Samurai Champloo coming to Toonami

No, really: The Anime everyone saw 10 years ago is FINALLY coming to Cartoon Network’s Saturday night Anime block. Samurai Champloo was released direct to DVD back in 2004 and has since made its way to online stores, Netflix and even PSP UMDs (some of which I have. LOL.).

The 24-episode series–which as you know I have the DVD set of–will likely replace Mitchiko and Hatchin, which wrapped up this week. It will premiere on Toonami on January 2nd. There will be a DBZ Kai Marathon next week and likely another marathon the week after to fill in the time.

Samurai Champloo is the story of Fuu, Jin and Mugen’s crazy adventure across Japan in search of Fuu’s father.When they’re not at each other’s throats, they’re in one crazy situation after the next. The Anime series has a heavy Hip Hop influence and is a great intro to Anime in general for most folks.

As I mentioned before though, the series is on Netflix so you can watch it in full now if you want.