The New Cover Art for Clannad: A Wonderful Life

Nagisa, Tomoya and Ushio taking a picture.

Nagisa, Tomoya and Ushio taking a picture.

I take no credit for this beautiful artwork. I commissioned Amanda Wallace to make this picture. Click here to go to her Deviant Art Page. This is actually my third time buying a commission from her. TRUST ME her skills are top-notch and she is a professional in every sense.

Many of the people who’ve read my fanfic Clannad: A Wonderful Life have been thoroughly impressed by it. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews yourself. It is currently the #1 Clannad Fanfic on that site in terms of Follows and second in Reviews and Favs. It is also my most popular story overall. When I began writing it I wanted to make sure I stayed true to the essence of the Anime and Visual Novel. 61 Favs can’t be wrong, yes?

That’s not the only reason I’m showing off this beautiful work of art: It will also be featured in the Powerpoint for my Clannad Panel at Anime Boston. You’re getting an exclusive look at it here. Oh and yes the text at the bottom is part of the picture itself. Only myself and the artist have the original raw picture in both physical and digital form. I’m not stupid. You want a copy? Buy one from her.

Anywho, speaking of the powerpoint: It’s done! I’ve been tweaking it since the moment I found out it’s been slotted for AB2013 until it’s satisfactory. I can now say it’s ready for the big dance I’m going to do a rehearsal and put it on You Tube. Once I’ve ironed out the details I will provide an update on that front ^_^


I just found out STEREO PONY broke up five months ago

Aimi Haraguni (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Nohana Kitajima (Guitar) and Shiho Yamanoha (Drums). They were Stereo Pony, my first and favorite all-female Japanese Rock (J-Rock) band. I saw them perform when they came to Anime Boston 2011 and fell in love with their music. They have also done music for a few anime such as Bleach and Eureka Seven.

The group took time off last fall so that Aimi could have throat surgery done. It was after the surgery was done the band decided to dissolve, leading many to speculate complications from the surgery would prevent Aimi from committing to the band full time. This was further reinforced when Nohana and Shiho joined Evan Taubenfeld after the breakup was announced under the name EVANPONY. His name might sound familiar to Avril Lavigne fans. He was her lead guitarist before he he started working with Stereopony.

I’m sad Stereo Pony dissolved but when stuff happens there’s nothing you can do. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision but without their lead vocal they did what they had to do I guess. On the bright side who knows? We might see them come back together someday.

Breaking News: ‘Clannad: The Place Where Wishes Come True’ CONFIRMED for Anime Boston 2013! Also: David Matranga CONFIRMED as Guest of Honor!

I checked in with Lou Aruda, who is the headof  Panel and Workshop Programming this morning to see this message:

“Weird… you got nothing for the Clanad panel? I have it listed as accepted here.”

I rechecked my inbox and found the confirmation email:


This email is to let you know that your panel titled:

Clanad: The Place Where Wishes Come True

has been ACCEPTED for Anime Boston 2013.

For the time being, your panel has been scheduled for Panel 202 on
SUNDAY starting at 01:30:00 PM and running for 60 minutes.

Last year this panel was on Saturday night at 9:15PM. I missed the Swap Meet because of the timing but this I can do. I can only hope the other thing I’m going to touch on momentarily will keep folks around on Sunday.

This man has been confirmed as a Guest of Honor at Anime Boston 2013:

David Matranga. He is also the English Voice actor of this person from Clannad:

Tomoya Okazaki. Yes. He’s been confirmed. BELIEVE IT!

I don’t know if I’m more excited about my panel being confirmed two months in advance or Tomoya’s English VA being there. I’m just excited! I really needed this after such a tough week. Now that I know I’m going to be doing this panel at AB2013 I can finish the last few updates I held off until I knew for sure. My next blog on the panel will include a video as well as info on the “dry run” I will be doing sometime next month of the panel.