to them but Byakuya gets in their way.
  • Sango and Kirara catch up in time to stop Naraku from forcing Kohaku to decapitate himself. Naraku points out despite Kohaku regaining is free will, the siblings are still not together. The reason is because of his guilt from what he did to their father and comrades back in Season 1. He takes control of Kohaku’s body but Kohaku retains his mind, forced to fight his sister.
  • Naraku scoffs when Sango launches Hiraikotsu but is surprised when the improved weapon cuts him in pieces. Inuyasha and the others arrive in time to join the fight but Naraku retreats. Sango realizes her weapon now has the power to draw in demonic energy and shatter it.
  • Despite the setback, Naraku orders Byakuya to give Sesshomaru a shard from Kanna’s mirror demon. Even though Sesshomaru is out to kill him, he still intends to use Inuyasha’s brother for his own ends.
  • As Kagome works to purify Kohaku’s jewel shard, he remarks the light that repelled Naraku came from the jewel in his possession. Kagome realizes the light Kanna mentione before she died is a portion of Kikyo’s power. Thanks to that, Naraku was unable to fully defile Kohaku’s shard or the jewel.
  • Miroku checks his wound, confirming it has spread even though he can no longer feel the pain from it. Each time he uses the Wind Tunnel, it will slowly encroach on his heart.
  • Sesshomaru catches up to the group after his “meeting” with Totosai. It’s revealed in a flashback Byakuya approached him on along the way and gives him the mirror shard as ordered by Naraku. Byakuya explains the fragment will give Tenseiga the ability to make Tetsusaiga’s abilities his own to use. Despite knowing Naraku only wants them to kill each other, Sesshomaru decides to “play along”.
  • After Tenseiga fires a Wind Scar, Byakuya arrives to explain he gave Sesshomaru a momento of Kanna’s, allowing him to challenge Inuyasha head on. He then teleports Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to another dimension so they can fight one on one.
  • Sesshomaru wastes no time using Adamant Barrage and Red Tetsusaiga, stripping Inuyasha’s sword of its abilities. Sesshomaru wants Inuyasha to prove he is worthy of their father’s inheritence by defeating him.
  • Meanwhile, Totosai catches up to Kagome, Rin and the others and shows them the battle between Inutaisho’s sons. Everyone is shocked to see Inuyasha’s demon blood has taken over. Inuyasha realizes the demonic energy he should have lost has flowed into him instead.  Inuyasha and Sesshomaru launch the Backlash Wave at each other, cancelling the attacks completely. Inuyasha moves to take back Adamant Barrage but Sesshomaru suddenly unleashes a Meido, drawing Inuyasha toward The Underworld.
  • Tired of overhearing the play by play, Naraku “hacks” Byakuya’s eye demon so he can watch the show. Byakuya is surprised when Naraku tells him he can clearly see Inuyasha getting drawn into The Underworld. Sesshomaru watches as his brother is drawn in, daring Inuyasha to take the technique he recently mastered from him. Having claimed victory, he casts Tenseiga into the Meido after Inuyasha. Both swords respond to each other and Tetsusaiga switches to its Dragon Scale form.
  • Totosai realizes at once what must happen but Naraku and Byakuya can’t see Inuyasha’s Demonic Vortex. Everyone else can, however. In a move that surprises Sesshomaru, Inuyasha cuts through his own Demonic Vortex. Seizing the opportunity, Naraku takes control of the discarded Tenseiga and fires an Adamant Barrage into Inuyasha’s back. To make matters worse, the shards that pierced his body have miasma in them.
  • Not wanting to allow Naraku to claim victory, Sesshomaru moves to regain Tenseiga. Naraku decides to “allow” Sesshomaru to finish off Inuyasha but that isn’t what Sesshomaru has in mind. As the two clash, the mirror fragments fade away and Tenseiga breaks, passing on the Meido Zangetsuha to Tetsusaiga. The swords have become one.
  • Inuyasha passes out due to the poison miasma and Naraku claims victory over both of them, stating there’s no way for them to return from the path to The Underworld. Sesshomaru removes the shards and wakes up Inuyasha with a blow to the face. Kagome asks Totsai if it’s possible for the brothers to return and he says it’s impossible.
  • Of course, Sesshomaru recently returned from the path to The Underworld and is a bit more optimistic. He leaves their escape to Inuyasha despite their bodies beginning to fade from existence the closer they’re drawn into the Underworld. Inuyasha cuts through a fissure of light, returning them to the world of the living.
  • Totosai suggests Sesshomaru take the Tenseiga, which fell from the path to The Underworld along with them. Stangely, the sword is now whole despite having broken in half earlier. Rin takes the sword, offering to give it to Sesshomaru once his mood improved. The others are surprised and relieved when Kohaku leaves with Sesshomaru as well.
  • Totosai is surprised at Inuyasha’s concern for his older brother despite what happens. He then reveals Sesshomaru will gain a new weapon to replace the one he lost.
  • Kagome is pulled into a trap set by Naraku involving a dead priestess. It’s revealed Kagome was named for the light of the Sacred Jewel her mother saw in her chest when she was born. She also remembers she had the power to always know who was standing behind her. She combines her powers with Kikyo’s bow to save the priestess’s soul. She also unlocks the bow’s full power. Before passing on, the priestess tells Kagome something or someone is preventing her from using her full power.
  • Later, Sesshomaru dispatches a pair of demons come to challenge him in the hopes of claiming Kohaku’s jewel shard. Byakyua, who has been trailing Sesshomaru’s group notices Sesshomaru isn’t using Tenseiga after what happened between him and Inuyasha.
  • Meanwhile, Inuyasha tells Kaede about Kikyo’s death. Kaede tells Inuyasha Kagome will have to finish the work Kikyo started. The problem is her powers were sealed. Inuyasha thinks it was Kikyo’s doing but Kaede believes it’s more likely the Shikon Jewel’s doing. She believes the evil power of the jewel sealed Kagome’s power out of fear.
  • Byakuya catches up to Naraku, who is talking to the defiled jewel. He offers his flesh to the jewel so it can personally deal with their foes. He then tells Byakuya what emerged from his body wasn’t another incarnation of his but a manifestation of the defiled jewel. Inuyasha’s group senses the evil aura shortly afterward.
  • Sesshomaru’s group is attacked by Magatsuhi, incarnation of the evil will of the Shikon Jewel. Magatsuhi defiles Kohaku’s shard and badly injures Sesshomaru’s arm. Inuyasha’s group suddenly arrives to help out but Kagome ends up getting knocked out by Magatsuhi.
  • Inuyasha tells his brother to withdraw but Sesshomaru refuses, instantly healing his arm and then transforming into his much larger demon form. Despite transforming, Sesshomaru struggles against the enemy and ends up using him as a shield against Inuyasha. As if reading Jaken’s mind, Sesshomaru reverts to his smaller form and breaks free. Based on the glare Sesshomaru sends at Jaken, Rin and Miroku can’t help but wonder if their minds really are connected.
  • The battle resumes. Inuyasha prepares to use the Meido Zangetsuha but Magatuhi suddenly spreads his body around the area. If Inuyasha fires a Meido, he could draw the others into it as well. Sesshomaru moves to gather the scattered body parts into one place. Miroku is more than a little surprised to see Sesshomaru actually helping to protect everyone. The moment is short-lived as Sesshomaru moves to personally finish the battle.
  • Meanwhile, Totosai is working at his forge when some of the blades he finished start shaking. Realizing what is happening, he leaves at once for the battle in progress.
  • Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga and pierces Magatsuhi’s soul, which is not of this world before being pierced by his body, which Tenseiga is powerful to harm. Inuyasha rushes to rescue his brother (you read that right) but is slowed down by Magatsuhi, who dares him to use a more powerful technique on him.
  • The rescue attempt ends being unnecessary as Sesshomaru breaks free once more as Totosai arrives. Everyone is shocked as Sesshomaru literallt grows a new left arm, which brandishes a new sword: Bakusaiga. Sesshomaru cuts the demon to pieces but is unable to finish it off since its true form escaped.
  • After the battle, Totosai tells Sesshomaru Bakusaiga had always been hidden inside him. It was simply waiting for him to become worthy of the sword before it could manifest. Inuyasha realizes it was only possible because Sesshomaru finally overcame his attachment to their father’s inheritences. He had to let go of the past to gain Bakusaiga and a new left arm to go with it! Totosai adds Sesshomaru has also surpassed their father in power now that he has reached this point.
  • When she wakes up, Kagome tries to purify Kohaku’s shard but is unable to. Because of Magatsuhi, it would seem more of her spiritual powers have been sealed.
  • Totosai and Sesshomaru’s group traveled with Inuyasha’s group back to Kaede’s village. Part of it was so Kohaku could be treated but it was also so Totosai could make a scabbard for Sesshomaru’s new sword. In a surprising move Sesshomaru tells Rin. Jaken and Kohaku to stay behind in the village. He has a score to settle with Magatsuhi, who called him weak during their battle.
  • Inuyasha is skeptical but Totosai tells him Sesshomaru might actually be the best person to deal with Magatsuhi: After all, only Tenseiga can hurt his true form. Inuyasha isn’t comfortable with leaving the task to Sesshomaru but there’s no one else who can do it.
  • Kagome returns to the present to take the high school entrance exams. With things as they are, it’s for the best. When she gets home, she finds out her family is out of town on a trip. She sets off for school but when she arrives, school is closed for the day. Whoops! She returns and starts hitting the books but dozes off. She wakes up to find Inuyasha has come to visit and give her Kikyo’s bow.
  • Kagome is shocked when Inuyasha asks her if she would like to stay in her world until the battle with Naraku is over. They reflect on the battles over the sacred jewel shard and Kagome reminds her of the promise she made to Kikyo before she died. She promised to see things through to the very end. The two are about to kiss when Kagome’s family returns from their trip.
  • After 10 days of studying, Kagome sets off to take the entrance exams. Right after she leaves, Inuyasha arrives. He sets off to catch up to her and bring her back to the Feudal Era but Kagome’s not having any of it. When Kagome’s bag ends up getting left on the train she rode, Inuyasha helps her catch up to it. Inuyasha is about to cut the train open with Tetsusaiga but Kagome stops him and runs into the train to retrieve her schoolbag. To her surprise and amazement, Inuyasha finds is first and pulls her off the train just as the doors close.They make it to Kagome’s school just in time for her to take the extrance exams.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome return to the past just after Magatsuhi makes his move. While Byakuya lures Sesshomaru far from Kaede’s village, Magetsuhi takes control of Kohaku’s body and injures Miroku and Sango. He then leaves to deliver the final jewel shard to Naraku. Inuyasha discovers the miasma he absorbed has reached his chest, but that is no longer the only problem: His Wind Tunnel has torn. It’s now a question of what will claim his life first: The Wind Tunnel or the miasma in his body.
  • Now knowing about Miroku’s condition, Sango resolves to take on Naraku herself to save his life. At the same time, Inuyasha and Kagome catch up to Kohaku, Magetsuhi and Naraku. Kagome tries to purify the defiled shard with a sacred arrow but too much of her powers have been sealed for it to even reach it.
  • Magetsuhi then reveals while his controlling his body, the shard is forcing Kohaku to relive the day he slaughtered his father and fellow clansmen over and over. Sango arrives to join the fight, pleading for Kohaku to regain control. Thanks to the remnants of Kikyo’s power and the bond between the siblings, Kohaku regains control of his body.
  • Magetsuhi was confident Kikyo’s power could not touch him but that very power was forcing him out of Kohaku, who jumps into a ravine. At that moment, Naraku moves to grab Kohaku but Sango cuts hims free. Inuyasha fires a Meido at the cloud Naraku is hiding in but it was a distraction so Magetsuhi could possess Kohaku again. Sesshomaru’s suddenly arrives brandishing both Banswiga and Tenseiga, attacking both Magetsuhi and Naraku. Inuyasha and Kagome are amazed at Bakusaiga’s destructive power: Whatever it cuts can never become whole again.
  • Sesshomaru then tells Magetsuhi the only reason he didn’t kill him with the first strike was because he wanted the evil spirit to know who it was who defeated him before delivering the finishing blow. At that moment, the demonic energy Miroku absorbed earlier begins to envelop his body back in the village. Sango tells Sesshomaru they will need to head back and he leaves immediately.
  • Naraku suddenly appears behind Kagome and takes her hostage. He reveals to Inuyasha the tentacles he and Sesshomaru destroyed were those he didn’t need and was happy to sacrifice. Despite the situation, Kagome locates the sacred jewel in his body. Sango and Inuyasha combine their attacks to reach it but are repelled by Meioju’s hide, which is the same armor Moryomaru once used to protect the infant in his body. Naraku then reveals he “allowed” them to attack him on purpose just so they could see it given he absorbed Moryomaru himself.
  • Suddenly, Kohaku offers himself in exchange for Kagome’s life. Once he is inside Naraku’s barriers, Kohaku springs a trap of his own and pierces Naraku’s armor with one of Kagome’s arrows. Empowered by Kikyo’s power, the arrow shatters the armor and reveals the jewel shard. Naraku is forced to release Kohaku to avoid getting purified by Kikyo’s light and tries to flee with Kagome. Inuyasha launches an Adamant Barrage, finally freeing her.
  • Back in Kaede’s village, Miroku wakes up. It’s then revealed Magetsuhi has taken control of Rin’s body, which leaves the village astride one of Naraku’s demons. At that moment, Narku finally takes Kohaku’s shard and with it his life. He wastes no time completing the jewel and fully defiling it with his evil energy.
  • Sesshomaru is unsurprised when he leanrs of what happened in his absence, which surprised Kaede and Miroku. Sesshomaru concludes Rin was kidnapped for the sole purpose of sealing the power of his swords Bakusaiga and Tenseiga, which are a threat to Mafetsuhi and Naraku and leaves at once.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome are powerless to stop Naraku, who claims victory as he retreats with the defiled sacred jewel now whole again. Kikyo would get the last laugh, however: The light she placed in Kohaku’s shard was just enough to save his life even after the shard was removed from his body.
  • The final battle has been set. Now possessing the completed and defiled sacred jewel, Naraku reflects on the events leading up to his victory starting with when he turned Kikyo and Inuyasha on each other 50 years earlier. One mystery Naraku has yet to solve is how the sacred jewel returned to the world after Kikyo took it with her to the afterlife. As Byakuya looks on, Naraku notes it was the hatred of Naraku’s group toward him that allowed him to fully defile the jewel in the end.
  • Kagome briefly returns to the present where she learns she passed the entrance exams and will be a high school student next year. As she graduates from middle school, Kagome reflects on her final year as a middle school student. She didn’t have the experience she expected due to her adventures in the Feudal Era but she made it in the end. Her family sees her off before she returns to the Feudal Era for the final battle.
  • Naraku uses the power of the Shikon Jewel to transform himself and defile the land, drawing nearby demons to him. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Kirara move fight Naraku while Shippo, Jaken and Kohaku remain behind. Sesshomaru, who reaches Naraku first is reminded by Byakuya Rin is being held hostage.
  • Naraku opens his body, inviting everyone in. Miroku reminds himself he may only be able to use once or twice more before it consumes him and hopes he will not have to use it unless it’s against Naraku. Once inside, everyone is is surprised to see the inside of Naraku is much bigger than it looked from the outside.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome get separated from the others. Shortly afterwards, Inuyasha’s demon blood takes over and he turns on Kagome. Naraku taunts her, knowing she can’t change Inuyasha back because her powers are still sealed. After getting quickly backed into a corner, Naraku explains the cruel irony of the situation: He wants to watch Inuyasha strike down Kagome as he did Kikyo 50 years earlier. Kagome is spared a similar fate when she falls into the large hole behind her. Regaining himself, Naraku tells Inuyasha he killed Kagome. He then tells Inuyasha it is the Shikon Jewel’s wish for him to tear friend and foe to pieces as a demon before allowing his demon blood to take over again.
  • Meanwhile, Miroku and Sango separately search for the Shikon Jewel. Naraku creates an illusion showing the day Miroku’s father was consumed by his Wind Tunnel before his eyes. Sango, who is worried about Miroku’s Wind Tunnel is horrified. When the illusion ends Miroku realizes she was the actual target of the illusion, not him.
  • Elsewhere, Kagome wakes up to find herself being protected from demons by Sesshomaru. Seeing her wound, Sesshomaru figures out what happened with Inuyasha and sets out with Kagome not far behind.
  • Miroku and Sango find themselves fighting a losing battle against Naraku’s tentacles. Miroku considers using his Wind Tunnel but Sango begs him not to: Naraku is trying to force him to use his Wind Tunnel knowing it could be the end of him. Seeing Sango in danger, he uses it and the Wind Tunnel tears further. Even after it calms down, Miroku realizes he may be consumed by it at any moment and decides to split up with Sango for her own safety.
  • Kagome spots what appears to be Rin but Sesshomaru corrects her, saying it’s an illusion of her. Even knowing that, he is annoyed by the fact it also means he can’t carelessly use Bakuseiga.
  • The real Rin wakes up and flees upon seeing Magatsuhi. She runs into Inuyasha, who is still in his demon form. Sensing the danger, Sesshomaru picks the pace to catch up to them with Kagome.
  • Meanwhile outside, Kohaku, Jaken and Shippo decide to join their respective allies astride Aun.
  • In a surprising move Inuyasha sets his claws on Magetsuhi, ignoring Rin completely. Angered, the evil spirit enters Inuyasha’s body. Rin realizes what’s going on just as Sesshomaru and Kagome arrive. Before she can saverd Naraku moves Rin to a lower level, forcing Kagome and Sesshomaru to deal with the possessed Inuyasha.
  • Outside, Kohaku’s group uses the hole created by the Meido Inuyasha just launched to get inside Naraku’s body before it closes.
  • Despite the situation, Sesshomaru realizes Inuyasha made the attack miss on purpose. Magetsuhi discards Tetsusaiga and the two battle hand to hand while Kagome moves to retrieve Tetsusaiga.
  • Sesshomaru is impressed Inuyasha is proving quite the challenge for him in demon form. Looking to finish the battle quickly, Sesshomaru draws both Tenseiga and Bakusaiga. Smelling Kagome’s blood, Inuyasha begins to regain control of himself. Once he has Tetsusaiga, he is back in control but still posssed. Kagome and Sesshomaru both realize she is Magetsuhi’s next target.
  • The moment the evil spirit tries to possess Kagome ends up being a fatal mistake for Magetsuhi, who is trapped by Inuyasha’s massive demonic energy. Unable to flee or repossess Inuyasha, Magetsuhi is cut down by Sesshomaru, this time for good. This is confirmed when Kagome feels her spiritual power return and Inuyasha returns to normal. Kagome turns to thank Sesshomaru but he is already gone.
  • Naraku sees a speck of light return to the Shikon Jewel, confirming for him Magetsuhi is no more. He decides to use the opportunity presented to him by using the light to lure everyone to him. Naraku also takes the time to tell Inuyasha and Kagome Miroku’s Wind Tunnel is past its limit and the next time he uses it will be the last.
  • Meanwhile, Sango continues her search for Miroku and runs into Naraku, who has Rin and the Shikon Jewel. At the same time, Inuyasha and Kagome close in on Miroku. Kagome reveals the Shikon Jewel is not nearby either, which means what Miroku found is an illusion: A trap set by Naraku to trick Miroku into using the Wind Tunnel.
  • As Byakuya looks on, he’s impressed with the effort Naraku put into making so many illusions of himself. At the same time, the real Rin actually is with the one Sango found. The real Naraku watches Sango and Miroku from elsewhere in anticipation. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive at the last moment to stop Miroku from using his Wind Tunnel. Kagome tries to dispel the illusion but Naraku states it won’t vanish so easily.
  • Kohaku arrives with Aun at the illusion Sango found. Byakuya tells him Sango is unable to hear his voice because of her concern over the life of Miroku. She throws Hiraikotsu at the same time Kagome fires a Sacred Arrow at the real Naraku, finding its mark at the same time as Sango’s weapon. Kohaku Rin before she falls just as Sesshomaru makes his presence known.
  • Noticing Sesshomaru had likely overheard everything that happened, Byakuya withdraws at once to meet up with Naraku. Given he is still alive himself, Byakuya knows Naraku was not fatally wounded. Despite what almost happened, Sesshomaru decides to overlook what Sango almost did to Rin and leads Rin, Aun, Kirara and the siblings further inside to confront Naraku.
  • Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku are the first to reach Naraku.  Inuyasha launches a Meido but Naraku shifts his body, changing its course to avoid harm. he then unleashes a strong miasma, intending to kill everyone inside his body. Sango gives Rin her protective mask before racing ahead to catch up to the others. Sesshomaru, Rin and Kohaku try to follow but the path is suddenly blocked.
  • Sango arrives and hits Naraku with Hiraikotsu…exactly as he wanted. When the weapon returns to her, she is overcome by the strong miasma and falls into a ravine with Kirara. Miroku jumps in after her. Kagome and Inuyasha try to follow but they way is quickly sealed. Inuyasha fires a Meido at Naraku moments before he merges with the SHikon Jewel. To his and Kagome’s surprise, Naraku isn’t pulled into it.
  • Naraku tells them even if he is destroyed, the Shikon Jewel will survive. He tells them it was the will of the Shikon Jewel that allowed it to transcend Time and Space, waiting until Kikyo’s Reincarnation–Kagome–returned it to the Feudal Era.
  • Kagome suddenly asks Naraku why he is obsessed with using the bonds of others to destroy them. She doesn’t believe it’s possible for him to go as far as he’s gone to destroy so many lives without understanding the human heart…which he has. The only reason she could think of is because the Shikon Jewel didn’t grant his true wish. Naraku is shocked Kagome was able to figure that much out and attacks. Inuyasha launches another Meido but like before, Naraku isn’t drawn in.
  • Inuyasha tells Naraku even though they’re both Half-Demons but with different origins, he won’t forgive him for all the evil he’s done. He could have chosen a different path but instead chose the path darkness. Naraku is shocked when Inuyasha launches a flurry of Meido with the next swing of Tetsuseiga. The shock is compounded when much of body is banished to the Path of the Underworld, explosing the Shikon Jewel.
  • Kagome is about to fire a Sacred Arrow when Naraku quickly regenerates. Inuyasha fires another flurry of Meido, cutting Naraku’s body to shreds again.
  • Elsewhere, Sesshomaru notices the desparation in Naraku and uses Bakusaiga break through. Due to the sword’s destructive power, the damage it inflicts continues to spread throughout Naraku’s body. It does allow Jaken to reunited with Sesshomaru’s group though.Naraku tries to intercept Sesshomaru again but is repelled by Bakusaiga. As he moves closer, Sesshomaru is annoyed by how long it’s been taking for Naraku to be destroyed.
  • Despite the situation Naraku is unconcerned, telling Inuyasha the jewel will survive long after he’s gone. At the same time, Shippo runs into Kirara, Sango and Miroku, who are all unconscious. Shippo gives them the last of the miasma antidote he got from Jinenji some time ago. They decide to meet up with Inuyasha and Kagome as well.
  • Naraku tells Inuyasha the one thing neither he or Sesshomaru can destroy is his soul. Kagome offers to purify it but at that moment, Byakuya reveals himself and cuts her with his sword, which absorbed some of the power of the Meido Zangetsuha. Inuyasha sends Byakuya to The Underworld but his isn’t bothered by his fate at all.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome move closer to finish off Naraku but he continues to fight them off. The timely arrival of Sango, Miroku and the others evens the odds. Due to Naraku’s weakened state, Miroku is able to safely use the Wind Tunnel. Sesshomaru’s group arrives shortly afterward and Naraku is none too pleased the odds have shifted so badly out of favor for him: His enemies survived all of the traps he set for them and stand ready to finish him off.
  • Inuyasha, Sango, Sesshomaru and Miroku all unleash their attacks on Naraku, tearing his massive body to pieces. When the dust settles, his core body remains but is no longer connected from the rest of his mass. Kagome also notices a speck of light has returned to the Shikon Jewel but Naraku merges with the jewel, defiling it again. Inuyasha launches a Meido flurry but Naraku quickly regenerates thanks to the power of the Shikon Jewel.
  • Sesshomaru orders Jaken to leave with Kohaku, Aun and Rin. Before they leave, Rin returns Sango’s mask and Miroku gives Kohaku his own to protect them from the Miasma. Once outside, Kohaku notices the frame that was once Naraku’s shell is not only falling apart but is on a collision course with Kaede’s village.
  • Kaede suddenly realizes that is exactly what Naraku intends to do because of his and Onigumo’s connection to it. Chunks of Miasma-enveloped flesh rain down, defiling the land. She leads the evacuation of the village but time is short.
  • Back inside, Kagome realizes Naraku is pulling out all the stops to keep her from firing her arrow. No matter how much Inuyasha and Sesshomaru hack him to pierces, Naraku regenerates immediately. Naraku then reveals when he dies, he plans to take down Kaede’s village with him when his corpse falls from the sky.
  • Sesshomaru delivers one final blow with Bakusaiga. The mass begins to fall and everyone gets out of the crumbling husk. Despite this, the Shikon Jewel survived.  Inuyasha fires a Meido flurry from outside, banishing Naraku to The Underworld.
  • Kagome uses the opportunity to fire a Sacred Arrow at the Sacred Jewel. In his final moments, Naraku reveals his wish: Kikyo’s heart. As the Sacred Arrow pierces the Shikon Jewel, Naraku laments not being able to join Kikyo in the next world.
  • Despite taking a direct hit, the Shikon Jewel and Naraku survived. Both hover above the Bone-Eater’s Well, which connects the Feudal Era with Kagome’s world. He tells Kagome he made a wish to the Shikon Jewel at the moment Byakuya cut her earlier, which will be granted when he dies even though it wasn’t actually his. As he fades from existence, he laments the fact he’d been a means to an end for the jewel. Everyone is stunned as Naraku’s final words sink in.
  • Miroku unwraps his right hand and there is no Wind Tunnel, meaning Naraku truly has been destroyed this time. The victory is short-lived, as a Meido suddenly opens behind Kagome and draws her into it. Inuyasha tries to grab her but she disappears from existence. Shippo then reveals to the others he saw Byakuya earlier when he collected energy from the Meido used earlier.
  • Kaede then notices the Bone-Eater’s well has suddenly disappeared. The same thing has happened in the present as well. Kagome’s friends and family in both worlds are very concerned for what it could mean. Inuyasha realizes this was the Shikon Jewel’s doing, remembering Naraku’s final words: It was afraid of Kagome, who was the biggest danger to her survival and wanted to wipe her out from existence. Inuyasha opens the path to The Underworld to go after Kagome.
  • Kagome awakes to find herself back in her own world, but things are different. For one, the shrine with the Bone-Eater’s Well doesn’t exist yet she clearly remembers it. She’s also in high school now and it’s as if the events of the last year never happened. Seeing the sacred tree in her yard unlocks her sealed memories. She then sees a vision of her family and friends staning in the shrine but they can’t see or hear her.
  • Elsehwere in the Meido, Inuyasha hears Kagome’s family and calls out to them. They confirm she isn’t on their side so he continues his search for her, telling them not to worry.
  • Kagome finds herself face to face with the Shikon Jewel, which expins it sealed the well on both ends.In addition, what she experienced before was an illusion of how her life would have been had she never become Kikyo’s incarnation. The Shikon Jewel offers to give her the life she just experienced but if she refuses, she will wander in darkness alone for the rest of eternity.
  • Inuyasha clashes with demons that tell him Kagome is close by. They tell him that she will soon give into fear of isolation and wish on the Shikon Jewel for release. That’s when the demons reveal they are actually inside the Shikon Jewel itself. If Kagome doesn’t wish for escape, she will be doomed to battle the demons inside the Shikon Jewel for eternity–an outcome they’re looking forward to.
  • Inuyasha sees Midoriko, the priestess who created the Shikon Jewel battling demons nearby. If Inuyasha doesn’t find Kagome, she will be doomed to share her fate. A bigger surprise is seeing Naraku, who’d also been drawn into the jewel. The demons tell Inuyasha he will awaken if Kagome doesn’t wish for release to join the battle against her and Midoriko. The demons also confirm Kagome’s first visit to the Feudal Era was what made this situation a reality in the first place and was was born for this very purpose.
  • Enraged, Inuyasha dispatches the demons and sets out to catch up to her. The Shikon Jewel tells Kagome she never belonged in the Feudal Era and it would be best to return to her own world. Hearing Inuyasha’s voice in the darkness gives her confidence. Seizing at the opportunity, the Shikon Jewel offers to bring him to her. Kagome realizes the Shikon Jewel doesn’t grant one’s true wish and decides to wait.
  • The demons confirm to Inuyasha they allowed Kagome to hear his voice to trick her into wishing him to her side, dooming her to remain trapped inside the jewel forever. Kagome asks the jewel if that is the correct wish, remembering her grandfather’s words. She then realizes she knows what the correct wish is. She tells the jewel she won’t make a wish now but will wait for Inuyasha.
  • Inuyasha suddenly sees the light of the Skikon Jewel and Tetsusaiga reacts accordingly. He cuts the fissure with Meido Tetsuseiga and finds Kagome on the other side. Now that they are together, Kagome is able to tell the Shikon Jewel her wish: Disappear Forever. Mdoriko, Naraku and the demons inside the jewel are all purified and released.
  • Three years pass. Three years earlier Inuyasha and Kagome were sent back to Kagome’s world but then Inuyasha suddenly finds himself back in the Feudal Era without having a chance to say goodbye. In the time that passed, Miroku and Sango had kids and Rin is living in the village for the time being.
  • Inuyasha separately tells Miroku and Kaede he realized there were others who cared for Kagome as much as he does and it may have been for the best she remained in her own world. Despite having visited the well every three days, Inuyasha is able to see Kagome. Kaede and Kagome separate believe it may be because her purpose for coming to the Feudal Era is over.
  • Meanwhile, Kagome has graduated from high school. While standing in front of the well, she is suddenly able to see the sky reflected on the other side. At that moment, Inuyasha picks up a familiar scent. He runs to the well in time to help Kagome out of it. She decides to marry Inuyasha and live in the Feudal Era, learning Herbalism from Kaede and Jinenji.
  • Kagome learns of everything that happened during her absence: Shippo often leaves the village to continue his training as a Fox Demon. Kohaku decided to travel with Kirara to help people troubled by demons. Koga and Ayame also end up getting married after all.
  • Kaede told Sesshomaru that Rin will need to learn to live with humans first before she can makes the decision to live with demons and he reluctantly agrees. He delivers a new kimono to the village for her each year, though. While dropping off one, Jaken notices Kagome has returned and she calls Sesshomaru “Big Brother”, which is enough for Sesshomaru to know she and Inuyasha are now a couple. Inuyasha is just as annoyed as his brother was by her remark.
  • Now dressed as a priestess, Kagome is prepared for her new life in the Feudal Era.
  • The End!




This took me 7 weeks to write as I watched the entire Anime series while I was writing it. I will eventually move this to its own page but I’m parking this here for now. I don’t usually do this but due to the massive amount of time this took, I’m gonna leave this unfinished for now and revisit it another time. I will give it its own page before I revise it though.
I have so many other things on not just Anime/Manga but my other blogs I have to catch up on. LOL.







I’ve updated my Top 10 Favorite Anime List

Here is the link.


For those who want to see the list as it is now, here it is:

  1. Clannad
  2. Death Note*
  3. Attack on Titan*
  4. Persona 4
  5. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
  6. School Rumble!
  7. Ah! My Goddess!*
  8. InuYasha
  9. Shuffle!
  10. Ouran High School Host Club*

*  Denotes I also have Manga this Anime is based on

…As you guys already know, I have all of the volumes for Death Note. Come Anime Boston, I will have all of the volumes for Attack on Titan. See the updates for a bit more on each Anime. I think I have written a review for all of them as well and if not, I will get to it after Anime Boston.

Review: Inyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler


As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently bought all four Inuyasha movies in a 2-Disc Blu-Ray set. I was originally going to review all four movies but given the third one is canonical, I’ve decided to just post my review of it. I enjoyed the other three movies personally but the plot spoilers to the series revealed in the third movie leads me to give it a proper review.


Pictured above is Inuyasha, Sesshoramu and their father Inutaisho along with their respective swords: Tetsaiga (Inuyasha), Tenseiga (Sesshomaru) and Sounga (Inutaisho). Each sword represents a plane: Tenseiga is Heaven (The sword that can save a 1,000 lives in one sweep), Tetsaiga is Earth (The Sword that can slay 1,000 demons in one sweep) and Sounga is Hell (The sword that can opens the path to the Netherworld). Inutaisho wielded all three swords, which were forged from his fang by the blacksmith Totosai.

The movie begins on the day Inuyasha is born. Inutaisho has just returned from his battle with Ryokotsei and is mortally wounded. After an exchange of words between hm and Sesshoramu (reminder: Sesshomaru is a full-blooded demon and Inuyasha’s older brother), he heads for the castle where Iziyao–Inuyasha’s human mother–is giving birth. Shortly after rescuing Iziyao and the newborn Inuyasha, Inutaisho passes away.

Totosai and Miyoga follow his instructions and gives Tenseiga Sesshomaru. Inuyasha claims Tenseiga during the events of Season 1, cutting off Sesshomaru’s left arm in the process. As for the third sword, Sounga, it is sealed away. In the Modern Era, Kagome’s grandfather uncovers the demon sword. Inuyasha brings the sword back to the Feudal Era. Realizing Tetsaiga alone can’t defeat Sounga, he combines his sword’s power with Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga to overcome their father’s most dangerous sword.


…There’s alot more to the movie’s plot but I left it out on purpose. Epic Spoilers and all that XD

Overall, I give Swords of an Honorable Ruler a 10/10. It answers two big queations fans have had for a long time: What would Inutaisho’s true form look like and how did he die? This detail is revealed in the movie but for the sake of epic spoilers, I’m not saying more than that!

I still have The Final Act to buy. Due to the weather in Boston right now, I am holding off when I buy them from Amazon early next month.


I now own all Seven Seasons of InuYasha and all Four Movies!


…And as of tonight, my marathon of the DVD sets is 2/5 through Season 5 =O

Major credit goes to Toonami for airing all 167 episodes since it was picked up 20 years ago. While the final episode of the series aired in 2004 in Japan, fans in the U.S. would have to wait until 2009 for the dub of the final season titled The Final Act. Most of the original English cast returned to voice the characters though Sesshoramu, Kagome and Kaede have different voice actors in The Final Act. They sound close to the originals and filled in with the originals’ blessings.

Anywho like I said, InuYasha’s 167 episodes spanning 7 seasons excluding The Final Act (which adds 26 episodes for a total of 193 episodes).  While Dragonball Z has nearly twice as many episodes as InuYasha, that Anime is broken up into different Sagas. With Inuyasha it’s much more fluid. Naraku is the main villain but the team has to contend with other threats as well. There’s downtime between the major clashes but it doesn’t feel like filler compared to say, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto or One Piece. Characters you might write off as one-offs either appear again later on or get a mention, which works if you’ve been watching the Anime just on TV.

…I haven’t decided yet on collecting the Manga like I did with Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist but I’m leaning towards no. It made sense to get the entire series for the aforementioned series because the Anime is a full adaptation of the Manga’s storyline almost verbatim. That and they’re both WAY shorter in comparison. Death Note is 12 Volumes while the Anime is 37 episodes. Fullmetal Alchemist is 27 Volumes and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the first FMA isn’t a full adaptation) 64 episodes long.

Ah, well.

Once I’ve watched the last two seasons plus The Final Act, I’ll provide a review. I will review the four movies separately though.


Before I forget, series creator Rumiko Takahashi opened up and admitted after the Manga was done InuYasha and Kagome would go on to have at least one child together, a daughter. She left the name and appearance to fan imagination. In Japanese Literature, non-canon work and Fan Fiction written by others is not only fair game but can be sold, too. The above picture is fanmade just to put it out there. My personal opinion is any children of Inuyasha’s would probably have black hair and brown eyes like Kagome. The resulting children would have the same power as their father but it wouldn’t be as strong. They would probably be able to wield Tetsusaiga but not as well as InuYasha since the sword was made specifically for him.

…Oh and yes, I will write a short InuYasha fanfic in the near future XD