Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Review


A quick disclaimer before reading SPOIL ALERT. There is nudity in this anime. Viewer discretion is advised lol. Also please excuse my writing, I haven’t written anything in awhile.

Alright not many people have heard of this anime which means it isn’t very popular, So come on and give this anime the love it deserves.

This anime is in the genre of Action, Sci-fi and Mecha as you can tell it seems to have some bad a$$ girls in it.  So without further ado here is my review.

Cross Ange is about the life of a royal princess named Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi. In my own opinion her life really crashes to the ground, She was always raised with a hand maiden at her side and the world she lives in revolves around “Mana”, little does she know that in the 16 years of her life things weren’t really as they seemed.


In the first episode of this anime I really wanted to cry and laugh all at once til things for Angelise started to crumble to the ground, In episode one a lot of things happen to her that i can say in my opinion should have never happened. First she finds out that she isn’t a “mana” wielder then she loses her mother.


After Angelise finds out all this and her mother dies she is exiled to a place called Arzenal and is told by it’s Commander-in-Chief  why she is  there and Angelise is in major denial lol. Angelise then gets renamed by the Chief to Ange note the name of the anime.

Ange is then told that she will have to destroy what they call DRAGONs using “Paramail”. No one knew that Ange would be an asset to Arzenal. Anyway before getting into that a few things that i noticed in the first few episodes is that Ange aka Angelise was a weak, innocent, naive girl that didn’t know how to do anything for herself including getting dressed. Ange ends up maturing and of course she loses that innocence that you get to see in the first episode.


Now continuing where i left off, Ange ends up becoming an asset to Arzenal because there is a special “Paramail” that the commander-in-Chief use to ride to destroy DRAGONs and this paramail is known as Villkiss. -insert awesomeness here-  Now they all knew that Ange was of a royal blood line so she would be able to ride and control Villkiss but there was one big detail that no one knew til Ange was able to activate Villkiss. Ange finds the way to activate it by singing a song her mother taught her which is also a royal song only given to those of a royal blood line, once Ange starts singing this song Villkiss activates and the commander-in-chief is surprised but also says that they have now found the key to Villkiss.  hqdefault

Well i don’t want to go to much further into the anime or you won’t have to watch it so in the end I know my writing may be horrible but i hope you can understand just how much i love this anime and would highly recommend it as well. It has amazing music, you can definitely get into the anime and have the adventure with them. So if you have the time or just want to kill some time please look into watching Cross Ange and tell me what you thought of it. Once again I’m sorry if my grammar or writing is horrible, I love to write and it has been awhile. w1co3l