The Unholy Alliance of Rap and…Clannad?!

Major props to a friend of mine for bringing this to my attention via Facebook. Here’s four videos, all of which use Clannad’s Dango Daikazoku alongside the Likes of Busta Rhymes, Eminem and even some freestyle by one You Tube Member.

That said:

All four videos have Explicit Lyrics.

So, don’t listen to at work unless you have headphones or if there’s young kids present. Ya feel me?


…As a bonus, the video uploaders included MP3 Downloads with each video. Go to the corresponding You Tube Page if you wanna download the songs in full =D

This next one…not gonna lie, it reduced me to tears by the time it was done.  It was…just watch for yourself.

I am definitely gonna play it during my Clannad Panel at Anime Boston next year. Props to the uploader for such a jaw-dropping AMV. You have Eminem’s When I’m Gone opposite Dango Daikazoku plus the clips from Clannad: After St0ry. Doesn’t get any sicker than that =D

After checking out a few other vids, it turns out the first four vids are the most popular: The one with the black screen? It’s got over a million views. It’s easily the sickest Clanna/Rap Mashup on You Tube. Who would have thought two completely different things could be mixed so well?