Anime Boston 2013 is on the Horizon

I figure I start talking about it now even though it is 7 months away. First off, Check out Anime Boston’s redesigned site. The theme for AB2013 is Tales of Yokai. Basically it’s all about Japan’s folklore, ghost stories and mythical creatures.  A few such mythical creatures include the Jorogumo (spider woman), Nue (Basically Chimera with body parts from various animals) and of course, the iconic Kappa (Water Imp).

Anime Boston 2013 will be May 24-26. Yours truly will be there for the 4th year in a row. Both panels I did at AB2012 will be back as well. And for the 3rd year in a row I will provide coverage of AB2013. Unlike AB2012 though I will be covering AB2013 here on this blog for the sake of simplicity. Info on my Clannad blog can be found here. Go to my Fan Fiction Blog for info on said panel. As we get closer to Anime Boston you’ll see an increase in postings on the subject.

Until then, stay tuned.