Happy Mother’s Day to All Mommy’s Review



Since today is Mother’s day I thought i would do a review on 6 anime mothers.


First we have Ryouko Fueguchi from Tokyo Ghoul.

Hinami's mom

Ryouko was Hinami’s mother. Ryouko was a gentle woman, and though a ghoul, she preferred not to hunt or kill people. She loved her daughter, to the point where she told Hinami to run away so that Ryouko could stand up against Kureo Mado. Before the moment of her death, she wished for Hinami to live. As a result after Ryouko died Kaneki kinda became a big brother to Hinami. Kaneki however covered Hinami’s eyes so she wouldn’t see what happened to her mother.

In my opinion i would so totally do this for my own children. Ryouko sacrificed herself for her daughter so her daughter would keep living. I think any mother should want to do that.


Next we have Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto.


More than anything, Kushina wanted to protect her newborn son Naruto. This was why she first objected to Minato’s decision to seal the Nine-Tails into him. She did not want to impose the hardships that jinchūriki had to endure during their lives, and moreover did not want to leave her son an orphan should Minato carry out his plan which would also cost him his life and as such, Kushina wanted to sacrifice her own life and reseal the beast into herself. Ultimately agreeing to Minato’s plan which would also protect their village, Kushina imparted her final words to Naruto by which he should live.

I myself think a lot of the mothers who will sacrifice themselves for there children. I know today is mother’s day but i think we should also remember the mother’s who have sacrificed themselves for there children.


Next is Carla Yeager from Attack on Titan.

carla yeager 2

Carla Yeager also translated as Kalura Yeager was the mother of Eren Yeager and the adoptive mother of Mikasa Ackerman. Carla had been known to be protective of her family, enough to put them before herself when Eren and Mikasa were in potential danger for attempting to rescue her. However, once her children left earshot, she whispered that she did not want them to leave her alone to die and continued crying until she died.

Now I must say that Carla did what most mom’s would do but also in this anime you kinda see it coming when she gets picked up and eaten. I can say i might have cried a bit with this scene but not a lot.


Next is Hana Kirisaki from Nisekoi.


Hana Kirisaki is a world renowned business consultant who keeps much of the world’s finances in balance, she is the mother of Chitoge Kirisaki. Hana is generally fearsome and isn’t afraid to speak out her mind. (kinda like myself.)

I don’t really have a lot to say about her but she is a very hard working mom. But Hana still retains her caring nature albeit to a lesser extent as shown when she constantly fails to give her gifts to Chitoge. So to me i think she is a real busy body person but she still cares for her family a lot.


Next we have Sanae Furukawa from Clannad.


Sanae is the wife of Akio Furukawa (who runs a bakery named Furukawa Bread with) and is the mother of Nagisa Furukawa. Normally she’s very childish and a cry-baby, especially when someone insults her bread but when needed, she can be very strong-willed and dependable. ( I can be a few of these myself lol). One of the series’ frequent gags consists of Akio making a negative comment on Sanae’s bread while unaware of her presence, causing her to run off with tears in her eyes, and Akio stuffing his mouth with her bread and saying he loves it, as he chases behind her ( This just sounds like something my husband would do to me.).  She’s also quite proud of the way people often mistake her for Nagisa’s older sister because of her youthful appearance.

Sanae plays a larger role in the After Story arc, often coming to Tomoya’s aid when Nagisa is ill and needs to be accompanied, especially during Nagisa’s pregnancy.  Well I don’t want to spoil too much for you so i will stop here.

I tend to be a lot like Sanae as well. When my kids are sick or cooking myself, I tend to get hurt if someone criticizes my food or doesn’t eat it. When any of my family is sick i will drop everything just to help them.


And our Final Mom is Yasuko Takasu from Toradora.


Yasuko is Ryuuji’s thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three. Though she tells Ryuuji his father died before he was born, the truth is they were never married and he left her before Ryuuji was born and she raised her son by herself. She is also klutzy and is never entirely in this world as she is usually half asleep. ( Now this is definitely me. I swear I always stay in an asleep state lol).

Despite her childish, air-headed behavior, Yasuko proves to have a rather good insight of other people. She cares deeply for Ryuuji and sees his potential. To support his dreams, she took on two jobs so that he wouldn’t need to work to support himself through school.  (Not a lot of moms would do this). When he starts working at the bakery, she gets upset because she wanted him to focus on studying rather than working.

To me I think she wanted him to have complete concentration on his studies and not work so he could reach his full potential. I myself can relate to this and I bet a lot of you mom’s out there can relate as well to what Yasuko was trying to do for Ryuuji.


Now as I have come to the end of my little reviews of anime mom’s i want to throw out there a little of myself and me being a mother.

I have a pre teen son and an almost pre teen daughter. My son and daughter both can be a handful at times and all I can think of is that I’m glad I have them. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know where i would be now.  My pre teen son can sometimes get on my last nerve through out the day but the one thing that never fails is at night right before bed where he comes to me and gives me the biggest hug and a kiss on the cheek and says
“I love you mom”. My soon to be pre teen daughter can always find that one little thing that can irritate me more than her brother and she can usually get me to the point of almost snapping but the one thing that never fails is as the same with her brother. She will come up to me and give me a hug and kiss before bed and then of course be like her mother and forget she has already done that so she comes in for a second time and gives me another hug and a kiss and says “I love you mom”. I think these are the things we should treasure the most just these little memories.


BEWARE Possible TRIGGER word ahead.

Now since I have said a little more about myself and my children I want to add in. No matter if you have had a miscarriage, delivered a still born or you have your children, YOU ARE THE BEST MOM and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. The strongest out of all of us though would be the mother’s who have went through miscarriages and delivered a still born but you wanna know something they still have that faith of trying for another child but it would never replace the one they lost.

~ AnimeKat




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The two of us have talked about this privately but you guys have probably noticed some glaring grammar and punctuation errors in her posts right after they go live. Since it’s my blog I do go back and take care of it (which she is aware of), usually right after it’s posted. Knowing her situation aside, her passion for all things Anime is why I asked her to give blogging a shot. I can’t help but be impressed. She left this out but AnimeKat was a teen mom and didn’t finish high school because of that. She sacrificed much for her family and continues to now but one of her goals in life is to finish her education.

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Tokyo Ghoul re: Review


So firstly on this anime I would like to say that I’m absolutely in love with this anime.

WARNING BIG SPOILERS if you have no seen the anime yet i suggest you go watch it before reading this review. There is currently 6 episodes and it airs every tuesday.


Tokyo Ghoul re: starts out two years after the CCG’s raid on Anteiku. The creation of a special team, known as the Quinx Squad, may provide the CCG with the push they need to exterminate Tokyo’s unwanted residents. As humans who have undergone surgery in order to make use of the special abilities of ghouls, they participate in operations to eradicate the dangerous creatures.  (weird when you think about it since they made ghouls in order to destroy them right.)

Anyway now for that short but sweet paragraph. This review is about one of my all time favorite anime’s .


Ken Kaneki aka Haise Sasaki is a First Class Ghoul Investigator, the mentor of the Quinx Squad and a member of Team Mado. Haise’s duties are overseen by Akira Mado and Kishou Arima.

Now keep in mind that Haise Sasaki is still Ken Kaneki. (Wish they didn’t change him) . Haise is on a path of regaining his memories of Kaneki but he is scared too. (Wait for episode 6 and 7) The end of episode 6 show a little bit of promise for us Kaneki lovers out there)


This image is from episode one of season 3  and i can say i fan girled through the series so far. (I want the bad ass Kaneki back)

Other than Kaneki-kun being Haise Sasaki i can say so far i am liking them both A LOT.


I can say in the above image was when Haise and Touka met for the first time in 2 years since Kaneki became Haise and yes i know this is still confusing how Haise Sasaki is Ken Kaneki. In this scene though Haise goes to the coffee shop that this season is named after and when he steps in he instantly loves the aroma of the coffee. (I was crying like a little baby with this part.)


For the next character in this series that i absolutely love is Juuzou Suzuya.


I can say in the previous series he was a pretty bad ass little dude lol. But with them changing up his hair color and us finding out about his back story I’m pretty sure some of us can relate to him.

After the two-year time skip of Tokyo Ghoul:re, Suzuya’s hair is dyed black, and he is the leader of his own squad. Juuzou is a Rank 3 Ghoul Investigator. He demonstrates maturity and even appears to empathize with ghouls unlike before. He is also far more invested in the welfare of his CCG coworkers, and has a particularly close relationship with Sasaki Haise.

Now that you know this tad little bit about Juuzou here is something that will blow your mind.


That infamous tilt of his but this time it is in an auction and he is going against ghouls of course but this i can say is the best trap ever in anime. Juuzou looks so cute like this but i can say he still looked cute as a guy.


Now since I don’t have a lot to say about Juuzou, I would love to introduce my main squeeze and he is my number 1 hottie for tokyo ghoul re:.



Here you have Uta, He is a supporting character in the anime (damn my luck). I can say now that this is his look for season 3 and well his previous look was pretty hott too. He has multiple piercings and tattoos on his body, making him look pretty intimidating, even as a normal looking human.

He’s also the one that makes Kaneki Ken’s mask for him in season 1 since he is a mask designer.

sexy ass uta

This image is where i fan girled hard time. He looks so sexy and so bad ass i couldn’t help myself. His hair is much longer than in the previous season which is normal for it taking part 2 years after the raid on Anteiku.

He has a very nice way of speaking and seems to be friendly. Although his expression almost never changes, he has an amusing way of teasing people.

As for the tattoo you can see on his neck it is Νεχ ποσσυμ τεχυμ ωιωερε, νεχ σινε τε.
Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te. —Martial, Epigrams XII, 46. As you can tell it is a Latin quote written in Greek letters which reads, “I can live neither with you, nor without you.”

He has a very nice way of speaking and seems to be friendly. Although his expression almost never changes, he has an amusing way of teasing people.

More SPOILERS: Uta was sadistic and savage from his youth, and though the narrative would have the reader believe he left those ways behind, it was not true. Once his affiliation with the clowns becomes apparent in the manga, it is revealed that he hasn’t changed at all – only gotten better at hiding it. Like all members of his organization, he revels in creating chaos and destruction. However, his personal motives are still unclear.


The last image i have inserted is also in the start of the opening credits were you get to see Uta and The Clowns.


Well since i have made this blog post pretty dang long and I’m sorry for that but i am in absolute love with this series. I highly recommend you watch the series from Season 1 and let me know what you think.

Persona 5 The Animation is clearly trying to cover as much as possible per episode

Image result for Persona 5 Animation

The Kamoshida Arc just wrapped up this week. Those familiar with the video game Persona 5 (PS3 and PS4) knows the mechanics and storyline around the entire Arc. Like the Persona 4 anime, with P5A the focus is on the main storyline. The reason is because otherwise you’d be looking at a season per Arc. The Kamoshida Arc spanned four episodes though it seems there will be coverage of the Metaverse, which is actually super important at the end of the game. Persona 5’s Palaces are remenicisent of the TV World in P4 while the Metaverse is remeniscient of The Tartarus in P3.

Also like P4A, Social Links will at least be touched on in P5A. Still, it’s worth pointing out that P5 is a MASSIVE game. No key story details have been omitted from the four episodes I’ve seen so far (I haven’t seen Episode 5 yet as of this writing) despite the MASSIVE amount of stuff that needed to be covered.

Related image

One encounter cut for obvious reasonsfrom Kamishida’s Palace in P5A is the Phantom Thieves’ running into “The Torn King of Desire” (pictured), which is part of the Persona Mara (who is a fuseable Persona). It was obviously left out because it looks like a giant penis (There is another Persona that looks like a giant vagina as well). Ann’s “OMGWTF?! O_O” reaction in the game matches that of any one male or female who may not have encountered Mara before in a previous Persona or Shin Megami Tensei game. No way in hell they would’ve been able to get away with including this in P5A (LOL!).

By the way, Kamoshida is based on actual incidents involving Japanese Educators using their position to abuse their students. Folks need to keep in mind Teachers in Japan are actually well respected and are given the benefit of the doubt when accused of wrongdoing. It’s not like in the U.S. when an accusation is enough to end someone’s career. This is how some Japanese Educators have gotten away with blatantly violating their students in the worst ways imaginable, often for years. Some of their victims end up taking their own lives in despair. So, yeah. Kamoshida’s Arc hit home for many in Japan. People like him have made national headlines in the U.S. though in Japan, it’s much easier for them to hide in plain sight.

I will provide another update after the next arc or two has aired in their entirety. You can catch Persona 5: The Animation on Crunchyroll.

Brothers Conflict Review


Well this is an old anime and of course probably one that most of us wouldn’t watch but I came across this one day just by hitting the random anime button and decided to watch it.

Brothers Conflict is a 2013 anime and it only has twelve episodes it is in the genre of Harem, Romance, Shoujo. It does however have a Special and an OVA or two. If you are into these types of anime i would highly recommend this one.

As you can tell from the first image there are quite a lot of characters and believe it or not every single one of them in this picture and the others that i will be adding are all main characters therefor i will not be able to talk about all the characters separately. So before I start on my review i must say SPOIL ALERT and this show is only for Teens 13+.


This anime is about a girl named Ema Hinata who is an only child and has mainly had to take care of herself ever since she was a little girl. Ema has a pet named Juli who is very protective over her.  Now to continue a little more of her intro, Ema’s father is to marry or remarry (i can’t remember that detail) and he leaves Ema to move to her new home by herself and take care of everything to do with the move.

Ema soon finds out that she will have siblings for the first time and not like a normal amount of one or two, we are talking about thirteen new siblings and not a single one of them is a girl. She soon ends up getting sick after just meeting her new family, Her new siblings start to take care of her like she has always been there -insert awes here- 14ema11

Now as you all have probably figured out at least this far that this isn’t your typical family or anime hence the genre of Harem, You have probably also figured out that this would be a reverse harem to be exact. Anyway to continue on this review lol.


The brothers of course start to dote on her and start developing more than brotherly love towards her, which in my opinion is sweet since they aren’t technically related.

At the end of this anime or half way through it Ema ends up having a few of the brother’s confess there love for her and how it isn’t just brotherly but they actually LOVE LOVE her.


Honestly in my opinion this anime could have been longer and that is one of it’s con’s is that it is not long enough to actually know what will happen next after the very last episode. Some people it may take more than twelve episodes to get into an anime of any kind, Brothers Conflict i think would be in my top twenty because when i first watched this anime of course i fell in love with some of the guys – who wouldn’t they are hott- , I absolutely love the story line but there could have been more to the plot and more to the story.

I would recommend this if your into this type of anime or into this type of thing but if you aren’t i wouldn’t recommend this anime.

The pro’s to this anime is that you can really feel the love between the characters and how they care for one another. I can say that if you end up wanting more of Brothers Conflict you will have to read the manga unfortunately if you don’t have the actual manga i found it rather hard to find but once i found it i can say you do find out what happens after the last episode of the anime.  As for these final thought i bid you adieu.



Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Review


A quick disclaimer before reading SPOIL ALERT. There is nudity in this anime. Viewer discretion is advised lol. Also please excuse my writing, I haven’t written anything in awhile.

Alright not many people have heard of this anime which means it isn’t very popular, So come on and give this anime the love it deserves.

This anime is in the genre of Action, Sci-fi and Mecha as you can tell it seems to have some bad a$$ girls in it.  So without further ado here is my review.

Cross Ange is about the life of a royal princess named Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi. In my own opinion her life really crashes to the ground, She was always raised with a hand maiden at her side and the world she lives in revolves around “Mana”, little does she know that in the 16 years of her life things weren’t really as they seemed.


In the first episode of this anime I really wanted to cry and laugh all at once til things for Angelise started to crumble to the ground, In episode one a lot of things happen to her that i can say in my opinion should have never happened. First she finds out that she isn’t a “mana” wielder then she loses her mother.


After Angelise finds out all this and her mother dies she is exiled to a place called Arzenal and is told by it’s Commander-in-Chief  why she is  there and Angelise is in major denial lol. Angelise then gets renamed by the Chief to Ange note the name of the anime.

Ange is then told that she will have to destroy what they call DRAGONs using “Paramail”. No one knew that Ange would be an asset to Arzenal. Anyway before getting into that a few things that i noticed in the first few episodes is that Ange aka Angelise was a weak, innocent, naive girl that didn’t know how to do anything for herself including getting dressed. Ange ends up maturing and of course she loses that innocence that you get to see in the first episode.


Now continuing where i left off, Ange ends up becoming an asset to Arzenal because there is a special “Paramail” that the commander-in-Chief use to ride to destroy DRAGONs and this paramail is known as Villkiss. -insert awesomeness here-  Now they all knew that Ange was of a royal blood line so she would be able to ride and control Villkiss but there was one big detail that no one knew til Ange was able to activate Villkiss. Ange finds the way to activate it by singing a song her mother taught her which is also a royal song only given to those of a royal blood line, once Ange starts singing this song Villkiss activates and the commander-in-chief is surprised but also says that they have now found the key to Villkiss.  hqdefault

Well i don’t want to go to much further into the anime or you won’t have to watch it so in the end I know my writing may be horrible but i hope you can understand just how much i love this anime and would highly recommend it as well. It has amazing music, you can definitely get into the anime and have the adventure with them. So if you have the time or just want to kill some time please look into watching Cross Ange and tell me what you thought of it. Once again I’m sorry if my grammar or writing is horrible, I love to write and it has been awhile. w1co3l

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma Review


I started watching this anime on a whim. I can say if you like anything that has to deal with cooking you may like this, don’t just read it’s description and say oohhhh im not interested in that. You never know if your gonna like something unless you try it first right.  My view point on this anime is pretty good if you ask me.


After watching anime for the last 4-5 years since i haven’t been watching it since i was a child i watch a lot of different anime’s and i can say this is one of my top favorites.

This anime is about following Yukihira Souma on his journey to expanding his cooking to more parts around the world. He is very energetic and he has his own style of cooking that he likes to call “Yukihira Style” and  a lot of the time when he is testing recipes he will make some that are god aweful and have people test them. But he does improve and he learns a lot of new techniques as he continues to climb up that chef ladder if you know what i mean.  In season 1 of this anime i can say it was like he wasn’t maturing or listening to his sensei’s or the people trying to help him and i can say he is very stubborn and hard headed but that is what draws me to him.

At the start of this anime to where it is currently he is still trying to beat his dad in there form of a shokugeki, he has not once beat his dad yet and that is what he is striving to do.  Soma_Yukihira_render_HD_He_Will_Cook_Ur_Ass.pngNow i don’t wanna give too much away on Yukihira so i will end my review of him here and go to the next character.


The second character that i want to give light to is Erina Nakiri.  At first glance when i saw her in the anime i really thought that she was a b*tch but the further you get into the anime she actually does start to give advice and help her fellow students. Now i don’t know whether or not to spoil this so just in case “Spoil Alert”. She is known as God’s Tongue due to her father melding her that way and raising her that way to wear she can taste any food and know if it is gourmet or not. I can say to me she didn’t stop being a b*tch til the end of season 1 beginning of season 2.

She is known as the 10th seat in the Elite Ten Counsel.  The Elite Ten Counsel is a prestigious group of 10 members out of the Totsuki Culinary Academy.

Despite rarely participate in any Shokugeki, Erina’s cooking style is believed to be the finest and elegant of all. Using all of every stylish style from the wealthy and high pedigree status of culinary, she referred the lavish ingredient to make the finest dish of all and suggested that only the high grade dish considered as eatable for her standards. fadfb1c11cf3399244cb8b455003fa32I will end my review of her here as well and go to my final character i will review before my over all review.


The third and final character that i would like to give light to is Megumi Tadokoro. She starts out extremely shy and not very confident in her talent to cook. She comes from a small port town in Japan. She works in her family’s restaurant.  At first glance you might ask yourself what in the heck is a girl like her doing at this Culinary Academy. Well i must say i even thought this myself and then she blew my mind out of the water during one of her Shokugeki’s.

Since she comes from a port town you can only imagine what she must be good in right. FISH! Despite her weaknesses, Megumi is an honest and innocent student who does not lie about anything. She has a strong determination, and will try her best to reach her dream to become a chef after she paired with Souma. She also values friendship and rather observe towards any cooking style available in order for her to learn the style fast (especially Souma’s).

Megumi does however start to come out of her shell alittle in season 2 if you ask me. She climbs her chef ladder little by little right beside Yukihira.Shokugeki-no-Soma-21-15

As to not put anymore spoilers i will end my review of the characters here and hope you watch Food Wars for yourself.


Now for the over all review of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma. I would highly recommend this but also be aware that when they are tasting Yukihira’s food i can say it is like they are having a foodgasm and clothes are unfortunately and or fortunately ripped off depending on how you like your anime’s.  But as i was saying I would recommend this anime for anyone to watch as it can lift your spirits and show you determination especially if you are feeling down.  Come follow Yukihira Souma and his pals for his journey to becoming the Top chef and watch him conquer the Elite Ten Counsel.


The Live Action FullMetal Alchemist clearly tries to do too much

Related image

…That would be a fair assessment for the film, which sets up for a sequel.

As was the case with the Attack on Titan movies before it (Filmed as one movie but was later cut in two, mind you), the FMA live action movie tried to do too much at the same time. Much of it has to do with the MASSIVE amount of story content from the source material: The Manga and the second Anime Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Unlike the first FMA Anime, FMA:B actually follows the storyline from the Manga. The first Anime series loosely follows the Manga at first but then switches to an original storyline.

The Live Action FMA movie is a mixed bag. On the one hand, they character portrayals were mostly accurate. The main problem is the hard to follow plot and mostly because certain key characters are absent–presumably being saved for the sequel–and it hurt the flow of the movie. It was obvious the story had been intentionally written with certain notable characters being absent and unmentioned.

…Who am I talking about?

  • King Bradley: Come on. Conspiracy within the State Military and Bradley’s not even mentioned?! They could have given him a cameo just like they did in the Manga and FMA:B. They simply don’t let on his real identity is all they needed to do.
  • Ling: The Crown Prince of Xing. His importance is revealed later, more so when it relates to a certain Homunculus.
  • Greed: Before he was merged with Ling, he was a certified badass. After the merger, he was even more badass even before he got his memories back. That said, his absence makes sense given both Ling and Bradley are absent.
  • Major Alex Louis Armstrong: His omission is suspect but makes sense given his importance in regards to the Ishvalan Civil War. Besides, you can’t include Armstrong without also including this other guy.
  • Scar: I’ll give credit where it’s due in how they managed to close out the movie without him. I do suspect he was left out on purpose to avoid having to film Nina/Alexander’s death. That and his connection to Winry’s parents.
  • Pinako Rockbell: Winry’s grandmother is absent but it makes sense given she’s in Resembol (Winry, Edward and Al’s hometown) while Winry travels to meet up with Ed and Al.
  • Izumi Curtis: Ed and Al’s Alchemy teacher. I would be surprised if she doesn’t at least get mentioned later.
  • Van Hoenhiem: Another omission that makes sense given he can’t be featured without this other guy getting a mention.
  • Father/Dwarf in the Flask: The being behind the curtain. He set things in motion so it makes sense his reveal would come much later.

On the one hand, all of these are major characters. On the other hand, they did an impressive job leaving all of them out. Especially Bradley. It was pretty interesting Gluttony’s Secret was casually revealed without explaination though. I mean the fact that he’s actually a failed attempt at making a Portal of Truth. Envy’s True form being left out makes a certain amont of sense. The showdown between Mustang and Lust was spontaneous due to the absence of Jean Havoc (Riza Hawkeye is the only one who made the cut). It lacked the emotional impact provided in the Manga and Anime. Of course, that’s the case with many plot points throughout the movie due to the changes made due to certain characters being absent from the movie.

…If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Like I said before, they tried to do too much in this movie. I am almost afraid to see the sequel when and if it actually happens.